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This story is a sequel to Stories in Stone, Luna's Royal Guard.

The Canterlot Royal Gardens: a complex prison housing some of the greatest threats Equestria has ever known, sealed in stone. But what happens when something goes wrong, and some of these threats are freed?
Twilight Sparkle and her friends are again called to defend Equestria from an attack that the Royal Sisters are unable, or too afraid, to deal with. But can six ponies raised in a time of peace be any match for creatures who knew nothing but war and conflict?
Perhaps the only hope Equestria may have lies in another set of the gardens residents: the Five Beasts of the Moon, Nightmare Moon's generals, the very ponies who helped her nearly destroy Equestria a thousand years ago.

[This is a direct sequel. Please read,
[ http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1918/stories-in-stone-lunas-royal-guard ]
before starting on this fic or you will be quite lost.]
Season 3 is not accounted for in this fic.
Tags: Action, Sad, Humor, Roller Coaster, Violence, Singing, Some Romance, 80's HBO late night sex scenes... also, nearly every pony is naked... like normal.

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dun dun dun. TDR, you have my attention, not that you ever lost it in the first place. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapters, and... I love you man. :fluttershbad:

You sir are awesome

This was amazing, and If Twilight is already capable of mass teleportation like that, I shutter to think of what she would be able to do given time.

Prison Break, so we have the old Half-dragon General (guy with sword), Little Ms. Poison from the Order (Did they not bother to disarm her?). Silver Claw. Some nasty Zebra Warlock and lord knows who else.

You magnificent bastard. MOAR!

Holy balls man. ...love it:heart:


Better than I could have imagined :twilightsheepish: Can't wait for more :yay:

Am i the only one imagining a training montage of the royal guard being whipped into shape to the tune of "I'll make a man out of you"?

And just to make sure I remember correctly, silver claw was mustang right?



Perhpas the only hope Equestria may have lies another set of the gardens residents.
Perhaps the only hope Equestria may have lies with another set of the gardens residents.

In the description

Good sir, may you know that I believe your story is amazing. I back this up with the fact that I cannot go through a chapter without laughing out loud, screaming about something, or tensing up with excitement, in an attempt to prevent an awesome-induced seizure. Keep up the good work, man. /)


1839238 Might not be as long as the last book , but still.

1839505>>1839760>>1839762>>1840113 thank you.

1839592 Keep in mind she also brought a tree and 2 swords that are made of a magic resistant material. From the Everfree forest to Canterlot.

1839682 No half dragon, keep in mind Scarlet was set on fire before she was stoned and is probably heavily scarred, also scarlet was a red head,

1840168 Yes Silver Claw was the dragon god Forge Scales son. The one that nearly killed Celestia after posing as Mustang.

1841063 yah know i fixed those in the other postings but some how missed them here in the main place i post this story.

1841157 - Right, he wasn't half-dragon, but a dragon worshiper or something... As for Scarlet, I still think it's her. Poisons, were her thing, and the walk up and brush/slash/poison was a trademark move. Plus she's got some illusion abilities, at least a trinket.

Well TDR, you have done it once again. I am now fully invested in this new book. Congratulations and let me give you my monies!
Also, thanks to Foxi Hooves. I hope you never feel the work you surely put into this go unappreciated.

Good start to the sequel, really got my attention with the opening. Looking forward to more of this.

Really like the sequel so far! I'm also glad to see Twilight playing a bigger part in this. Maybe she could weild both the Brilliant Dawn and Waning Moon? Or better yet, she could have her own more powerful sword. Anyway, just wanted to say I like the story and am glad you decided to make a sequel. :twilightsmile:

AWE SNAP!!!!!:fluttercry:
Well great way to kick off the book.


1841414 he worked for them. bout it.

1841724 I am more than happy to take monies but people keep throwing them at the screen and they never come out this side for me....

1842769 there will be a bit though I doubt this one will be as long as SiS,LRG. That said i didn't think SiS,LRG was going to be that long either.

1843559 Honestly Twilight was some what of the main focus for the last story as well. Some people did not really like the time spent in the 'present' with her but all of that was leading up to this. As for the rest . well you'll see.

1841148 1844709thanks

Just kinda wondering about the pictures you said that you had for this. At some point you had said you had pictures someone drew but they were set at a later time in the story, is that time coming up or was it just the one I posted in color?


1847059 I can Post al of them now. The pictures that were drawn i think some one linked them before.

What i was talking about was i made Blind Bag mods of the Five Beasts and Platinum. I just need to get decent pictures of them to post on my DA account.

Celestia looking back... :pinkiesad2: sniff... after the Mane 6 are gone... :raritydespair::fluttercry:

1852446 I know man:pinkiesad2: I know...I'm not crying:facehoof: *sniff*


1860658>>1852446 you guys know me. I post the end first and then how we get there after.

