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Cornerverse Continuity · 3:21pm Mar 5th, 2017

So, just to organize this a bit myself, I'm going to list and organize all fics that are canon to the Cornerverse-MLP continuity. Which is most of them. But this also is to organize things into a timeline. So here we go:

The Fall and Rise of an Empire - Takes place more than one thousand years ago, when Sombra took over the Crystal Empire.
Friendship Through Dimensions - Happens 6 years before the first Equestria Girls movie(five years before Season 1)
Glowing Embers - the beginning scene happens at the same time as FTD, but takes place over about six years.
Goodbye - happens a few months after FTD, about four and a half years before Season one
The Royal Therapist - Chapter one begins directly after 'Goodbye', but the later chapters will take place throughout various times in the future.
Reunion At The Fair - Occurs during the Freshman Fair, three years before the first Equestria Girls movie(Two years before Season 1)
When It All Came Together - The first half takes place a few months before Season one, and the second half is a few months after Season 1 starts. Both are about a year before the first Equestria Girls movie.
Canterlot Eavesdropping - as a rewrite of A Canterlot Wedding, it takes place at the same time.
Ashes to Inferno - Picks up right after the Fall Formal
The Question - This doesn't have a specific time, but it happens at least after Rainbow Rocks
Anon-A-Miscommunication - as a rewrite of Anon-A-Miss, it takes place the same time as the original comic.
Lack Of A Reflection - Happens directly after the events of Friendship Games
Returning Home - Direct sequel to Lack of a Reflection, picking up where it left off.
Hearthstone and the Forest Guardian - takes place during/right after Legend of Everfree. The epilogue of this says that the EQG Mane 7 just got home from camp.
Apologies - occurs a little after Legend of Everfree.
Starlight Summons a Demon - happens around where season started, since it's based off the trailer.
An Odd First Impression - happens after Legend of Everfree, but before Magical Mischief.
We All Have Our Demons - after Legend of Everfree, as Sunset's Memory Powers are the main plot point, but before Magical Mischief since Discord hasn't met his other self.
Fluttershy's talk - Happens after Legend of Everfree. Note that everything chronologically later will use he/him for Flutters, and various pronouns for Pinkie.
Power Up - Happens about a year and a half after Season 1 started.
Magical Mischief - This occurs sometime after Legend of Everfree, but definitly after Chapter Four of Power Up
Growing Pains - Not exactly sure where in the timeline this is, but I'm sticking it here.
Why Am I A Dog? - after Magical Mischief.
Magic Lessons - follow up to Magical Mishief, happens the next weekend(WAIAD? mentions Sunset working on the powerpoint from Chapter 1)
Confrontation - Sometime after 'Fluttershy's Talk', but before Senior Year ends.
The Dawn Guard - the first part happens directly after season 6, but the second half takes place a few months later.
Beauty - about two years after season 1, a few weeks after Power Up

The Test - Takes place soon after Power Up, maybe a month or two has passed.
A Diamond in Crystal - mentions events of Power Up and Beauty, subtle reference to The Test.
She Makes Me Smile - begins about two and a half years after Season 1, but will span over multiple years as it continues.
Heartbeat - happens a good few years post-series. Maybe five-ish years after Episode 1?
Merging Dimensions - around 17 years in the future.

I'll add more as I write more, but all these are part of the same Universe, and will reference one another. Also, everything at this blog is canon to this universe as well. I'll try to add in the Author Notes when it does, but you won't usually need to read the others to understand what's going on.

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Comments ( 3 )

Love it.
It clearly has lots of effort put in.


This is a lot of story

tbh, due to this comment I went and added up the word count for all of these. I might be off since I just woke up, but I counted 280,199 words. So, uh, that's slightly more than three Harry Potter books? Or 1 and 1/3 of Lord of the Rings books.
And that's just the Cornerverse Continuity... that doesn't include the stories not on here. Or the stories for other fandoms. Or the drafts on my laptop....
Sorry, ignore my existential crisis.

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