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The Grimm Reaper

The Grimm Reaper is the writer of the 'Darkness Duology', 'Immortal', 'They Come at Night... Mostly!' and 'Only Bone Deep'. Among others.


Something is on its way to Equestria, and it's forced the Dragon Empress to seek help from none other than the Princesses. The Empress has labelled Equestria's threat as a Praetorian, the last of a breed of dragon exterminated for their potential to destroy all that was natural in the world. Now, the last one has its sights set on Equestria. It's purpose unknown, but presumed not good, they further learn that the power of this one supersedes all previous records. It is an Alpha Praetor. The apex predator among the species.

Yet the hero of the day may be somepony we least expected, or some dragon.

Theme Song: Starset - It Has Begun

Image belongs to onyxprince


Spike: Liam O'Brien

Ditzy Doo: Tabitha St. Germaine

Praetorian/D: Kate Mulgrew

Dragon Empress: Cherilyn Sarkisian

Chapters (2)
Comments ( 28 )

Gotta love the way you can portray Spike as a teenager.

This story has my attention.
5036826 I know right. :twilightblush:
5036808 :eeyup:

A very interesting story so far. The portrayal of Spike is in my opinion well done and they way you wrote this first chapter definitely makes me want to come back for the next one.

Interesting. I like it already, especially your portrayal of Ditzy.

Is Spike bipedal in this story?

The picture reminds me of a dark one from the metro series.

Lets see shadow spike fic good

Possible spike x derpy nice

Written by the grim reaper oh hell yes heres a fav and upvote

This looks interesting. A rather sweet and intriguing beginning, will be following the story to see what happens next.

need more. i'm incredibly interested in where this is heading.

Just started reading this and I love it :D TO THE FAVORITES LIST!

this....this is unexpected but i'll be darned if it isn't a good thing. Way to go! I will definitely continue to enjoy this story

told, bitches! some friendship council you are, not even trying to get to know somepony before judging them.

I love so much about it, especially the potential that's entailed, but with that positive comes a negative, the potential to fall into cliches and traps. And that being said, I eagerly await to see what you will offer in the next chapter

Loving this story, and where only 2 chapters in!:pinkiehappy:

Bam! They all get a taste of, "Spike's Bitch Pudding"!:moustache:

This story is getting good. Spike is paired with Ditzy. Awesome.

How ominous. Seems like a fairly mundane start, but you just can't get that picture out.

Ohh, burn. Too bad Spike didn't stick around long enough to see their faces.

When is the next update?

Would love more, this has gotten me excited for the next chapter.

When the nexy chapter this is going to be awesome

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