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This was such a sweet fic, with an even sweeter moral:pinkiehappy:

Beautiful. Like Harmony said, very nice moral.

... and through the long years immortalize the fleeting lives, and so overcome the Last Enemy.

Nicely done.

Celestia abruptly flared her horn, conjuring up an apple for herself and passing another to Twilight.

According to this universe, Alicorns are capable of magically producing edible foods out of thin air. Guess there won't be any shortages in Equestria any time soon.

It's kinda hard to believe that this story was written in an hour. You should be proud of this one. It's really good. Like, follow, fave.

half way though I expect twilight make a comment about not able to remember name of her friends or what they look like, say she remember very little about that time,
anyway this was good story

I love the way you portray Twilight and Celestia’s relationship in your stories. Another great one!

Damnit Norris. You made it even better than the version you threw at chat yesterday. You are quickly turning into senpai material.

Great job, beautifully written. I particularly enjoyed the way you described how their relationship had grown stronger over the many years together, so much so that they can practically read the others mind.

(Where did you get the cover pic?)

Shut up, I'm not crying.

Most importantly, you must remember that remembering a pony’s name or face does not mean you remember that pony.”

“Huh,” Twilight cocked her head. “I guess I never thought of it like that.”

Even with time past, and the world trembles with change and ennui. The little memories that enrich our soul are all that make us, inseparable.

Seriously, though, very well done. A take on immortality that makes you question the sense of forever, and forgetfulness. Especially the value placed upon a name.

I would also like to add, good taste in music in the description.:derpytongue2:

I love it. Very human, emotional, yet a great take on immortality yet caring. The important thing always is empathy, understanding other people are different, and even people who you believe are not important for whatever reason, still can mean a lot.

I read this in response to the latest blog from FamousLastWords.
If I hadn't read the blog I would have missed this beautiful little gem.
Love the insight into Twilight and Celestia and what a beautiful ending too.


Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed!

That was beautiful...And absolutely amazing for being written in an hour.

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