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After doing some research into the history of Alicorns, Twilight finds a dead end. When she chooses to pursue it against Celestia's wishes, she finds herself entangled in a messy history that some want forgotten. An Alicorn's position comes with sacrifice. And when given power, one will always be in want of more...

A complicated explanation for the history and intricacies of the My Little Pony universe. If you're reading this, be ready for the long haul.

A rewrite, or rather, the heavily revised and actually worth reading version of The Struggle for Power, my earlier work. Think of that as an alpha build, and this as the "released-to-the-public" program.

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Brilliant. This fic is a masterpiece. Can't wait for more!

Just read chapter 1:
This is pretty good so far, you should have updated this one chapter at a time so it gets more recognition, what's likely to happen now is that it will fade into obscurity before the next set of updates, that being said, don't update too slowly like "the virtueus sister" did, perhaps a chapter per day next time?

Good luck.

You sir, are a God among bronies. Hope my fic can live up to this level of awesome!

Dun dun DUNNNNN!

The peaceful, serene and the pie-throwing-as-weapon ponies of Equesteria has a bloody past? That is interesting.

Hmm, have you decided what The Devil personalities gonna be? I hope its not downright evil. Remember though, The Devil punish the bad people down at the bad place, thus making him a good guy, in a sense.


Actually, yes I have a personality planned out for the Devil, and as a matter of fact, I am planning on releasing an ask tumblr with him.

Curse your cliffhanger!

Hehe, no worries. New chapter comes out tomorrow.

Ditzy is some type of God? :pinkiegasp:

There is a small part towards the end when they look at spectral, it seems like you seemed accidentally dragged a part of a sentence into the middle of the next

Thank you for catching that. Fixed.

Shit just got real. Can't believe this hasn't gotten more attention, It's Brilliant.

yay this way a good chapter cant wait for the next

:ajbemused: twi if the princess said not t' look int' somethin it's best ya don't

407667 either that's the case or it is simply the form the Oracle took to comfort the ponies

either way it's in a way derpy:derpytongue2:

just so you know if i find any canon characters dead you might just have a bad run-in with :pinkiecrazy: and some cupcakes

i have the feeling that if this were true then our world was just like this, some humans found the mirror in our realm and brought with them these Atrocities into this realm of existance.

Just when I was wondering when Derpy would show up:derpyderp2:

394520 Well, Biblically, Satan isn't in charge of hell. He's a rebel angel who felt he deserved more power, whose purpose is to drag as many people as possible down with him for the sole purpose of hurting God. Pride was his downfall, as it led to rebellion, and he was banished to Earth.

As Revelations tells, at the end of the Earth, he, death, and hell will all be utterly destroyed in the 'lake of fire'.

before reading: Look like it have potential to be a great fic, will read

incomplete? comeon EqD, i cant start incomplete stories...

:unsuresweetie: Eh, dunno. The story feels a bit too preachy to me.

uhm one thing providing ''backup'' i would say lending a helping hoove it seems more pony like instead of army talk
but than again asome story not many storys are getting me to keep reading respect dude v-.-/)

O.o woa my heart skipped a beat... mind tell you that hurted... worst is i liked it >.> next chap!!!

its clearly that tia got somthing on her chest... or atleast rubbing her in a wrong way... nice how you can keep this plot growning with every single word you write... im damn impressed


I love reading as many incomplete stories as possible because every day I get about 6 updates. I wonder if this story will be "going down the rabbit hole".

the we gave to much away but no other way was able to put it that well i think if my tough aint betraying me in beliving that luna is there at the other side >.< *yust read the next chapter* oke mental note yust keep reading good then... >.> next chap!!!

<.<*looks back at reaction before*
@.@*trows away brain*
well thats done but now the matter twilight heard the voice as well so the devil has her in his pocked... or the other way around now it seems... wonder what kind of power she can sap out of that crystal... and becus it is black it already is good... black is only black...-.-'' works better with a pony name

yust great you involved The Docter thats like...wait oooww...lets let this played out a bit hehehe >.o

WELL YEAH!!! of coures luna gets oraly raped the docter plays with toys celestia is a fraeking bitch telling me your sorry and buck up luna so she becomes nighmare moon... if not inouf YOU BLOW UP MY HOUSE!!! <-- twilight sparkel point of fiew...

aw that surly is going fast but the fact that there are so many more chaps to be readed it seems its going to be a fail HA sure love the fails becus ''wat aint kill you serves only to make you the so much stronger''

bright eyes?? realy thats yust...uhm.. i dont know... offending in some way... well its was well know thatderpy was coming sooner or later... and the power of harmony sould have worked if all of them where on a same page as twilight was ... harmony comes with the good and the bed... kindness, luaghter, honesty, loyelty, generotesty, magic... it has all a ying yang conection with out light no darkness... with no death no live... with no despair there is no hope... as it is otherwise the same...<.< woah! i realy need to stop getting poetical

ignorance is a bliss if you are unaware if you have it... if it is told you will getting your mind clouded by having the choice to do so... ignorace is a powerfull thing and yet so easly broken...
15. The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

Hmm. Is this a rewrite of another story? I remember a story a while back very similar to this, a world with opposites locked into war with one another that couldn't die until their real life counterpart died.

But Twilight's first experience with pain/blood was from cutting herself in the real world, and trying to work out what the red stuff was.

aw yeah my most fafo pony came in pinkamina diane pia.... she aint always mad or sad pinkamina yust get overtaken by pinkie pie... pinkamina can be as sweet happy and fuyll of energy yust as pinkie is but with a less sugary coton candy looks

pectral... rainbow gona love his mane i gues...

this is getting so intens... damn love this story>.> not that many left tough>.<

dun dun duun.... well there you go twilight the bloody history of princes celestia

Yup, I was actually wondering if anybody would remember it. The Struggle for Power, by Scribbles.
That was me. That was over a year ago. Needless to say, I've become a much better writer. I took a lot of elements from it, but this story is technically the 8th revision/re-write of that one. Always nice to see somebody else was around back in the earlier days of EQD.

How long should I expect to wait for more brilliant work to show up in this story? :twilightangry2:

Well, seeing as there's brilliant work in every chapter, it'd be the next time I post one. I try to do about three chapters a week, posting one a day, and will probably have the first of the next three up tomorrow. Now that AP testing is over, I can focus much more on this story, which is my true joy. I'm glad you like it!

this si geting good...and yes finaly...the question ive had...where were the twon most powerful being at those fateful events...fav'd

Really liking this so far and I plan on continuing to catch up tomorrow.

That power of transferring energy from living creatures is quite a dark power. It gave me the same vibe as blood bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Have a good one.

ow hell if gila was a brute in the paradise equestria she must been a caring loving and tolarating beeing there but somehow its telling me ill be made the foal for thinking that >.<

But if Gilda actually knows Rainbow Dash by name then perhaps she was banished to this realm?

Nice Gilda! cant wait for the next chapter

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