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This story is a sequel to Starlit Knights

Equestria has fallen to Ragnarok and Hell has flooded the world, leaving few survivors. But the souls of the dead linger, and Luna and Scrivener Blooms have been tasked to gather the lost Pales and aid in guiding them to the new world for a chance at rebirth and reclaiming what was lost. But more and more, the greatest threats the two ponies have to face are not monsters outside... but the transformation going on inside them both, urged on by both the influence of Hell and a terrible mastermind whose machinations continue to live on even after his death.

A dark exploration of Luna and Scrivener's psychology, mixed with the horrors of surviving literal Hell, intense action, and Norse mythos.

The fourth story of the Nátta Edda, and the beginning of the Iðavöll Trilogy.

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1268564 Get out of here sneak thief!
Now for the story
Look good so far :scootangel:


Thanks very much. I hope you continue to enjoy.
...I enjoy that picture far too much.


A scary thing at times, but it often does have the power to. As the next story will reiterate in its own grisly fashion.
Thanks very much for the fave, too.

I have but one complaint... I don't want to read about the horrible stuffs and the struggle and the alternate ending in the next story before I get to the one indicated in the epilogue of the last one....

Great work, as I have quickly come to expect from you.


Thanks very kindly. And well, technically you don't have to. It's uh. Complicated, as you'll see. But I hope you continue to enjoy, even as. BLCA is pretty scary.

Pollen reminds me of Trixie, a similar situation.

And another conclusion to an epic adventure. Onward I go.


Thanks very much. I hope things continue to prove to be a good read. BLCA is kind of crazy so lots of people skip to Decretum.

2512974 Yeah I decided to skip it as well. I may come back later and read it though.

You sure know how to leave a cliffhanger... Glad i'm reading all of this after so much is complete.

Awesome story! The next one is so crazy... I ALMOST skipped to Decretum, but then, where is the fun in that? I kind of wanted BLCA to happen after all... :scootangel:


I hear a lot from people that BLCA is uh. Scary. Or the opposite of what they wanted to happen. But it is... well, it can be skipped, but it is important, too, in it's own way. It's. Hard to explain but it'll make sense when you start getting into Decretum.
I really hope you're able to enjoy it as much as you've been enjoying the rest of the series, though. It doesn't get really crazy until the final part. Thanks for reading and the interest. It's much appreciated.

I've now reached Metempsychosis that's on my Read Later list. Looking forward to finishing it so that I can start the next story in your series. ^^


Glad to hear it. I hope it proves a good read, and the stories continue to be enjoyable.

I think that it's quite unfair for such wonderful stories to go largely unnoticed by most of the fanbase. It was only by pure chance that I came across your series while browsing for good reads. :pinkiesad2:


Thanks very much. I always appreciate hearing that, but it means a lot to me as it is I have the readers I do. I'm kind of a weird niche writer with really long stories. It's a thrill as it is that I have people who are able to sit down and read through them and enjoy these long crazy journeys.

I look forwards to being needed.
Have an error with 'yo brekky.
Wait, I already used that line didn't I... Consarn it!

Alright. It's 6 AM, and I'm goin' 'ta bed. Night all. I'll be back in a couple of hours to read this chapter.

ALright. I'm not even goin' near my bed. Since, if I do, I'll fall asleep. I REALLY don't want to do that.

ill-omen. =

This here is weird. It's near the top if ctrl + f can't find it.

cannot see
I like spotting double spaces =)

they would
Accidental tab there much? You'll probably see it if you look literally right above this comment =)

ironic pun – further discombobulation
I want to beat you up and hug you at the same time.

I luuuuurve 'dem double spaces... Mostly because they're so easy to spot.

saw Scarlet
I love these things.

room: it
Can't think clearly at the moment... Does this need capitalization?
Also, do you have an editor? If so, he is AMAZING, to have edited a fic of this length, and since I am finding as few errors as I am...


I don't believe it does. But that might be a stylistic choice. I have a few quirks like that.
And I actually don't have a beta. I write the story, and then I give it one quick scan-through myself before starting to post. I've never had much luck finding an editor so I definitely appreciate the typos being pointed out.

Yet another enjoyable story. I'm sorta thrilled and disappointed on this one, because there were times where it just seemed like Romantic fluff. I don't dislike romantic fluff, mind you, but it just seemed... almost repetitive. Snarky comment from Scrivener, he get's beaten up by Luna, they laugh about it.

Thing is, you throw in little clues and happenings DURING the fluff, so you actually have to read it all to catch everything. You sneaky writer you. Onto Decretum.


Thanks very much. Although, yes, that is pretty much the formula for Luna and Scrivy right there.
I hope Decretum proves to be as enjoyable a read as this one, if not more. And thanks kindly for the fave of this one, as well.

