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So it's finally happened. After being kicked in the shin by Celestia, Discord is officially dying. Now Celestia wants to know if he has any last requests before he goes.

What a silly, silly thing of her to ask.

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Oh this was too funny!

Spot on Discord!

This felt like Seinfeld

Guest author Totaly not discord


I just like Fluttershy asking for just one more chance! Oh, and Luna is appaerantly a good kisser. Because she practiced!

Not dark at all really. Quite enjoyable.

So Luna is actually an incestous lesbian? Who knew?

Literally every clop fic writer on this site.

I caught what you did with those requests of discords, good one:ajsmug:

Oh, Discord, you clever bastard. I had a feeling that he was faking his death and making ponies do ridiculous requests for him, but the requests that he gave out was pretty hilarious.

Getting a bunch of treats, presents, foods, surprises, etc.? Check. Forcing Applejack to write an essay why oranges are better than apples? Check. :applejackconfused: Watching Celestia kiss Luna? Check. :pinkiecrazy:

Discord will now end up with an injured shin due to repeated kicks from Celestia, but it's totally worth it.

That's… oddly fitting, I think.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't think this needs a dark tag at all, it was pure comedy. :P

You're missing an L in 'Yottal' :trollestia:



had a grin on my face from beginning to end, you magnificent bastard. Well done.

You seem to be writing a lot of Discord lately, any particular reason? :ajsmug:

I don't think it was dark. Just funny.

On the bright side, he never asked anyone for a simple glass of water. :pinkiehappy:

Even IF Discord would have died from that pillow, his tombstone inscription would probably read "Totally worth it".
I loved the story, funny as hell.
Though I don't agree with the "dark" tag. There was nothing dark about it. Pure comedy.

MfG NIchtraucher

Did I go too far with this one?

You need to go further. Much, much further :pinkiecrazy:

too far

P'shaw. You hardly scratched the barrier of "Oh my, that was mildly inappropriate."

Except for everything with Luna, which was highly inappropriate but also amazing.

But no, you'd need an element of seriousness for anything in the story to be considered dark; I'd say even outright death doesn't count when presented in a comedic context.

Have you read Background Pony? That's dark.
This? Flipping hilarious.

Grammar Nazi... Rising...

Too weak...

The plural of 'Draconnequus' is 'Draconnequui', mein Freund.

I dunno. Daily shin kicks seems pretty dark too me once you think about it.
I mean, how's that organized? Is is the same time, the same spot every day? Only once per day, or more often?
Does it happen randomly, maybe when you expect it the least?
Do you wake up in the morning from getting your shin kicked?
How hard is the kicking? What about white-hot horseshoes with poisoned spikes?
Who's the one kicking you? Is it the same pony every time, or do you have to watch out for your friends or random strangers suddenly kicking your shins?

I mean, it's not quite as bad as having your liver eaten by an eagle each day, but in my book, daily shin-kicking does have the potential to be pretty horrifying.

wenn ich bitten darf.

If we go by the Latin rules for constructing the plural, we only need one 'u' there.
Also, I'm sorry. I, too, am pathetically weak.

Daily shin "kicks" implies multiple kicks per day.

Dark implies that it stays dark. And yes you could have gone much darker. Still hilarious though! :rainbowlaugh:

Absolutely hilarious.


I don't know if you've seen How I Met Your Mother, but this reminds me of Barney losing a slap bet.

On a side note: I've noticed, and find it odd, that we've come to a point where we refer to pony butts as "plots" without even joking any more, as though that were actually the anatomically correct word for it.

Upvoted and faved within the first few sentences. That was golden.


I was wondering if someone else would GN me on that.:trollestia:

While I do concur on the 'u', I do believe the single- or double-'n' is a matter of personal preference. Could be wrong, maybe not.

And I do quite agree with you that daily shin-kicks have the potential to be a terror in their own right, My own guerilla scuffles with trailer hitches and a younger sister have left lasting impressions.

I enjoyed your reference to the Prometheus legend, as well.

this was glorious and made me feel better after reading the newest chapter of the lunar rebellion
+1 internet

Lesbian incestuous Luna is best Luna :pinkiecrazy:

As a matter of fact, I only noticed you'd spelt it with two 'n' after I posted my comment. :rainbowlaugh:
I'm just used to using a single 'n' 'cause that's the way it's spelt in 'The Elements of Harmony: The Official Guidebook'.

I think that word and its spelling is probably the record holder for causing the most confusion among My Little Pony Fans; even official sources can't seem to decide on how spell it half the time. I bet Discord knows, and he loves it.

Rarity gave a sigh and flicked a bit of dark chocolate off her coat. “The pudding water park is almost ready to open in case you were wondering.

*trying very hard to act like she didn't love every second of it* :duck:

As well as wash other areas on the disgusting creature that shall remain nameless and significantly below average.”


Princest is best cest.

I should’ve probably warn hockey pads down there.


Also, much hilarity.

Puh~lease. If Discord decided he had enough, he'd just leave his legs at home. Or hide them somewhere. Or ask Fluttershy nicely if she is gonna help him.

One thousand years of kissing yourself waiting for your return, just so you can find a special somepony, which Luna hasn't yet, probably means more than kissing herself happened on the moon.:scootangel:

7037819 lol i get wat your saying no womder she goes into stallions dreams nuff said

Could be darker and every immortal can be killed by a immortal since they maje wepons to kill each other

This was really entertaining. I liked the fact that Celestia gets her sweet revenge in the end. Discord deserved to be pillowed until he saw the face of Faust

7038573 Okay. If you say so. :pinkiecrazy:

7038559 I like that she used an ordinary pillow and didn't blow him to pieces with her horn. Makes things more "personal". :trollestia:

7037512 :yay:

7037222 Corrected! Thank you. :twilightsmile:

7036233 And I didn't even go into this story with that in mind. It sort of just... happened. :applejackconfused:

7036220 Thanks for saying so! :pinkiehappy:

7036198 Where? :trixieshiftright:

7036099 Thank you! :moustache: Glad you enjoyed it.

7035976 You again? :rainbowhuh: Thanks!

7035963 I thought a story dealing with death and last requests, as well as attempted murder was sort of dark. Guess not!

7035820 :eeyup: Removed the dark tag. Enough people said it's fine.

7035674 I'll try my best! :twistnerd:

7035556 Dark tag gone. Glad you enjoyed it!

7035462 Deleted scene. Cut for time. :facehoof:

7035452 Then we must get darker, it seems. :fluttercry:

7035091 I have a long list of one-shots I've been meaning to get to. The ones that popped out at me all seemed to be Discord ones for some reason. Or... Discord took over this account and won't allow me to write Sombra stories anymore. :raritycry:

7034790 Corrected!

7034640 Glad somebody noticed. :twilightsmile: I would've been disappointed unless someone knew about that movie.

7034628 Aw. I love you too. In a weird over the internet way. :derpyderp2:

7034558 I have to pay the internet bills somehow, don't I? :unsuresweetie: Hey, at least it's not second-person anonymous clop mixed with a One Punch crossover featuring that Traitor guy from Star Wars. Oh, wait. That's perfect! :pinkiesick:

7034551 I'd love to hear Fluttershy's speech at his funeral. Cute and sad. :fluttershysad:

7034534 "I know, right?" says Discord... I mean, naturalbornderpy. :rainbowderp:

7034501 How?

7034498 Thanks very much for saying so! :pinkiehappy:

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