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By windward strides and holy ghosts, what rests beside the barren coasts?



It has been ten years since the defeat of the Changling Queen, and Equestria is again at peace. Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony have reached their prime, and have begun to settle down. Love and life abound in Ponyville, especially for Twilight's friends, but she has nopony to call her own.

There is a reason.

A series of events lead to a horrible revelation, and Twilight is thrust deep into a terrifying web of secrets and lies. Her peace is over.

This time, however, she won't be fighting monsters or madponies. What she faces will be much, much worse.

Act One of Two.

Act Two is here.

Currently undergoing editing by the wonderful Mstar!

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Rather interesting, I'd like to see where this is going...

I get the feeling this is going to be a good story. please continue as fast as you can. :pinkiehappy:

Consider starting a new paragraph when you change speakers, it is the common practice for dialogue.

Thank you. I've never been very good at dialogue, and that is exactly the kind of advice I need in order to improve. Any further comment? Drop me a message if you have more advice.

The plot thickens

Well, this is indeed an intriguing story to come. Proceed.

The plot thickens

You haven't even seen me thicken the plot yet. Stay tuned, sh*t's about to get crazy.

This is becoming interesting...keep it coming! :pinkiehappy:

brace yourselves the plot thickens

Twilight's entire life has been a eugenics experiment. along with every other pony in equiestria ...
When the mind control fails (and it will fail) Twili will be Pissed. :twilightangry2:
Luna was right Celestia. You should have waited.
Sweet little Twilight is soooo not going to take this quietly. :twilightangry2:

Oh noes I smell the shit inching closer to the fan


Lurve ya:derpytongue2:

Ooooooh snap the battle rages on :yay:

974160 oh noes I am even more lost now

How will Celestia justify this? :twilightangry2:

Had some Antichrist vibes from this chapter with that fox corpse. But I suppose it wouldn't be saying "Chaos reigns" in this case.

Either way, things are getting interesting. Horrific definitely. But interesting...

First comment, and a great story in one night. Perfect :pinkiehappy:

first comment, :moustache: good story

I sense heartbreak in Twilight's future. :pinkiesad2:

The story gets more and more interesting. And because I can't resist...
*channels Linkara* ADAMANTIUM RAGE!

Twilight "Hi Celestia! Remember all that Mind Taking you were doing to every pony earler? Meet Chekhov's Gun!" :twilightsmile:

This may be the most gentel clifhanger i have ever seen.
It is almost like a horror movie where you just KNOW that around the corner is ther psycho with the bloody axe.
Poor Twily. There is nothing you can do to stop it now. Celestia is Very good at making plans and whatever it is ... well its definitely going to happen. :applecry:

And now we know why Spike is bound in chains under Canterlot. When that dragon gets free some ponies are going to be in a lot of trouble. :moustache:

Today's ceremony is inspired by three things. The first is the ancient Roman triumphus, a procession honoring great military achievement or exceptional valor.

The second is the Royal Wedding, which was largely overshadowed here in America because of the fact that Osama Bin Laden was killed just prior to the ceremonies. Nobody I talked to seemed to mind that much.

The third is the opening ceremonies from the first book of the Hunger Games, an excellent young adult series that I highly recommend.

We've had peril of a physical nature so far. Be sure to tune in next time as Twilight takes on her biggest challenge yet, the dangerous world of Court Politics!:twilightoops:

Great story i only found this today but I'm already in love with it. keep writing I look forward to wahts going to happen next.

Twilight now has all the tools she needs to bring the whole scheme down around Celestia's ears. All she has to do is retrieve the clue hidden in the archive and put all the pieces together. My estimated guess is about 4 months story time before the story gets back to where the first chapter begins. (six months original - one month pre trip - one month journey and recovery)
Things are abut to snowball and i do not think Celly is actually ready for the soid waste to hit the rotary air oscillator.
Twily reading her new books :twilightblush:
Twily understanding her new books :twilightoops:
Twily putting all the pieces toghther :twilightangry2:

Well, this is about as "erotic" as it gets. I'm trying to keep it PG-13 for now, so if you're here to complain about any "rampant use of cloppery", then simmer down and bear with me. For the rest of you, enjoy!:twilightsmile:

Another excellent chapter. It's gonna really hurt when Twilight learns the truth.

