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This story is a sequel to Synthesis of the Atheist

I am an administrator, tasked with continuing the legacy of a great king. I watch over his projects, including the silly, brightly-colored ponies, but I have done something now I fear will put them all at risk; all I can do now is record my confession, and hope that, if something happens in the future... they'll know what I've done.
Ninth story in the Blooming Moon Chronicles/99 Worlds Saga. No actual human interactions, but many references to humans, and several humanoid characters.

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This can't possibly end badly...


And there's far crazier things - and people - to come shortly.
Thanks very much for the fave, too.


Thanks very much; I hope the story continues to be a good read, since it's all very. Different. And well, no worries. Because story X is going to end up being rather. Long. So still lots to go yet.
Thanks for the fave, too. Also much appreciated.

When you say something is rather long...

I'm getting a really bad feeling about this. Whatever Gymbr is planning... it can;t be good.

Awesome, I can't wait to see more of Hel:heart:


Hel will be around quite a bit. She enjoys causing mischief. I'm glad I finally got around to introducing her myself.

2625838 Will there perhaps a Kvasir and Hel pairing?:trixieshiftright:


Not with Hel, but he will be having a rather. Interesting romance that'll start soon.

2626044 Damn, that would have been nice, but I assume its with his Assistant.

When I first started reading this... I admit, I was quite confused. Though, I am pleased to say that by the end of the second chapter I had a clear idea of what was happening.
Well... as clear as we can be with Kvasir narrating, and doing the spectacular job he is at that. Nevertheless, I'm really enjoying reading this one, and seeing as how right now Kvasir just can't seem to focus on the task at hand. It sounds a lot like how the thoughts in my head do... except my brain keeps spinning until it shuts down and I space out for a minute or so...

Anyway, things just seem to keep piling up on Kvasir. I can imagine things turning sour quite quickly when he finally can't handle all the stress that's building up.


It'll smooth out a little in the future chapters, but. There will definitely always be those moments of... just tangents and chaos. Even as structured as he is, not even Kvasir can control where his mind goes all the time, and there is a lot more to him than just the administrator front we've mostly seen up to now, which I wanted to try and... give more of a glimpse of. Although it was a lot harder than I anticipated.
I hope it continues to be interesting though, and ends up being an okay read. This was all kind of an experiment but it gives some important glimpses of what's ahead in the future, and lets me kind of. Quickly get a little work in on some important characters for story X.

Demon and a God? Fucking awesome. I love those kind of pairings.

Hel reminds me of pinkie pie mixed with discord...on crack.

Yep. Kvasir certainly is thinking more clearly in this chapter.
And Luna, and the gang plus Antares are all here.
And Gymbr is nowhere to be seen... heard... um, sensed? Felt?

Luna is slightly pissing me off now, before her acts were pretty funny. Now its like she doesn't even acknowledge Kvasir's acts and what he's going through.:twilightangry2: Anyways, Yay Antares is back:yay:

I broke my rule... do not read until complete... I am regretting that decision. I am so bad at waiting....


On the bright side, there's just a few days left of posting, at least. So you won't have to wait too long for this one to be finished.

Well, that last sentence was a surprise. Bravo on another epic finished.

...Now that my brain's working again, I can say this: I didn't see that coming, I didn't see that coming at all.
I want to know what happens next. And now with that... that, 'addendum,' I won't be able to stop thinking about it!

You mentioned that we can expect one more story in this saga, right? Please tell me that we'll find out what happens from here in the next one. Or don't, your call. If you want to leave it a surprise that's fine by me.


Thanks very much. Hopefully it'll all serve as a good lead in to the last story.


Well, it'll be. It'll be interesting. Story X will pick up uh... six yearsish after Kvasir vanishing, with the focus back on Luna's family. I'm going to answer. Pretty much every question I've left open to this point, and bring all the characters together and stuff, but uh... it's. It's going to be a long story. Possibly the longest in the series. Almost guaranteed, as a matter of fact, so. Yes. But we'll be seeing everyone from all the previous stories, pretty much, and the storyline is going to. Tie off neatly, I think.
Thanks very much, though. I'm really happy I didn't completely screw up Hermit's Tale and that people were able to enjoy it and I still managed some surprises here and there.


I don't know if I will or not. Kvasir's personal journal is a lot more likely than the giant appendix, because. I'm not sure if I could do a giant appendix written Kvasir-style. I just know that for the next... well, two months, probably, I'll be concentrating on Story X. It's. Going to take a while.

This is one of your best works!!!!
I am sooo moved!!! :fluttercry:
Your storytelling abilities, and the insight into all of our favorite characters is incredible! I just got finished with the "Nightmare Moon" arc in the comic series, and your stories are seeming to trump the official material!

