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This story is a sequel to Thorn of the Rose

Cadence has settled in to her new home and new life in Clockwork World, as an Orphan: a pony trained to step in and protect other worlds when threats appear beyond what they can handle. Possessed by a force known as the Swan that will not allow her to remain dead, it gives Cadence a chance to use her powers for good and find meaning in her life. Her new life, however, all too soon brings her into contact with specters of her past who desire the Swan for their own ends, putting everything Cadence cares about in danger.

Final story in the Songs of Lost Children series.

Chapters (128)
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Comments ( 157 )

Yes! I absolutely cannot wait for more!

This is a Cadence story?! And it's tagged Human?! Awesome.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm gonna be tracking this.

Totally added to the tracking list. Also I still need to finish the other stories in the list.

finally i have been waiting for this for so long!!!
downloaded and read and waiting for more


Thanks very much, I'm glad to hear you're excited for it. It should be a fun ride. It mostly focused on Cadence, yes, and I put the human tag on mostly because there's a lot of talk about humans/human-like beings, so I figured I'd be on the safe side.
I hope you enjoy the story through and through.

I will. :raritywink: I'm also going through the previous books in the series. I've finished Thorn of the Rose, and am currently reading Zecora's Piñata. Again, all wonderful stories!:twilightsmile:

Ohhh, yeah! They're back! They're back! Woohoo!

Will Luna, Scrivener, and Morgan appear in more chapters?

I think you missed a small thing in editing, Luna groused or grumbled or whatever, then proceeded to smile with Scrivvy right after at the end? Sure it wasn't to be Morgan smiling because she's not an asshole?


Thanks. Name screwups always elude me for some reason.


They'll pop up on rare occasion, yeah, but they're much more secondary in these stories. A few other old friends will be showing up too once the story really gets rolling along.

You know, I'm used to binge reading so this is diffrent reading two chapters a day and after 15 mins i'm done both chapters and back to waiting.
also i gave a thumbs up and the bar is still gray?
note things are getting serious here!!

Hecate? The goddess of magic? While I'm reading Percy Jackson?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what's really funny? 'Tis the fact that the Greek Hecate is the goddess of magic, but pony Hecate rules over a world powered mostly by non-magical technology. Decretum tech is non-magical, right?

7586149 Decre-what? That is funny, though! :rainbowlaugh:

Decretum is another name for the Clockwork World, which Hecate rules over.

Gosh darn cliffhangers! :flutterrage: Well, at least tomorrow's a Saturday. Sol Seraph I hate you so much. She's a big fat meanie, as Pinkie would say.

Never before have I so uniquely regretted asking the question "what ever happened to x"

Can this story get any better? I don't know, also I was offline for the past two days, so this took me about 1 - 1.5 hours to finish with the backlog.

We have reached a lull in the action now waiting for the next plot twist.
crud even the lulls are interesting.

Was Tender Trust always this awesome? Yeah, I'm pretty sure she was. :rainbowlaugh:

Sibling shenanigans. Funniest chapter so far!:rainbowlaugh:

She understands that we will need Clay of Prometheus in the near future is currently working to generate it.

I think there's an and or something omitted there.

So Innocence knows that Thorn is her half-brother. On second thought... yeah, it's pretty obvious.

Oh, yes. I could get used to this. What is going to happen to Aster after this?

Dang cliffhangers!!!! Curse you for being so good!!!!

Well, that was some severe mood whiplash.

So, is Aster going to be a main character from now on? It's been barely 5 chapters since she was introduced, and I'm already liking her.


Thanks. Aster is kind of a funny duck, but she is fun to have around. She won't be a main character, but we will be seeing more of her in the future.

dang the suspence is killing me

“The four of you should be able to move in through the toxic disposal site and use the service corridors to avoid any detection the enemy.

I think that's missing something, a preposition or something. By the enemy maybe?

Also this is actually going to become Zero Requiem isn't it?

what could be worse than the void born?
a lot of things apparently!

Thorn seemed a little different, too, she thought: strained wasn't quite the right word for it, but he did seem to be preoccupied, and he seemed oddly deferential to Dogmatist beside him.

Probably should be an article of some sort there. Also holy shit though.

finally we learn some of the truth, and the story is progressing very well at this point, the only main question i have now that will probably be answered soon is what next, or who first?

I'm going to teach you how to use your focus your magic into your body, as you do with your wings.

it reads weird with the use your there.

stuff is about to get real interesting really soon!

Crap; this could either go extremely well, and the Swan will beat up all the bad guys, or go very badly, and the Swan will beat up everyone.

Also, the new cover is somewhat hilarious! Who drew it? Will it be permanent?


It's just something temporary for now that I sketched a bit ago. Hopefully I'll have the time to draw something a bit better up soon.

Where's Akbar when you really need him?

Although this certainly isn't whom I expected to be ambushing someone.

So you do all the artwork for your stories? Cool!


Only a few of them. This one, Gjallarsong, and Where We Don't Belong. The others I commissioned or got a friend to do for me. You can tell which ones I've done because I have a kind of weird hard-line art style.

Ah, yes. The art styles are pretty different, now that I think about it. The covers for Decretum, Absolution, and Synthesis of the Atheist were pretty unique.

OK, Thokk's actually starting to get a bit scary now.

In either this chapter or the last you said Moonflowers black hole trebled In size, pretty sure that's to be tripled.

I cant say I expected this, but if I had, my money would've been on the ten moons facility.

ummm ok, this, i don't know, brain overload!
recomprehending life the story and everything else.
ok well after that has been completeed i'm realizeing this story is BY FAR THE BEST story i've ever read and then some, becuase this is exactly what FAILS to happen in every other story, or what the entire cold war was trying to prevent. mutualy self assured distruction. where we bring out wepons so big and so distructive that every one either wins or dies trying, also becuase i knew the end was in sight and it was only a matter of time before the TRUE test happens, or the test they can't beat. in other terms WELCOME TO EITHER THE CLIMAX OR ONE OF THEM!


We're halfway there. Tomorrow's chapters are likely going to be full of epic badassery, aren't they?:pinkiehappy::heart:

I would like to know what the real-world equivalent of a baen is.


One baen is roughly the amount of magic energy it takes for a unicorn to light up their horn. The more baens a unicorn can generate, the stronger they are, generally-speaking.

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