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Synthetic Bottled Sunlight: On temporary hiatus. ETA 3 weeks.

Cyclosa: Writing now. ETA 1 week.

Angujaktuat: 2nd Priority. ETA 2 weeks.

Awful Lot of Coffee In Equestria: No future writing plans, marked Complete.

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  • Synthetic Bottled Sunlight Of all the terrible forces Celestia could have fallen to, Flim Flam Industry was the last one she had expected. by NorrisThePony 100,087 words · 7,346 views · 777 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Of Maids, Memories & Mayflies Celestia helps Twilight remember somepony. by NorrisThePony 1,354 words · 1,122 views · 123 likes · 2 dislikes
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A quick word... · 3:21am July 4th

Evening folks, how are ya all?

I realize I've been pretty quiet on this site lately. Most of my blogs have been update blogs, and they've really been minor ones at that. I've published a few chapters of Cyclosa, but that's one of my lesser viewed stories so I imagine the least likely to perturb anyone. And yet its the one i'm prioritizing cause I'm apparently dumb.

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Yup. Having a backlog of incomplete stories is never a fun thing to look at.

I understand that feel.

Meanwhile, whilst your perfecting the gold you've spun, I'm just trying to take out my trash from 2014 so I can finally move on to newer styles and ideas. I bit off more than I could chew that year, no doubt.


Thanks haha. It was one of those ideas that I never expected to be taken seriously, so it's pleasing to see that it sorta has.

Stuck on perfecting one scene right now, which is really frustrating cause the whole chapter besides that one scene is done, but it wouldn't make any sense were I to publish it without the missing scene.

Trent Reznor just has the perfect voice for music like that. Many bands have tried to emulate the ideal industrial style, but NiN perfected it long ago.

Also, when are we getting continuations on Synthetic? I don't mean to ask that in a "you're evil and your personal life business doesn't matter", but I'm just curious. I remember when you first wrote it, I actually thought the idea was a bit strange as a whole, but when it released and I read it... good God does it have some driving force.

Oh haha, I mean your stories, but thanks!

I love the new song, though. It's so mellow, yet there's something strange and eerie about it. Like something chaotic is bubbling just beneath the surface of the cool exterior.

Yeppers! I've always been a fan of the more mellow side of Nine Inch Nails, and this song hit all the right places.

(As did LESS THAN, mind you, which sounds like Pretty Hate Machine and Year Zero having angry sex)

  • Viewing 158 - 162 of 162
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