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At the apex of King Sombra's tyrannical rule, six crystal ponies venture through the driving snow and icy underground caverns in an attempt to flee the oppressive Crystal Empire to the mythical Equestria, far past the miles of frozen wasteland.

But the caverns below hold terrifying secrets, and the road to Equestria is a long one.

Special thanks to Ice Star for prereading help.
This story, besides the obvious horror elements, contains heavy themes of domestic abuse and slavery.

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That cover art,...
That's your OC, isn't it?

Glad to see this is finally up!

first things first
why oh why am I not following you yet
and second
Nigeq is pretty chill about all this...

I love the tension! :pinkiehappy:

Chilling and tense, and particularly relevant for someone interested in FascistSombra worldbuilding. I look forward to more.


Chilling and tense

Well it is the Frozen North. :twilightblush:


Inasmuch as a monarch can be a fascist, aye. Regardless, Crystal Empire 'historical fiction' is something I've always wondered why people are less gung-ho about, compared to Equestria/The Two Sisters historical fiction. :trixieshiftright:

Very glad you like it so far!


Inasmuch as a monarch can be a fascist, aye. 

I use the term because "Monarch" has entirely positive connotations in the MLP universe.:trixieshiftright: "Fascist" leaves far less room for doubt.

I can only say that this might not end well in the long run.

Through the snow she trodded

trod is already the past tense form of 'tread'.

She looked several years younger than Wind Whistler herself was—surely no older than 17. There were no other paintings of any older incarnation of this

This paragraph randomly stops without a period or, it seems, an entirely complete sentence.


Thanks for your edits. Have modified the story accordingly

Hey, I forgot to say this earlier, but awesome story you have going on here!

8296089 Considering that most people throwing that term around as they claim to be opposed to it simultaneously utilizing tactics almost universally applied by fascists, I don't think it's clear at all. Most clearly don't even know what that system of government entails and are too lazy to use a search engine to look it up.

It is a centralized autocratic system with a single dictator, with both economic and social details all controlled by the central leadership. Additionally, all opposition parties and movements are forcibly suppressed.

In a fascist government, the NATION (and frequently one race, but not always is this the case) are far more important than the individual... which is similar to communist philosophy in which the social collective is more important than individual liberties.

Interestingly, many communist nations actually become much closer to fascist nations once a singular dictator assumes power. Kim Jung Un is a perfect example of such a leader.

Sombra doesn't fit the definition of a fascist leader, as he's not espousing a particular populist or nationalist identity, but is rather simply dominating the populace through sheer power. This is a more traditional tyrannical monarchical role, along the lines of a Nero or Caligula.

Huh, there's something you don't see every day on this site -- a title in Inuktitut!

Are you a fellow Canadian, by any chance? :raritywink:

YAY! :pinkiehappy:

Always nice to see fellow inhabitants of the True North Strong and Free around the site...

I am thoroughly spooked. Muktuk is fucking terrifying.

And now onto the crux of the story. Good job crafting Sombra's chilling dystopia, though I won't be sad to leave it behind.:twilightoops:

I stumbled on this fic a while ago- still halfway through reading it (got distracted a few times now :derpyderp1:)
I love this concept and am curious about all these characters, and especially love how you weave in real-world words and ideas into this story.
Will definitely keep reading :raritywink:


Very happy to hear this! I sure hope it keeps your interest!

This story has me hooked. I hope there’s more updates, eh?

Especially when she grinned at Winny with a malicious amusement that sent chills down her spine. Ooo what a villain! More scarier than Sombra!

That was great and it was just a first chapter. As usual, you have a gift with words, this is DENSE with story and culture. I especially like the elements about the crystal ponies' culture and how oppressive you made Sombra with so little time. This is just a fantastic beginning to a story, I'm hooked.

Oof, that feeling of being absolutely sold on a story that might be a while updating...

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