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What would happen If a enemy that was locked away by Celestia thousands of years ago, Returned? A evil darker then Discord himself and twice as deadly. A Legion of creatures like no other. Cruel and merciless as they plan their revenge on the sun Goddess.

Yet, nopony will admit they even exist Until Its to late. Who will combat this threat? Who will protect the Innocent when their leaders will refuse to even aknowledge that there Is something wrong. And what the hay Is a human?

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Well, as interesting as the idea of ancient evil sweeping in for the evulz is, there were a couple of nagging issues that kept me from getting into it.
1) WTF is Celestia doing by making him immortal? I get that she banished Nightmare Moon for a thousand years, but Nightmare Moon didn't explicitly rape and torture the ponies. Friendship or not, it's Celestia's freakin' duty to sentence him to more than exile. (Because yes, a hidden cavern actually does count as exile).
2) Why are three guys randomly in the middle of all this? I can see that the reasoning for this vanished somehow and it'll turn up soonish, and I'm okay with that. What I'm less okay with is how it makes the ponies even more victimized than they already are. It's like they can't help themselves without a nigh-godly Princess or a few buff strong humans to deal with the problem for them.

I see where your getting at, so let me answer your Questions/Complaints In order.

1) As much as Celestia would want to kill him, Or In your case, something worse then exile, She couldn't. Thats what I want to presive In this story, that Strife was too powerful for even Celestia and Luna, along with the Elements of Harmony, to perminantly get rid of. I don't want to give too much away, but If you keep reading, You'll understand why. Just trust me, alright. :) I'm a trained Professional :trollestia:

2) Yes, The reasons as to why Owen, Cole and Cory are In Equestria will be brought to light, soon. Maybe.:trollestia:

3) Tell me. How would a bunch (Village In this case) ponies be able to defend themself from a army of Metal hulks with advanced weapons and dark magic? Sure, they could fight back, but when all you have Is a little bit of levatation magic or a Good pair of bucking legs, unfortunaly, I don't see you lasting that long.

I hope this clears things up and that you will continue to read my story. :twilightsheepish:

If you have any more questions, please ask and I will answer.


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