I'm gonna bring the whole corrupt system down around Celestia's head...it's gonna be biblical.

Can't wait to see that bitch princess get what she deserves for messing with my favorite pony. :twilightangry2:

Getting intense. Maintaining interest. Can't wait to see the plot unfold...further. I await the bringdown of biblical proportions.

"And so the Great Spicy Soup Bet would be passed down in common talks, making a legend of Miss Sparkle with the iron stomach. Though gossip mangling and the telephone game would transform the Nova pepper soup into a pot of lava, thus increasing Miss Sparkle's valor and strength tenfold."

"Her stamina and skill were largely attributed to her part dragon, part Alicorn heritage. It was rumored that after she had finished off the entire pot, she had proceeded to laugh and violently beat Princess Luna over the head with it, while proclaiming herself 'Queen of the Cosmos'."


"And then, she further proved her valor by ejecting into the open night, screaming her proclamation to the skies above. And the legend of Miss Sparkle would live on."

Ah, what fun.

Indeed. I bid you a pleasant evening, my good brony. The hour is late and my battery runs low.:twilightsmile:

So Luna knows about the conspiracy against Twilight and has the lunar guards watching her. Glad to hear somepony is watching her back.

God, I'm dense. It took me eighteen chapters but it finally clicked. Morning Star? Morning Star?! If that isn't foreshadowing, I don't know what is. (inb4 it's not foreshadowing at all and the author just likes the name.)

Aaaaand we have a winner. That's intentional, btw. Well done.

1090423 1091551
I knew he was a traitor but WOW ...
I never suspected THAT.
You Sir are amazing. :heart:
poor Twily. This is gonna hurt. a lot. :fluttercry:

I'm lost...Someone care to explain? :derpyderp1:

The Morning Star is a very important figure in Christian mythology.
Lucifer. God's #2. The original traitor.
I did not even think of it until TSG mentioned it. :derpytongue2:

Oh, I would't know anything about that...i'm not exactly the most religious of people. :facehoof:


He was the most beautiful and perfect of God's angels, until he fell from grace. "Lucifer", the word for the Morning Star, became Satan, from an ancient Israeli word, "shaitan", meaning enemy or adversary.

I did not think about something until after my other post.
Who will Lucifer betray? Twilight? or Celestia?
The corrupter would betray Twilight.
The original(?) Lucifer betrayed God (Celestia).
I can't wait to see how the story unfolds. cause its gonna be good. :pinkiehappy:

Something else I noticed about Twilight's name. Twilight Sparkle, who's cutie mark is a very large and bright star. Twilight, or evening, and star. What deity does that give you?

Hesperus (Evening Star)

PHO′SPHORUS (Phôsphoros),or as the poets call him Heôsphoros or Phaesphoros (Lat. Lucfer), that is, the bringer of light or of Eos, is the name of the planet Venus, when seen in the morning before sunrise

like i said earlier .. Amazing!
I prefer to think of Twily as The Bringer of Light instead of Lucifer BUT in this story i Really hope she kicks Celestia's flank. :twilightsmile:

(to be honest i had to google it to find that. :twilightblush: )

I've always preferred the term Hesperus anyway. Although, if she makes it free, how do you think Twilight will look to Equestria? Especially if Celestia is still in charge?

Assuming that Celestia has been effected by an outside force ..and can be healed ...
A Hero!
If this is a Solar Empire Celestia?
Poor Twily may be boned.
I still have no idea what Celestia's real plans are.
The best i can come up with? Celestia is trying to manipulate the bearers in such a way that they channel the power of the Elements of Harmony into Celestia. If Celestia can absorb the power this way she may be able use the power any way she wants (regardless of the will / restrictions of the Elements themselves). It may even make the power a permanent part of herself. :pinkiegasp:

Keep in mind that there are other powers in play besides Twilight, Celestia, and Morning Star.

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