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"Tales" series minor crossover, largely Tales of Xillia; concepts and abilities such as artes are borrowed and the storyline itself is tailored to reflect the general Tales design.

Twilight Sparkle finds life in Ponyville exciting and enjoyable: every day brings her a new friendship lesson or a challenge to rise to. She is as devoted as ever to living life the way she was taught a good pony should, and making Princess Celestia as proud as she can.
When Princess Celestia recalls her to Canterlot, Twilight discovers that not all of Equestria is as happy as she had once thought. Power outages and failing artes plague larger cities, but Princess Celestia has found a solution that she asks Twilight Sparkle to learn to tap into, so she can begin a New Power Initiative that will heal all of Equestria.
But there are heavy consequences for tapping into powers that ponies were not meant to have...

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This story is a sequel to In Bloom

Commission for Ankaru.

Spike has long been Twilight Sparkle's Number One Assistant, and a helpful hand to all ponies in Ponyville. But he longs to be something more, to feel like an equal, something more than, for example, the babysitter's helper when no one else is available.
But when a camping trip with Marina the Changeling, her partner Moonbeam, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders goes wrong and the CMC are kidnapped by a group of vengeful Diamond Dogs, Spike is given the chance to show what he's truly capable of as he seeks to follow Marina in pursuit of the kidnappers, determined to help her save the young ponies. As his mettle is tested, however, he might discover he is not as strong or as capable as once thought he was, and that his actions may have terrible consequences for the ponies he only ever intended to help.

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This story is donation-driven: please check this blog post for a rundown.
The Cirque du Noir is a mysterious carnival that parades through Equestria - and some say other worlds! - on a chaotic, winding route, stopping in unpredictable places but always drawing a huge crowd. Ponies have told stories that for a 'small price,' they were granted their fondest desire: other ponies whisper that friends and family have vanished, never to return.
It is said that for the price of a generous act, any pony can have their fondest desire brought to life: for some, this means a joyous, unforgettable day in paradise, while others clutch in their hearts more sinister desires that they all the same must face the consequences of.
But all are welcome: come one, come all, the Cirque du Noir is waiting to bring your deepest secrets to light and life.

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This story is a sequel to A Shift In Gears

Commission for Ankaru.

Everypony knows Apple Bloom as the youngest filly of the Apple Family. But Apple Bloom was born a colt, and now that puberty is coming on, she faces a difficult question; is there any way she can grow up to be a mare, or does she have to give up the life she's lived and accept the fact she's becoming a stallion? And if she reveals that all this time, she's been a boy, what will that mean for the friendships she's made and the ponies who only know her as Applejack's little sister?

A story about growing up, giving others the chance to help, and what friends and family can do for us, even our problems are different and hard to understand.

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Commission for Ankaru.

Octavia wasn't always a musician: she had a past life that she rarely talks about, as part of an organization that researched and developed technology in secret under the watchful eye of Princess Celestia. A life she thought she had left behind; but when she comes across a severely-injured Changeling after the invasion of Canterlot, she feels both a desire to help the creature, and to challenge her own skills as a scientist.
But things become more complicated when Octavia realizes the Changeling is more than just a drone, and how it struggles between the safety of being just another Changeling in the crowd, and the desire to be its own person.

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Tournament of Canterlot charity story. Reader-driven.

Last Call is just trying to live his life. It's not a particularly hard life, but not particularly happy, either: he feels useless, irresponsible, less than a stallion. He loves his wife, with all his heart... and yet at the same time, he can't bear to even look at her.
But as a local festival rolls around, strange things begin to happen around town, and Last Call finds himself trapped in a bizarre nightmare, struggling just to survive the night as monsters that had been sealed away long ago awaken from their eternal slumber, corrupting and devouring all who dare to stand in their way.

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This story is a sequel to Thorn of the Rose

Cadence has settled in to her new home and new life in Clockwork World, as an Orphan: a pony trained to step in and protect other worlds when threats appear beyond what they can handle. Possessed by a force known as the Swan that will not allow her to remain dead, it gives Cadence a chance to use her powers for good and find meaning in her life. Her new life, however, all too soon brings her into contact with specters of her past who desire the Swan for their own ends, putting everything Cadence cares about in danger.

Final story in the Songs of Lost Children series.

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This story was written for Ankaru, and is part of his Sacrifice series, which are based in the mythos of the Lone Wolf adventure series.

Marina Wildheart is a Dragoon Knight who has conquered many foes and well-earned her title of Duchess many times over for her feats of bravery and strength. By her side is her lieutenant and lover, Phantom Wing, a griffin who lost his wings in combat, and who would fearlessly face any evil for her sake.
Still, she never considered marrying him until it was brought up after a briefing: it's hard not to question yourself when you're made of chocolate and powered by Discord's magic, though. And Marina doesn't even know what a wedding entails. Still, if she loves him... love will find a way, won't it?

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What does it mean to be a pony? Thesis is the Prince of Equestria, the only son of Princess Celestia. But he is a homunculus, born from magic and technology brought to their world by an ominous benefactor. And as a war grows between Equestria and the griffin nation, he will be forced to understand the true meaning of loss and sacrifice to protect his country and his family.

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The way this story changed and evolved was based in part by donations and requests. The first half of the story focuses on comedy and random events, the second half of the story is more serious adventure, and the end of the story has tragic overtones to it.
All anyone really knows is that this story is going to be awesome. I can say that because I am the Narrator, so I know these things. Although I have to put up with the Critic and fear the wrath of The Redacted, we've done this for many years now: taken different ponies, and thrown them together in the pot to create new stories and new plays to entertain ourselves and our audience, and to keep The Redacted pacified. Even we Draconequui have to be wary around certain individuals, after all.
Our play will continue forever; there's no way these ponies could end this neverending story... right?

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