Bravo! :twilightsmile:


Thanks very much. I'm glad to hear that it proved so good, since. I was pretty nervous about this story, admittedly. So I definitely hope to keep it up, since. There's just Story X left now.
Much appreciate the fave as well.

2719171 I eagerly anticipate your next release. Will you still write ponies after your next and final installment is finished?


It's pretty likely. If the ideas keep coming, I'll keep writing, yep.

2719305 Thank the Valkyries!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

I assume the Pious brought other "Angels" that want to spread their "Knowledge"?

This is really good by the way, serious but enjoyable. If you are writing a new piece, I can't wait to see what you create next.


It should actually be very interesting to see the theories and the sides people will be choosing in Story X. There's going to be quite a bit of mystery for the first part of the story.
I also keep meaning to write a journal or something, but I keep ending up being busier than anticipated. But I am working on Story X now, and... I really hope it ends up being a worthwhile closer. I'm just thrilled to hear that Hermit's Tale turned out well at the end of the day, since it was all... a whole lot of experimentation. Thanks very much, though, and for reading, I appreciate the interest a whole lot.


Anything you create, I assure you, the people will love.:eeyup:

Does the story have anything to do with Luna and Scrivener past Synthesis of the Atheist?
I am assuming them and Antares are still alive and what not, i am only 1500 pages and i've been trying to read it since you released it X3


Uh. Luna has like two or three lines. Antares has more involvement. There's like, one or two major Synthesis spoilers in the later chapters, though, since I have to explain some of the larger events that happened.

So Gymbr is back, kinda hoping he isn't going to suddenly become a douche-nozzle, but my hopes aren't high given the mortality rate of persons/ponies of interest in your stories... not to mention how his entire debut story is basically a slow slide to hell (albeit a interesting once).

But while on topic of Gymbr, I have a weird fascination with names, and whether or not they're of significance to the character's actions or not, so where did Gymbr come from? Assuming it isn't actually a prophetic name or some allusion?


The stuff with Gymbr should be... interesting. I'm looking forwards to seeing what people think is going on with him after he starts showing up in Story X.
But Gymbr is actually the Old Norse version of the Greek "chímaira," which became today's "chimera." I. Spend too much time researching good possible names.

Welp after finishing this I really do almost want to give Gymbr an actual chance; but, yet again, when an animal is diseased, you put them down so...:unsuresweetie:

Also, would Gymbr be able to take over anything with Valhalla's administration? He does probably have enough of Kvasir's blood by this point to more or less be Kvasir's biological son.


That's. A very good observation. Let's just say there will be some exploring along that line when Gymbr eventually shows up in Story X.

No, don't do it, Kvasir... don't you do it.

Hel is pretty cool. I like how you did her character.


Thanks very much. She's very important to things. But also a complete pain in the ass.

This story is now one of my favorites. I'm not entirely sure I can explain why, but I loved reading this.

I positively enjoyed your foray into first person. Getting to know more about Kvasir was a treat, and watching his relationship with Terra as it grew was stupendous.


Thanks very much. Cannot express how nice that is to hear on this story in particular. I mean. It's a far, far left field story, so I'm really glad it ended up being so enjoyable. Thanks kindly for favoriting it, too.

Well, there is the development that finally gets me to like a character, right before you kill them off. By the gods, I hope I am wrong this time, and speaking only from past experiences with your work.

Gymbr honestly still scares me. The concept of something or someone who will do whatever it takes to complete some task, without any regard for for anything but cold logic, is terrifying.

I'm not sure why I liked this story so much. It wasn't really as exciting as the main series, but it was entrancing in a different way. I am excited to see what the next installment has in store.


Thanks very much, I really appreciate hearing that. It was a really weird, divergent kind of foray into something completely different, and it's always just a relief when people tell me they liked the strange little journey it was. I hope you enjoy the next and final story just as much.

I walked into this thinking: "Kvasir? Hes a giant jerk as we learned in BLCA, why the hell are we doing a whole story arc about him"?

BUT- Just like every other time I question one of your decisions, you make it work in a spectacular way. By the end I really like the characters involved: Terra, Kvas, Hel, Gym, and was really interested in what was to happen next to our heavenly host.


Thanks very much. It was really weird writing this story, admittedly, but I'm glad that it ended up being enjoyable all the same. But I've always enjoyed switching things up with these stories and it's surprised me how much attention this one in particular has drawn at the end of the day.


Well it could be because you subverted our expectations so effectively. Really the prospective romances helped to make Kvas a real 'person', despite his questionable origins. Not to mention Hel is quite possibly one of your most entertaining characters.

Has He'll spent any time in Ginungagap? Her personality seems like something that might come from there.

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