“Your face.” Scrivener said grouchily, and Luna gave him a look for a few moments before she firmly shook herself out, sending water droplets cascading over the male and making him wince and flail at her. “You’re not a dog, Luna!”

Combine the insult and comment and just say "Don't be a bitch!"


You're definitely making good progress, though. Thanks for continuing to read and comment.

“You’re doing this really annoying habit some people seem to have: you make the story all about you, and what you want, and what you desire, and what you believe in, and what you think should happen. But guess what? It’s not your story. I am the writer – oh sorry, author – and it’s my story. You’re the audience. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. And if you continue to claim you hate it, why the hell is it you sit back, reading it again and again, giving me these long, drawn-out editorials on exactly why you hate it so much, telling me all these mistakes I’m doing wrong that often fall to matter of personal preference or simple intolerance for being unable to see anything any way apart from your own goddamn narcissistic world view? You know what that tells me? You don’t actually hate it. You hate what it makes you feel. You hate that it’s a good story. You hate that you are not nearly as good at your job, as I am at mine. You’re that annoying brat who flunked out of art school and spends his whole day sitting moodily around galleries telling people in a loud voice all the tiny flaws that are wrong with their pictures, so that you can try and make them as miserable as you are.

I bet that felt good to write.:pinkiecrazy:

“Destroy Luna Lightblade and her demon!”


I admit there's a certain pleasure in rereading those lines even now, yes.

I love the psychology of Luna and Blooms. I wonder if they would be welcomed in other world after they deal with this one?


Thanks very much. I'm glad - and relieved - to hear it, since this story goes on a different slant than the others in a lot of ways. And I only continue to press the boundaries from here on out, so I hope it continues to be an enjoyable journey.

I love this series so much.


I'm glad to hear it. Hopefully it'll continue to please.

“If a writer does his job properly, he creates a world in the words on his pages: and since writers and poets constantly kill those people in the worlds, subjecting them to his every whim and stupid idea, I’d say a lot.”

Writers are a sick breed, though I guess that's one of the things I love about you


I hear that quite a lot from people. And it makes me smile every time.

I still don't know how you can take a story where everyone is dead, and the two left alive (who hold themselves responsible for the end of the world) are living in a rapidly-degrading Hell, and make it almost happy. I should be crying right now, but instead I'm blushing and making involuntary noises from all of the cute and stuff, when I'm not laughing or just appreciating the imagery. This is why I have always been in awe of writers; especially you. You can turn a sad story into a happy one, and a happy story into a sad one, and do any other polar shift with anything else, and actually make it work. I can't tell if you're a madman or a genius, but I guess just saying you're a writer would cover all that.

You never really talked about the Grey Mountains that much, past saying that "reality was thin." Is there any more explanation behind it and its inhabitants? Or is it one of those things you prefer to let us have our own opinions about.
Personally, and I don't know how well it actually fits in with the universe, but I tend to think that this layer was one of the most outermost ones, and so was one of the dimmest, most skewed reflections. And as such, the world had ill-formed bits that were often touched by and influenced by the Void, like a blurred line between the two.

Also, was there anything beyond the Grey Mountains? I don't think you ever said, and nobody would have ever gone through them, but did you even decide if anything would be behind them?

So I guess it is Scrivy who pulls the carriage in the relationship after all


I'm pretty sure I'm crazy. And well. I've always figured that, you know. Happiness is where you find it. Even if you happen to find it in what is pretty much quite literally becoming hell. And since Metempsychosis was pretty much focused on exploring just Luna and Scrivener and their weird psychology, that honestly made it a bit easier to affect the whole mood, I think.
And you know, that's a good point about the mountains. But I'm kind of glad they don't fit because it's really better if they don't, since that was kind of a unique thing about uh... Layer A. I do mention them a few times in Sleipnir's story, which I will one day hopefully finish if I can ever get through caffeine withdrawal. They're a very scary place. You phrase it pretty well yourself, actually: the Void leaks in. There's not a whole lot beyond them though, no: they're kind of in a dead zone at the top of Equestrian territory. Beyond them would just be wastes.

Another world question I guess, because it has been bugging me on and off. Is Midgard flat or round or some other shape? I'm pretty sure I remember you saying something about them being on the other side of the world from equestria in one of the anchor sidequests in Derectum, but it's been so long I can't be sure

Not that it really even matters anyway

I don't know what to say that I haven't said before. You're my favorite sadist word-murderer. To be completely honest, probably my favorite writer.

So, do I go straight into BLCA from here or jump in when I get to that part in Derectum?
I was too much of a wimp to read it last time

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