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Of course! The Optimalverse and The Last Question are two of my favorite things, and I'd wondered why I hadn't seen anyone cover CelestAI tackling the end of the universe yet.

Incidentally, I also hadn't heard of the new information about Noether's theorem - which, let me tell you, is reassuring as all hell, even if it still leaves some big issues to sort out.

In any case, excellent work! I love your take on it.

Thanks for the favorite!


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

I should probably clarify that, given the support positions I'm likely to be assigned, it's fairly unlikely I'll be in the worst of it. Still, I'm in no hurry to test my odds.

You've got my respect, by the way, and not just because of military shenanigans. Your attitude and your authoring skills are inspiring.

Thought it worth mentioning. :twilightsmile:

2034269 Good luck!

Having been through the military myself, I wish you the best. If I could offer you any particularly useful advice, I would, but I think it's a different experience for everybody.

Just be careful out there. Don't lose what's good about yourself.


Absolutely! It's an amazing, haunting little slice of life you've presented there.

I'm actually going into the military myself pretty soon; between you and me, though, I'm sincerely hoping to avoid that.

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