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This story is a sequel to Absolution

Their son has grown up. Their world is intact. And in spite of old wounds that refuse to heal and new frustrations, everyone is moving forwards with life. And too late, Luna and Scrivener discover they're being watched by a so-called 'brother' who claims to need their help... and is willing to go to any lengths necessary to get it.
Takes place five years after Absolution. Eighth story in the Blooming Moon Chronicles.

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Corpj123 here. Doing some writing now, cant wait to read. Fav'd and liked, will read soon.

Just started reading over on FF.net. Let's see if I can actually keep up with two chapters a day!

Edit: I found I strangely enjoyed the first two parts (prologue and stage I), they've got a cool exposition like feel to them, and the latter part seems to set up a cultural conflict (one Luna would undoubtedly meet with physically).

Spoiled myself with this over on FF.net... well let's see how long it is until you go BBC on everybody's favorite characters:ajbemused:


Thanks very much for the fave. Also I'm very glad to hear that was enjoyable. I've used that kind of... big view in the past for prologues of other stories, and I wanted to kind of... get back to my roots, so to speak. So that's reassuring for me to hear. I hope it proves a pleasure.


Thanks kindly for the fave and. I. Believe things will start going to hell shortly. But not really badly for about a week.


Thanks very much. Hope it proves a pleasure.

2298807 You know I never quite realized that you use periods quite often...and I'm fairly certain 'I' isn't a standalone sentence... And now since the one publisher or whatever in your story said about how terrible scrivy's writing is I couldn't help but look at your's for comparison...and I'm just going to stop myself before I insult you :twilightblush:


I always say Scrivy's a better writer than me, 'cause he kinda totally is. Plus I tend to type the way I talk - or worse, think - which is like. Badong. Not gnodab.

2298923 Meh we all have eccentricities.

And so it begins.

Beware of character development. It usually precedes death.

That! That right there made my night!

...Umm... well you know, after how the start of the new story made the rest of my month and all of the next.

Great first chapter. Hope that annoying press pony gets hers. Scrivener gettin' published. Dat's how u do it boi.
On to the next chapter.


Hopefully it'll prove a fun run, since it'll be like. Forty days of posting, I think. Thanks very kindly for the fave.


Or worse. Don't forget worse.
Thanks kindly for the fave, too.

Congratulations! You got Featured mate!

Been waiting for one of your stories to pop up in here. They certainly deserve it!


I got what now. Wait. Where?
But uh. Thank you very kindly. I just. Flail and hope for the best. This is good.


I have a question!

Are you an atheist? You don't have to answer if you're uncomfortable with it, mind you...


Technically I think yes. I'm closer to atheist than I am to agnostic, I think, but I split a lot of semantic hairs and technical definitions.


Hmm, okay.

I'm a creationist myself, the practicing sort, not the kind that sits around and believes in something because he was told to...

He got featured? Must have only been for a few seconds, cause I didn't see it. And it's not in the 'what's hot' section either.

Cool, an interesting beginning. I'm curious as to how it goes downhill from here.
I still want Antares to have a love interest, hopefully he gets one sometime in this story. And by a love interest, I mean one that doesn't die. Still pissed off about Prestige Luster, man. Was my fav. part of Absolution. Still, I understood why she had to die.
Will check frequently for updates.

Aye, I guess it was short.

Got here from the box. The word raven caught my eye, and I recognized BlackRose right-quick.

Oh, God...
Sorry, I was writing in that accent a minute ago, and I just noticed that my reply's in the same style of dialogue. Crazy.

I'm glad to see him get featured, if anyone on this site deserves it, it's him.

Your definition of 'Worse' terrifies me most days


I really like religion and prayer and spirituality. It's always interesting to me to hear all those viewpoints, to mull it over, and take what can be learned from different systems of belief. It's amusingly enough aggressive refusal of belief past hard norms that drives me crazy, which is why Stage I's intro is so aggressive. But I'm. Probably just kind of rambling now.

With the layer hopping in this story, here's hoping we see little Luna again, cause it was hilarious the first time around.

Scrivy got published? Luna's behaving herself... kinda? Has the whole layer gone mad!?

Wow, things are going rather smoothly for our heroes... which means things should be going to Hell in a handbasket anytime now.


That is admittedly the usual formula. But I think there's more of a balance in this story overall. I think.
Thanks kindly for the fave, too. Much appreciated.

Valthrudnir is coming in again, that's cool. And also TwixScrivyxLuna. Some good stuff.

Sweet. Some sparrin' from Antares and Luna, and then Scrivener and Luna acting childish. Ava, Aphrodisiac, and Meadowlark, as well as some Antares relationship development. Waiting for the next chapter.

~30k words in 3 chapters to read tonight?
:twilightsmile: : Challenge accepted!

And you, Antares, you should do the same. Not with your aunt, that's gross, I mean with Meadowlark. Or maybe Avalon. I guess even Aphrodisia's fine... cousins are okay, right? Or is that still too close?”

all of my yes

nice to see Antares might not die decades or centuries before his parents (although he might live longer than them regardless because of how vicariously they live).

Long live pervy Luna!

Man, Medowlark's got some serious strength for saying that at the end. My respect for her just grew.

Awesome. Some great Discombobulation dialogue, and a whole lot of talking in this chapter. Plenty of good jokes, and it seems that Antares, however slowly, is starting come on out of his shell. Still, I know that there's a lot ahead before he really, truly does. Clockwork Pony Powers, and Scrivener considering suicide O.O... wow. Great chapter, moving on to the next one.

