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Canon Vs. Headcanon · 7:57pm October 9th

So I noticed that the rest of the season of MLP has leaked. I haven’t watched them but I’ve seen bits and pieces and I…… I just…….

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Hmmm... Nice name. ;3

2448900 I drew it myself. My art blog is Cornerverse and my DeviantART is KeroberosCelestia, if you wanted to see more stuff.

Who drew your OC for you?

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

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Cornerverse Continuity · 3:21pm March 5th

So, just to organize this a bit myself, I'm going to list and organize all fics that are canon to the Cornerverse-MLP continuity. Which is most of them. But this also is to organize things into a timeline. So here we go:

The Fall and Rise of an Empire - Takes place more than one thousand years ago, when Sombra took over the Crystal Empire.

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