I went into the first stories in stone with not much in the way of expectations. I then finished the entire thing in three days. I absolutely bucking loved the story and cannot wait to read more of the sequel, especially after this rather impressive first chapter. I wonder though, do you think it possible for you to make this story longer than the last one? (Please say challenge accepted)


1861141fraid I can't really do that the story is planned out mostly already and it is shorter.

However I have several side stories planned, includeing ones on aviana, Celestia, Krisis, and a different perspective from some one who watched both book's events . That idea alrewdy amuses me.

So no worries there's more to come.


OPS SORRY twilight moment

I'd like to point out that the alicorn Princess mentioned in the beginning was never actually said to be Celestia. We assume it's Celestia cause of the picture of the current bearers of the Elements and then going to the table with Luna's Bearers of the Elements. For all we know it could be Twilight after somehow becoming an Alicorn and quite some time down the road after that.

As it stands the only facts about the alicorn in the opening that we know is: Princess, alicorn, and the alicorn has been around for some time and knew/knows the Mane 6 and Luna. It could be Cadance for all we know but until TDR finally comes around and tells us who it really is we just have to guess.

I have a feeling I'm going to love this story either way.

I was not able to pay much attention as I was trying to fend off the big pony as he tried to mount me.....” whispers Fluttershy.
He tried to rape Fluttershy...
I'm gonna go sharpen my skining knives if someone wants to start boiling some oil.

whoa, heck of a teleport there twilight O.O and also, is it me or is shining about as experienced as a fresh recruit compared to the old guard? cocky, arrogant and likely only ever seen barely a wisp of combat compared to the old guard... doesn't surprise me in the least that the group was largely massacred when i think of it that way.

still, that aside i'm gladly looking foward to the rest of this sequel :pinkiehappy:

...yup...it's hitting the fan, and I am loving every second of this.

I have a feeling that the Five Beasts may NEED to be released from stone just to help with everything that's happening now. At least they would know what they are going up against.

The pink princess protested profusely, but paled when presented the piercing peer from the peeved parent. :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

So apparently Equestria is filled with the worst possible parents. Seriously, Luna was a bad mother, Starfall was, Jer couldn't help it but nonetheless, I wouldn't be surprised if Celestia didn't have enough time for her son or whatever you plan to do TDR. While I don't have too much to say about this chapter, the shit is hitting the fan HARD and I love it.

A few gramatical problems here and there. Some of the conversation seems stilted... but yea.

Scarlet's released, and has the EoH now. For whatever that means, still... Gota say, once again, people keep portraying Celestia/Luna as morons. Nevermind the existence of the 'garden prison' and the fact that it's readily available for people to enter, but they get a massive jailbreak and don't bother to TELL ANYONE! let alone keep track of WHO's LOOSE!

Then they go and keep the only actual warriors they have access too, the Five Beasts, in stone... Someone smack them upside the horn, cause they clearly have been addled from their long stay of utter pacifism and moon-vacation.

Step 1, release the 5, cause your Guard are crap, routinely.
Step 2, Luna, get over yourself and forgive them. You went insane, accept it and be thankful someone was willing to stop you.
Step 3, Tell the only actual combat capable ponies you have, The Mane 6, that something's up. Even if you don't tell them the specifics, you could at least give them a heads-up.

Twilight really needs to get with the god smiting and just replace both of them, they both have failed Equestria, to the precipice of destruction on more than one occasion.


1877820 In all honesty [HAH] Starfall tried to be a good mother and let revenge turn into her primary goal instead of her daughter. Jer'rahd and Luna did not expect the odd clone/creation of Discord , Discord, the machine, and the books are more Nocturnes parents than those two. And the bees. oh gods the BEES!!!! Celestia you will just have to see. theres quite a bit coming about all that. I rarly put anything in with out a reason.

Also i had fun with that line.

1878084 heh . One has to consider however the reason they are seem like idiots. There is also a reason they did not think any one escaped.[ That shows up next chapter] there has also been revealed that there were more gods than just them so there are a great many more prisoners than they put there.

Luna is still a warrior, she could have trained the guards upon her returnbut fear that she would take up her old ways has kept her from doing so. Being NMM seriously screwed her up.

Celestia has to deal with a morose Princess of the Night and all the other threats as well as most of the day to day [HAH again] running of the kingdom. She was also sworn to follow a peaceful route with her life by her friend Aviana. [more on her later too]

As for the current Royal Guard? They are not quite pathetic. Keep in mind who they are now up against. Equestria has not seen a threat like this in a long long time. A spell augmented dragon who had been born to and lived nothing but war. A spy who trained Rhede and nearly killed Jer'rahd, A warrior who rose in the ranks fighting the worst abominations Discord's land could create, and a genetic clone of Jer'rahd and Luna that the pair of them could not even handle with out help.

The Guards are not incompitant. Just massively outclassed. Granted the training now is compareable a security guard training as opposed to the Marine core training that the Guards used to do.

1878406 I'm still banking on Avianna somehow being a giant evil magnificent bitch here... until proven innocent that is!:duck:

And since Jer can use his Magic while in the stone, is that due to some sort of sudden surge of emotion at the thought of Luna dying or the spell weakening or something?