Even better than last chapter. I forgot how much I enjoyed the character of Valthrudnir- oh god, how much of an arrogant prick is he? You write him perfectly, though, and I can't help but thank you for it, because it's such a pleasure to read it. So, for now, Scrivener is screwed, and Valthrudnir is back. Also Twilight Sparkle fixing the problems with Burning Desire, and more and more stuff :P. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

can that arrogant prick ever die? Seriously, i hope before the end of this story nightmare moon makes good on her promise.

Burning Desire seems so much more... well, more after reading Rising Fire. I liked him before, but I like him even more now that I can see better the truer meaning behind his words.

Also, good ol' Valthrudnir seems to be just as childish as ever at times.

Barry would turn a potential gigantic fight for everyone's live into a book deal. That's exactly the kind of sleezebag he is.
That was hilarious, and their reactions even more so, but I want to comment more about the other parts of the chapter, now.
I especially enjoyed the AntaresXMeadowlark romance that is finally blooming (FINALLY LIKE I WANTED IT TO) and they're really cute while doing it, too.
Some more reality stuff. Great, that was always interesting. It can still be explored practically indefinitely, and it doesn't get boring, for some reason. Maybe because you write it so well :P. Moving onto next chapter.

Barry is really starting to grow on me, and I'm starting to get the feeling that something a lot worse than what happened to him in this chapter is going to happen.
Also... I keep picturing these Silverbacks as something similar to those clockwork Drones... except tiny... and an insect.

Even more goodness. Some cool Fluttershy stuff, with her having kids now and everything, and her teaching her combat tactics for good. Cool stuff. Just as well, some more good Antares and soon they'll be traveling to that reality to see what's up. Things are heating up and I can't wait to see what happens next, even if the last half of this chapter was a little slow- still, it's only because you're building up to epicness ;)
Eagerly awaiting the next chapters.

Hey, Vasquez, you ever been mistaken for a man?

Everypony Needs A Catchphrase: 1/10

We've almost got the whole cast reassembled, once we get back to Subterra we should have everyone back. I am starting to wonder how many will still be here by the end...

And I shall give my props to Meadowlark, i still feel a little biased against her because of Prestige, but she's growing on me. Of course last time that happened...

"Palaver Along The Path" indeed. Not too much that actually happens here, a lot of information for the new readers to digest and some fun scenes for us oldies.

Worst Day Ever: 1/1
First achievement complete!

Ooh, intriguing, another slave hoof survivor from the north. I did enjoy Scrivy's line:

This... this is wonderful. Please. Please, let's go back to fighting monsters. Horses of Heaven, monsters were easier to deal with than this.

Good ol' Burning Desire, it's very interesting (in a good way) seeing him after Rising Fire, he's got a lot more to his character now. Makes me wonder what happened to the old demons...

Valthrudnir is back, wasn't too surprised considering the title and all, but I am certainly excited. I quite enjoy him as a character, even if his pride can be a little overbearing at times, but hey, everyone has some kind of flaw, and he wouldn't be who he is without it. He keeps calling Scrivy "Nihete," not sure what that means.

even if Nightmare Moon herself continued to look almost fearful as she stayed and kept silent watch over her family in this corrupted, dark world

You know things are not good if Nightmare Moon is afraid.

Memories: 1/1
Huzzah! The achievements have been doubled! :yay:

More Silverbacks, not gorillas, but insects of some kind... if something like that appears in the background at least twice and is noted at least once by a character you know they've got some kind of role. Meadowlark seems to get it, but Antares thinks they've got bigger fish to deal with for now.

I would like to turn your attention to this

“I know. But I know you, Antares... you hurt over things, and you don't forget things very easily. But that's okay, because... it's part of who you are, and I love you for it.” Prestige replied quietly, and then she shook her head and added softly: “We can talk about it as much as you want, okay? I'm here for you.”

I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be Meadowlark even if part of me wishes for Prestige's return.

A ritual book for Meadowlark, fun times ahead! I wonder if we'll be getting more demon contract fun in the future, and if it'll happen on the other worlds. That would certainly be interesting. Of course of even more importance to her is the growing relationship betwixt her and Antares. I'll give it to her, I think she deserves some good fortune after everything.

More dimension-hopping! Huzzah! So many possibilities, so many more words to read! With the hints in the achievement list, from what we've already seen, and from what we can guess, things are going to be awesome. We might see more Trixie, which would be snazzy. I would not be surprised to see alternate Celestias/Lunas again, and I would be especially pleased if we get a return of BA Cadence, who I just realized is spelled differently from the 'official' name, but that's okay considering even the show changes it up in the credits.
But what I think would be most interesting would be a meeting between Antares and alternate Prestige, not just because I love Prestige (okay, maybe it factors a little), but because I think it would be very interesting, perhaps as a way to help Antares move on, or perhaps to drive a slight wedge between him and Meadowlark to overcome and become stronger for it, or perhaps it really is just wishful thinking on my part.

A few last things. Looks like we've got the whole cast reassembled at long last (except those who are dead :fluttercry:).Oh, and best line goes to Barry.

“So can we get a book deal out of this, champ?”

(Okay, maybe not best line, but it was great).

There was a lot of good stuff to this chapter, but I think I'll end it here with a slight quote edit:

He wondered which was more exciting: the thought of once more crossing layers and fighting monsters, or Barry and Ersatz and all the fun of being 'successful.'

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