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Spike knew he wasn't normal, but he never knew why. A few weeks after he graduated high school, he got a scholarship from G.E.A.R.S University, the most exclusive university in the Solaris System! G.E.A.R.S University trains young men and women to be Mecha Pilots, and when they graduate, they become fighters in the war that has been going on against a strange species of alien called the Shadowscythe. Will Spike be able to fight in the war? And will he be able to learn about who he really is?

Co-edited by beirirangu

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 27 )

good job I like it keep up the good work

great first chapter, and one that can easily lead to many possibilities, like the manga "All You Need Is Kill", which was what I first thought you were going for...

PS a proofreader could really do wonders, what with the occasional wonky sentences and missing descriptions

Thanks for the advice, but I'm having trouble finding a proofreader. I try my hardest to make sure I don't miss any errors, but my life can be a little stressful and I might miss a few things here and there.

Comment posted by beirirangu deleted Dec 19th, 2019

I remember that game. I enjoyed it, but the paywall ruined it.

I istoría ítan megáli! Mou árese i exélixi tou charaktíra kai o trópos me ton opoío metaválate tis skinés! I perigrafí sas me ékane eftychisméni kai elpízo na to kánete kalá! Vevaiotheíte óti den vázete ti sáltsa sta roúcha!

Um.... in English please?

If this is Greek, you have to put it in the actual Greek alphabet for us to at least be able to translate through GoogleTranslate

Remember, the majority of us speak and read in English.

She said that she liked the way the character development and the way the scenes were transitioned in Greek ...

I know and that wasn't me.
That is an annoying tendancy to use greeklish when people are too bored to press one button to change the language
Sometimes even we have trouble reading those messages .

Wow, this sure brings back memories...really silly ones too.:rainbowlaugh:

'All your bases belong to us?' sounds like a meme.

Perfect 100!!!

It actually is a meme that started from a broken translation from the opening cutscene of the 1992 Mega Drive port of the 1989 arcade video game Zero Wing

Could be draconic lust.

At least he's not thinking pervert stuff on her.

Isn't 4 jobs a little too much?

You do have a point, but I still want to give Spike a bit of a challenge

Are you going to update soon? Spike seems to be a New Type.

Hey its back and i hope it continues, can't wait to read this fanfic.

Yeah, sorry it took so long, but with personal issues and huge blocks, I've been having trouble with my fics. Glad you liked the chapter though

Well i hope that you solve whatever personal issues you have and get through whatever block you have.

Mech quest how quaint i will have to play some again its honestly been awhile

Speaking of romance......

Kinda wish you had an account for spike

Spike is a NewType

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