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Sun Aura

Also known as Cornerverse.



Sunset Shimmer was once a Unicorn. One of the most gifted spellcasters to exist, and student of the Princess. She could have done anything, but not everything goes as planned. In her quest for what she'd wanted, she ended up in another world, one without Magic or anyone from her life.

However, another world is another adventure. Another chance. Sunset can start over, pretend it never happened, create her own happiness. Yet, in this world, one where she can't tell anyone of Magic and Princesses and Unicorns, can she truly find happiness?

Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe
Rated Teen for swearing and innuendo.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 8 )

well, good story for the moment. just two question: Will the fall formal be exactly the same of the movie ? and will you continue the story after ?

The Fall Formal will go pretty much the same, only with more of Sunset's inner thoughts during those scenes. There's one part that's slightly changed, but it's not really noticeable here, since it's talked about more in other fics that are post-Friendship Games(Basically it has to do with what exactly Sunset's Demon Form and Midnight Sparkle actually are). Along with a sort of extra scene.
As for if the story will continue after the Fall Formal, yes. That one's going to be the Aftermath and also just scenes over the next year including Sunset's POV for the next movies. That'll have some minor changes because this is part of a Continuity where stories were written inbetween and changed part of the Canon for this Universe, but the biggest changes won't be until the end of FG and parts of LoE and even so they don't derail the plot at all.

Will most of the innuendos involve the Dazzlings?

No, actually. I don't have much on the innuendos there(though I might add more in editing, who knows?). And technically a bigger no because the scenes involving the Dazzlings will be in the 'Part 2', which will be posted as a sequel story.

Was making Sunset look fat in the picture intentional?

She... maybe it's just my artstyle but that's not really 'fat'. I guess she's fat compared to the toothpicks that are the canon character models, but for my art she's not fat.

Thats exactly what I used the handle for! XD I also use a book or whatever I have near that works to hit them

Ah, childhood experiences. There's a reason we forced ourselves to play on the same team when we played.

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