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Rainbow thought that preforming at the wedding of a Princess and a Guard Captain would, honestly, be pretty cool. Even if the Groom hadn't been Twilight's brother.
Strange, how eavesdropping and a chance encounter can change her mind so quickly.

A rewritten version of A Canterlot Wedding Pt. 1, experimenting with adding a scene and a half to change the narrative.

Part of the Rewritten Project
Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe
Rated Teen for swearing, innuendo, and certain dark implications.

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Okay, this was fun. Really, the major problem in the first half of this episode was a Hell of a lot of miscommunication and Twilight not having any proof to back up her claims. To use that old phrase, for want of a nail...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Miscommunication is the true Evil.

now this is how it should've gone


I don't know if I'll make a direct sequel to this. I mean, technically, A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 would still happen pretty much the same. I could probably go into it a bit more, maybe make Luna actually show up during the action, but I don't think there's enough to work with without just writing a storybook version of the script.
But there are a handful of episodes that I'm rewriting, mostly because I have issue with the execution/characterization or think that the writers were limited by time and ratings, but sometimes because I find a concept interesting or even need to change a concept entirely because I have my own continuity going and want to tackle how a newer episode would've gone down with the stories and lore I've built within it.

Interesting angle on the episode, and really cathartic if I do say so myself. However, I have to ask, what's up with all the random uses of the word 'Stars' all over this story? Do anyone ever really say that?

It's just various versions of the phrase 'Oh my god!'/'Oh god!' that sort of thing, but I replace 'god' with 'stars'.
As for why, well, if they don't have a 'god', they don't really say 'oh my god'. And I never liked the idea of replacing 'god' with 'Celestia' for various reasons, along with the fact that my non-fanfic/completely original work also has a world with no 'god', so I started using 'Stars' instead back in, like, 2013. I use 'stars' because it's a decent alternative and could fit into a few different worlds I write for.
By now the habit's kind of stuck so I'll say it out loud or when writing in general. :twilightsheepish:

Wouldn't Part 2 change since Twilights friends would actually look for her in this scenario?

No, actually. Twilight still gets sent to the Crystal Caves and finds the real Cadence(because if that doesn't happen, then we get the Changeling Future we saw in The Cutie Re-Mark.), and the girls will go to look for her when she doesn't show back up. Chrysalis(still in disguise as Cadence) would have to come up with a lie for where Twilight went.
Sure, she could send them to the caves too, but that's a bad idea. She's already made four ponies disappear, so five more would be bad(especially since she can't replace them with other Changelings as most of her army is outside the barrier). She needs to tell them a lie so that they think Twilight's fine, but also keep them from looking for her. Something along the lines of "I forgave her, but Shining's still upset and banning her from the wedding. She's sulking in the castle library, but she insisted you five stay in the wedding so she could 'be there in spirit!". Due to guilt over helping make 'Cadence' cry, and the fact that to be in the wedding they have to remake all of the bridesmaids dresses, they decided to go through with the ceremony, but plan to skip the wedding party to find Twilight. Then the rest of the episode goes as planned.

What-ifs like these are always pretty fascinating. I especially don't often see something like this that ultimately falls back onto the canon track while still making a significant detour. It does the heart good to see these friends sticking up for each other in this situation, when we've already seen how badly it can go. (Though I half expected Celestia to still go all "You have a lot to think about", and Rainbow and the others to stand up to her on behalf of already-broken Twi.)

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