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This group is dedicated to one of my truly favorite ponies...Princess Celestia! This group is for all of your stories directly related to the beautiful sun princess!

There are just a few simple Rules:

1. Only post stories where Celestia is the main character or has a fairly large role.
2. No fics featuring her fan imposed personalities such as: Trollestia, Molestia, and Cakelestia.
3. Fics that co-star Luna are fine, but please no Solar Empire vs. the Lunar Republic. I prefer stories where the two princesses are getting along. Teasing each other and humorous pranks are fine. Thank you!
4. You may post your story in up to two folders, because some stories fit into more than one category.
5. Clopfics are allowed, just put them in the Clopfic folder. Clopfics may be put into the Romance folder too, provided they aren't too raunchy.
6. No overly Dark or Gore fics please. Fics that are a little dark and/or have some gore are fine.
7. Please No trollfics and No Rapefics - If I find such fics in this group, they will be removed.

(If you are unsure if your story belongs in this group, please message an admin before submitting.)

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Titanium Dragon
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Have any questions or concerns, let one of us know via a PM and we'll be happy to help. :twilightsmile:

I will do updates from time to time and will most likely be adding a featured folder. If you find a really good Celestia fic, let me know and I'll consider it for the featured folder! I will also be on the look out for such fics as well!

Also if you think I left out any major category, let me know and I will be happy to consider adding a folder for it. Thank you!

Have fun sharing your fics about Celestia! Let's show her some love!

I hope you enjoy the cover photo. It's by AeronJVLAeronJVL from Deviant Art.
And I added a Celestia approval pic at the top! It was done by Ambris from Deviant Art.

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ank89 #134 · Monday · · ·

I really like your story

ank89 #133 · Monday · · ·

I have a story I need to tell. But I'm not sure if you can match it or not

Comment posted by sunr4y deleted Nov 26th, 2023

Hello! I am trying to find a story I've read before where different leaders like the buffalo, the griffons and cheysalis invite Celestia to a cabin in the woods and tell her that either she gives up the land or they march their armies who are at the borders to Equestria and Celestia buens down the cabin. Does anyone know what the story is? Thank you :)

Celestia is best and cutest princess ☀️

Well after browsing the stories here I'm starting to wonder if the real reason Celestia took Twilight as her student was because she was thirsting for her. Pedolestia

You know what would be really nice?
If all these Luna fans stopped bringing Luna up in every single thing relating to Celestia. Seriously. Its one of the most annoying things ever. How would you like it if Celestia fans went into things relating to Luna only to say things like "Celestia is better than Luna!" or "Purge the Lunar Heretics for the glory of the Sun!" It would get annoying, wouldn't it?
Just stop, Luna fans. You don't see Celestia fans doing this, so what gives you the reason to continue doing this annoying thing?


The night greatest time there is, Therefore Luna best pony!

Glory to Arstotzka, and may the night last long!

ALL HAIL THE SUN!!!! ALL HAIL THE SUN!!!!!!!:trollestia::heart::pinkiesmile::raritystarry:
P.S. are dislestia fics allowed?:unsuresweetie:

COOL! Celestia is my favorite pony too!!:pinkiehappy:

Hmmm so princess celestia is a dude from greek mythology Helios????

I recently converted from Luna to Celestia, hope there is room for me.

Tia is the best! :trollestia:

Is it right to add Daybreaker?

I am seriously wondering why I hadn't already joined this group before now, considering I keep coming back to Celestia in my writing.

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