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For a thousand years, the Code of Harmony has ruled Equestria, and the Code of Dissonance has sabotaged its works at every turn. Now the war for control over the land will come to a head, and one unicorn's decision may decide the fate of all.

For though she does not know it, Twilight Sparkle is the shining example of the Code of Harmony. Her teacher, Princess Celestia is Harmony's most powerful master and she knows her enemies are hatching a plan that threatens to cast down the Harmony of her throne and all she has sacrificed to create.

What she does not know is her foe seeks a new Apprentice to turn to his dark ways. A unicorn with seemingly limitless potential for magic, whose thirst for knowledge may yet lead her down a dark path, who is known to be such a faithful student of magic, eagerly seeking the truth no matter how forbidden it might be...

Sequel: Code of Harmony

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Alright, looks like it could be promising. Adding to Twilight's Library.

Interesting that the antagonist's allegience with Dissonance seems more a means to an end than true belief in its cause. They really just oppose harmony for personal reasons.

It seemed to be obvious that's Luna. No one else was around for Sombra except Cadance, and its definitely not her. But Luna's stature is kind of distinctive...

Otherwise its an OC or figure from history who is inexplicably immortal, like Clover.


Which as you will see, is part of the point... :raritywink:


Nope to all of the above!

I've already put one big hint as to the identity of our third antagonist in there. More will follow. Glad to see you're enjoying the story!

this looks really interesting, but i want to ask first, which ship is this?


Right now, It's shipping Sombra/Chrysalis. Everything else is a secret because it's actually kind of vital to the plot. If you REALLY have to know, I can PM you.

no, that's fine, i was mostly curious.

As a note to EVERYONE who has been liking and faveing this story, thank you. :D

great first chapter! more people should read this.
the code of harmony reminded me of both religion and, ironically, the jedi code:pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss:


I got a very strong vibe of the Jedi and Sith code in this chapter.

It is a very good opening chapter. Favorited and upvoted!

Very well done. The connections you used were ingenious, and I very much enjoyed reading this. Liked and faved, but too tired to finish reading this tonight. Can't wait to get around to finishing it.

Also, as a forewarning, I may eventually get around to doing a Authors Helping authors review. Hope you don't mind the delay!

2353007 No worries. Just let me know when you do so I can return the favor, hope you continue to enjoy the story! There's plenty more to come.

I am intrigued... Liked, faved, and patiently awaiting more.

That's one way to put it. Mwa ha ha ha hah

wow this story is very well written! how often do you update? is it whenever you finish a chapter, or is it regularly? oh and hey, what does being a gold member of fimfiction mean?

2354757 basically whenever a chapter is done. Obviously I've been on a roll lately.

Also I think the gold thing is an April fools joke.

Pretty sure she's lifted way heavier stuff than a bookcase before. The Ursa plus water tower together likely weighed as much as a tank. She also lifts every book in the library for reshelving day.

2355078 I'm gonna wave my hooves here and yell "alt universe!" While I note that her raw lifting strength has changed radically from show to show. I dig the issue though.

I'm basically treating the ursa thing as "there was other stuff at work" and as for re-shelving, I see lifting many smaller objects as being easier than lifting one massive object.

I Could be wrong but I needed something mundane to contrast the scene, and full sized library bookcases with all the books are really freaking heavy, and definitely fall outside "normal, everyday lifting." For Twi.

The spelling and grammar has greatly improved in this story. There's still some mistakes here and there, but they are far fewer. Great job!

P.S. Really liking the plot so far. I'm on the edge of my seat for more updates.

2355229 I'm trying my darnedest. Glad to hear you're liking it!

Good job shining armor now to get to Twilight and let her know what is going on before your damn waiting gets you all killed by the forces of Dissonance. Though Twi would probably just enslave them in her ascension to dark power while killing any dissonant creature that didn't bow before her. youi don't turn a creature that powerful dark without suffering consequences.

wait, so chrysalis is celestia's mother?! (and thus luna's as well)

This review was brought to you by Authors Helping Authors

The Codes of Apprentice

Grammar: 8/10 The spelling and wording is solid but it just feels as though the grammar is over the top in terms of commas and separations. It can be slightly jagged if anything but otherwise it is solid and looks good.

Pros: The plot idea is amazing and fresh. I've seen many dark stories I have to say that this feels new and fresh in terms of ideas. I like where this is going and can see some possible interesting choices ahead for direction. The description is well done and plot points are well defined.

Cons: Though there is the AU tag, the characters feel out of character even for being non-canon. Some of the dialogue's said tags were a little off as well as the grammar that followed.

Notes: Overall I thought it was a good story that captivated me, especially in the last two current chapters. Luna felt very Zen and Yoda like which was a new turn on her. I will follow this story for sure.

If you can, feel free to help me out by reviewing my story A Damaged Sister. Good luck on keeping you story going strong.:twilightsmile:

2359895 Not Quite. The names ARE Important, but Chrysalis is not Celestia's Mother...

The book goes on about how the obedience line of the code shouldn't have the negative connotations it does, and naturally the first thing Twilight does when thinking about it is cast some sort of mind control spell.


Also suspicious how she cast a spell she didn't know.

me want more of this awsome story!!!!!!!!!!

No spike must be saved.:twilightangry2:... well sombre you'd better be careful for the path of dissonance is a slippery one and if you bring one of harmony especially one like twilight down the dark path, you will face an opponent you didn't even think of. you'd better prepare an alicorn amulet for that will be the only thing that can save you from Eclipse when she rises from the faithful student's darkness.

ahhh this story's to good to make us wait! please hurry!

have you considered that Dissonance might be more entwined then they think? Ie. sense blocking spells?

Twilight is going to be pissed with what you did to spike. leave him alone and you might have a chance of really turning her fully to your side instead of just forcing her hoof and becoming her slaves.:twilightsmile:

I am really enjoying this story :twilightsmile: keep up the good work!

I really like this story, not to mention that I always sympathized with the sith, so this is a nice direction to see

brilliant! oh please upload another!


All the support warms my heart. :yay:

Huzzah for the update! one issue though "/i] Cadence squelched the angry thoughts - now was not the time for them." You didn't end the italic properly. :twilightsmile:

2372067 Teach me to use Microsoft Word for my editing. Thanks for the catch!

2372076 I think you may your way around it a bit better than I would. :twilightsmile: I can't wait for the next chapter though. I really love how fast you update this!

2372082 My muse does not leave me alone when I've got a story I want to write. Besides, I'm looking forward to flabbergasting you all with the big twists. :moustache:

Spread the word about the fic. I'd love if I could get this thing up on the front page.

Already being done! I have no doubt you will get there though, this story is really amazing so far.:twilightsmile: I hope those twists are cinnamon flavored, those are my favorite kind. :rainbowwild:

Still really digging this story!

Can't wait to see what Twilight decides. You know what would be the biggest plot twist? If she took a third path. She left Lilith there and simply used her Harmony magic to battle the changelings. Do a Kirk! Twilight does not believe in the no win scenario! :yay:

Or it may go as we exactly expect and she falls down the path of Dissonance. Orrrr she might kill her, and THEN fall down the path of Dissonance.

ORRRRRR she might go down the path of Dissonance and pull a Revan. The true mastery is those who walk the grey, the line between. :moustache:

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