New chapter...:pinkiehappy:

Loved this addition to the story, can't wait until the five are released. And come on, Jer'rahd saving Luna despite being imprisoned in stone? That just hits a new level of devotion.

I will say though, one thing that I don't really like is the fact that the Mane Six and Spike are judging the five of them. I mean, honestly, what right do they have to judge them? Elements of Harmony notwithstanding they live in a completely different time and have never had to go through the suffering that the other five did, or overcome the trials that they did. Those five are the predominant reason why the others can sit, at peace, and decide on their fate.

Yeah, they did some bad stuff, but I hesitate to say that the Six and Spike could have done better if they were made to go through the same trials, if they were forced to make the same sacrifices, if they were forced into the same situations.

Did... Did Jer just break the very laws of his confinement, just to save Luna?
Previous Element of Loyalty, everypony!


Jer: Bitch I kill gods, Fuck Physics.

Solution to everything: Release the 5, release the beast in Jer, have luna command the beast to hunt down everyone that escaped


1879128 Solution to everything?........ BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...oh wait... disregard that laugh... chapter 3 is not up yet.....

1878962 I laughed my ass off at the comment... i really did... now i need to figure out how to put it back on.

1878922 Indeed

1878910 They were asked to do so by Luna. While they all agree that these were different times the ones who did not agree considered that they would not do well in this time . Keep in mind the final vote has yet to be cast......

1878860 Hmmm Aviana shes a tricky one to put into the proper light. It could simply be that like Celestia her choices have come back to plague everyone.... or you could be correct. only I know for the moment.

As for the spell I would say all three of those. Next chapter for the answer

1879595 Damn, if he was a human, he'd be Zombie Roosevelt's unimpressed martial arts instructor.

Alright, I will be the first to admit I totally forgot about that bit. Completely blanked about it. My train of thought was that there was enough time between a chapter as NMM where she was pregnant. Looking back now, I was clearly delusional.

1879595 I guess only time will tell......and by time I mean about 600,000 more words and a possible sequel if what your original plans for LRG were anything to go by. Still glad it wasn't a oneshot :twilightsmile:


1879633 Well considering all that went on between the two chapters Nocturne was in and now it is understandable. Even i need to keep checking back for stuff.

1879655 I am still in awe i made all this from a 4k word one shot. I really am. I know i keep saying that this book won't be as long as the last but i am already on chapter three and i have not even gotten to what i was going to put in the first chapter yet.......

1879836 0_0:rainbowderp::ajbemused: great, ANOTHER full length novel
EDIT: I wanna try and guess all of the badguys you have in play right now:
Velkorn's brother (cant remember name)
and that griffon bounty hunter that killed Starfall's family
Yup, pretty much the arch nemesis of all of the 5 in one group if I'm guessing right

Well I never thought about this whole thing being just a one shot. I am really tempted now to go read the very first chapter again and see if it stands by itself. And if all this can come from a single one shot, reading anything must be the worst possible thing for you TDR, always thinking what could happen and then going off from what does happen. You truly are the reincarnation of a magnificent bard.


1879931 Nocturne, not a bad guess except Velkorns brother was killed by Rhede in the Red Sands Chapter. Good try though.:pinkiehappy:

1880041 Actualy i do that with about anything. Movies games stories etc. I always loved the What if style comics. What if this little bit here was changed to something else . Or this char was here instead of there. Whole different paths could open up. Considering after that first one shot i wrote all the notes I am using for book 2 before i started work on the first book, am a little backwards too.

I will say this now and forget it later. There will be one more chapter/story with this setting after book two ends. Just one. and it will be up to the reader to decide if to read it or not. I will leave you with that tidbit for now.

1880503 I remembered that as soon as I had logged off, oh well, I don't think we've been introduced to any important Zebras apart from Zecora, Baelit, and Velkorn, so unless Zecora isn't who she says she is (would explain how she knows so much) then I have no idea.

1880503 - Most of them are accurate, but yea. Velkorn's brother is dead. There are other Zebra warlocks though. Could well be one of them.

I think you had a bit of a snafu with regards to the Garden. Didn't you say that Celestia and Luna were the ones that turned it into it's own dimension? They were the ones that made it bigger on the inside, so you'd think they'd of known what was in the garden beforehand. Still, I'll wait. Maybe (probably) Discord simply replaced some of the stoned prisoners with actual statues of them. Impossible to tell the difference without at least partially de-stoning them.

Edit: The Zebra could actually be Baelit, who turned as some sort of result of Celestia having, and protecting her Zebra god son. Or it could be said Zebra God. I expect one of the ones Celestia called in is her son, the Zebra God though. Probably a Diamond Dog god and Griffon God too.

Do Buffalo have their own gods? What about Cows/Donkeys? Quite a few sentient races kicking around... I expect there might be some new Dragon Gods too, unless something to do with NMM and the books prevents the potential from being re-born.

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