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The Battle City Tournament has begun. Spike Drake is a contestant who is in it to win. While he duels, he will gain more cards. However, there's trouble in town. With his Millennium Collar, he keeps in contact with his friends to make sure they're safe, and keeps tabs on rivals, and a villainous group known as the Thestrals. The Thestrals are looking for something in Canterlot, but what exactly are they looking for? Nobody knows, but they are ruthless towards people who stand in their way. Will Spike be able to stop them, or will he fall victim to their evil ways?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

This story reals very, very rushed. The idea of repeating Duel City isn't new but can be done in interesting was with the wide variety of characters whom we can root for. But with the quick pacing, characters coming out of nowhere along with bringing up story elements randomly, it gives the story a tad of a boring read. Not helped when the first duel we read about is a boring beat down.

Maybe if this story slowed down a bit, explained why the characters were doing this other than the story says so along with a bit more intense duels it could be a very good read

TBH, I agree, it is pretty rushed. I was in a bit of a hurry, and yeah, the first duel was too rushed and boring. The next chapter will hopefully not be as rushed as this chapter, especially considering Spike got one of the locator cards in the first chapter. I haven't played Yu-Gi-Oh in years, so I'm not great at doing long thought out duels. If you, or anyone would be willing to help me think duels through first before actually publishing them into a chapter, I'd appreciate it

9140202 Not to toot my own horn, but I've done my fair share of yugioh stories. I don't mind looking through what you write, and giving tips.

I wouldn't mind helping out since I have written several MLP Yugioh crossovers on this site. However, with this being the first chapter the rushed feel might turn people away and give it a second chance

trap hole can't be used when someone sets a monster.

Very fast duel with a glimpse into Spikes deck. Looking good so far

Odd, I thought it could, I don't have the cards, but on my video games, Trap Hole can be activated if a monster is placed in Defense Mode

if some how its face up yes, but a set is not a normal summon for effects like trap hole.

No, you're right, Normal and Flip summoning only

you can however change it to a rageki break IF he still had a card in his hand to discard.

Wouldn't a Nightmare Moon tag be better?

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