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Sun Aura



This story is a sequel to Glowing Embers

Sunset Shimmer had her chance to start over, but she threw it away to chase after old dreams. Now, though it's not a completely fresh start, she begins again. With a few willing to help, she makes her way through life and tries to make things better. Perhaps better than she once thought possible in this world.

This picks up right after the Fall Formal, and shows scenes in between movies and also Sunset's inner thoughts during the movies.

Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe
Part of the Rewritten Set for reasons that will be explained elsewhere.
Rated Teen for swearing and innuendo, along with a handful of darker moments, blood, and non-sexual nudity, but not enough that I can justify tagging it as such so the chapters will come with a warning.

Chapters (29)
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I love this story so much!! It makes me so happy every time it updates!! Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Will Luna be apologizing to Sunset as well? For what she said, that really hurt and shows Luna holds a grudge agaisnt Sunset dep down inside.

also I knwo you did Anon A Miss already a short oens hot, so that was it or you be doing a different verision later?

I hadn't planned a Luna apology, though I might be able to whip one up real quick. Mostly because Luna's was less issue-related and more Magic related, if that makes sense?
As for the Anon-A-Miss story, that is part of the same Canon as this story, so I'm not going to rewrite it. However, there are a few scenes that are related to the events of that fic, so those scenes will have a short summary and also a link to the fic but aren't 'required reading'.

This is a pretty cool story! I love it.......Have to ask now, but is it possible a pairing between sci Twi and Sunset could happen?

Not within this, no. Sorry. Personally, while I do like the ship well enough to enjoy fics/art about it, I don't like it enough to actively ship it. Or at least as anything past a one-sided short-term crush.

How can nudity be non-sexual? Also, you forgot to click on the >> when you replied to diablo4000's comment.

Well, what times do you take your clothes off that don't involve sex? Specifically in this, it's only top-nudity and non-descriptive, but when it comes to tagging I say 'better safe than sorry'.

“No,” Timber took a shaky breath. “I’m fine. But to answer, the camp makes plenty of money usually. But… things happen. The type of things that leaves a twenty two year old woman in charge of the Family Business, and sucks up any money that you manage to earn because at least one can be fixed.”

“I-I’m sorry,” several voices said as they put the pieces together.

Ok confused can you explain what they meant?

Parental death. Since the only people running the family business are around the main cast's age, it's the only thing that makes sense. One parent died, the other almost did, and is still recovering.

While disappointed won't be a Sci Twi Susnet i accept it easily.

Great story and can't wait for more.

Ohhh boy I finished the sequel and managed to get this far. Hoping for more shimmy adventures!

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