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Every week, Equestria's princesses take a break from ruling their kingdom and discuss life. Usually over coffee.

Here are their assorted conversations.

Cover art by Grennadder. The story is marked complete because it's not a writing priority of mine, more a palette cleanser I come back to between harder projects

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In principal, it reminds me a bit of some Seinfeld skits.

6933371 This story is more or less the result of binge watching that show :twilightsheepish:

I'll admit, this was a nice little slice of life. Always nice to see more of Luna and Cadance interacting, and Luna was particularly entertaining in this fic.

Cadance realized that she had risen from out of the booth and had violently extended a roof right into Luna’s face.

I believe you mean she extended a hoof right into Luna's face, not roof.

What sorcery is this?!

Changeling magic...duh

The story sucks happiness like a black hole sucking light and I love it.

>meeting for coffee
>common ground

Came for the coffee.
Stayed for the fun.
I award you a moustache!

Yup. That's a Valentine's Day get together if I ever saw one.:ajbemused:

Nice little vignettes, and you have material for ages. I also like that, while they are sarcastic, they are not over the top cynical and mean. You've found a good balance there.

6945235 Thank you! I really didn't want to fall into the ancient sitcom trap of writing "friends" who borderline hate each other. That can get grating very quickly.

They might bug each other, but I consider them being mean a failure on my part.

Brah, you should write a chapter about the characters arguing whether Coke or Pepsi is better.

You must live an interesting life.

Dang. These guys are gonna have a field day when Twilight sticks her nose in.

Coke, obviously. :twilightsmile: As Luna pointed out Pepsi may taste better initially, but fall flat after a while. Coke always remains consistent with every sip. Would the princesses argue over the pros and cons of pancakes vs waffles? :derpytongue2:

Coke for the win!! Pepsi is much too sweet. And Root Beer, Cadance? You can feel your teeth rotting with every sip!!

So I am forced to agree with Luna and Celestia. Oolong and coffee for the win. And off-brand sodas for fun.

Luna knows the Truth. The coffee must flow.

Pepsi is better between the two if you discount the flavored types. Yeah it does get flatter faster, but still is good without the fizz. Now if we are going with the other flavored types like Cherry Coke or Cherry Pepsi than Coke wins. Coke is much better at the flavoring than Pepsi.

I want them to talk about...
Whatever you come up with, dear author.

One thing my friends and I 'argue' about is between waffles, pancakes, and french toast, what order do they go in from best to least best. (pancakes, french toast, waffles, obvs).

Please do a chapter on video games, more specifically Dark Souls, vs Bloodborne.


................:fluttercry:I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself:pinkiesmile:

Alternatively, here's an MLP animation I found with the song

6997107 Neither of which I've played, sadly. Not really a huge gamer. :twilightsheepish:

Nonetheless I'm thinking of having the occasional chapter about their EQG counterparts where I can cover more... human issues. Mayhaps videogames will be amongst them.

Pity, they're really good games, and I can't wait to see the EQG equivalent doing things like this.

i fixed my phone to wake me up to this tune:

cool huh? and i love this so far!!

I'm getting a Rick and Morty vibe

6999377 You're reading.... Comedy Story. And now here's...uh... Pony Fic. *boop beep boop*

Did no one get the Huey Lewis reference?

Cadance facehoofed. "Different coke, Luna."


"Hey, wait, I know her!" Cadance spoke up suddenly. "She's your student?!"

Seriously Cadance, you're dating her brother and did not knew that? Are you sure you haven't been replaced by a love eating shape shifting monster already?

Ok, not gonna lie: this chapter is actually kinda funny.

"Your sarcasm is no match for my intellect!" Luna exclaimed victoriously. "You both need to dump out your degenerate caffeinated beverages, anyways. Tea and soda? Bah! There can be only one caffeinated beverage to rule them all!"

Luna's coffee mug soared into the air triumphantly, soaking both Celestia and Cadance with the cooling brown liquid within.

Any quality tea is better than soda... unless you are ill, in that case you need a good ginger-ale or barring that a 50/50 mix of cola and lemonlime sodas.

Cadance facehoofed. "Different coke, Luna."

..... :facehoof:

A political statement.

Well it appears that I don't understand the politics.

Not sure I understand the political statement being made, but nevertheless this was a good chapter.

The true difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi-cola: Pepsi was designed to be served cold. Coke wasn't. That's because Coca-cola was created before refrigeration was mainstream. Pepsi after.

I myself can't really taste a difference, but then I grew up on store brand sodas

i empathize with Celestia, every other sunday i make this hellish trip to the shady part of omaha just for breakfast. i don't know what they put in the corn beef hash, but i'd kill a man for thirds.

6938877 I think Tia just got 'ground' down under gossip hoof.

“Is there such a thing as death? Or is it but a transition to a different sphere of consciousness?”
Cadance, Celestia, and Luna simply stared.

As did I. :rainbowderp:

I was listening to the Terminator Theme while reading the first bit.

Hyped me up for a little, but there was no disappointment.

Love it!

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