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I write. That's. Pretty much what I do.


99 Worlds Saga / Blooming Moon Chronicles

Comprised of ten different stories, this series tells the story of Luna's journey from Princess of the Night to discovering her true past as a Valkyrie and defender of the world.

1: Moonrise

2: Lunar Lights

3: Starlit Knights

4: Metempsychosis

5: Because Love Conquers All

6: Decretum

7: Absolution

8: Synthesis of the Atheist

9: The Hermit's Tale

10: Glory Be

Songs Of Lost Children

1: Zecora's Pinata

2: Rhythm Of The Dance

3: One Wish For Nothing

4: Thorn Of The Rose

5: Hecate's Orphanage

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Charity Rewards Update · 3:28am Last Wednesday

So I've found an artist who's agreed to do a bust shot as a reward for my little charity project. Once the charity story is finished, I'll raffle off the prize: I'm not sure how I'll break up entries at this point, but I'll try make sure it's fair.

https://dawn22eagle.deviantart.com/ is the artist. I'm going to try and recruit a few more people too, or at least figure out more prizes I can raffle out at the end of this little experiment.

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Thanks very much. And no worries, I've been called much worse than that.

My friend's brain imploded when I did the word count on pretty much all your ducking epic stories, and then called you unemployed, but you do commissions so I doubt that really counts as unemployment since You Are Awesome. I am sorry about her comment.


Whoops. Yes, I do. My brain isn't working right now.
I definitely do plan on continuing to write and we'll see what happens with the charity story, too. And while I won't be continuing any big new pony sagas, there will definitely be more stories in that universe, I think, both past and future.

Don't you mean Hecate's Orphanage?

I still stand by the idea that a comedy oneshot would be nice, but I understand if you have other projects.


True. I do bounce around a lot between the stories, sometimes - okay, often - even during the stories themselves. Although at least the century timeskip at the end of the Hecate's is because, you know, that's the end of it all and all. There probably won't be any further stories or anything in that saga.

  • Viewing 370 - 374 of 374
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