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To be honest, what we fight for, is actually a private dream. No one did that to make others happy. The one who wants to make fans like you happy is just the league, I think you'd better not misunderstand. For your support and encouragement, we're definitely grateful and also moved, but I must say it ruthlessly: to fight for the fans is not true. At least for me, it's not."

Spike didn't forget the victory speech of the best player of to the Glory. One MMORPG really popular where he lives, Spike was a fan of that franchise since he was a child. And from years he had dreamed of becoming a professional player of this game, and now it was his chance.

Keep looking to see the challenges, Spike and his team will have after getting inside of the championship of to the glory, and keep aware of Spike's personal and firstly professional life inside of the game.

"It doesn't matter how the game must end... I WILL BE THE WINNER, I WILL BEAT ARIA BLAZE."

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Good prologue !

(Obrigado) Thanks.

I can say that the chapter is amazing and very well written, you get my congratulations
Too bad I was not so surprised because I already received spoilers kkkk
But it was amazing

Okay, but I don't know if they allow portuguese comments over here, so be careful XD


I've fixed it, completely forgotten about this detail kkkk

Lol. Thanks for that. XD

Will the other two Dazzlings appear?

Probably. More likely. XD. Always has a comedy when the 3 sirens are together.

It's amazing \o/

(Mais um brasileiro na área)
It seems promising. I'm not really a fan but enjoying the concept so far.

/>game has glory in its name
/>title is queen's avatar

Well shit, Spike is a stand in for Ye Xiu in this story, isn't he?

Good story so far but I feel it's just a tad bit rushed

Well, the beginning feels like that. But I can assure when the other chapters got out I will try to fix that thing, especially when it comes to the gaming online.

Torn of Flames? Really?



The name of the team must be the emperor dragons, I forgot to change that. Thanks for telling me that.

Interesting... A bit overly dramatic perhaps like a telenovela, but interesting all the same.

well it was based on a chinese novel, so may be a bit of telenovel LOL. But it will be more serious when it comes about the playing. I will do my best to keep everyone interested. XD

Almost like an anime.

I based on the novel which became a manga and animation from China, they even made a live action movie about this. Is a really good one, I reccommend XD

Very nice and the picture proflie fits spike well and is better then him bring a dog.

I couldn't agree more than that dude. All my Spike in EG is about him being a human and he being a brother of 2 possible sisters, Twilight and Sunset Shimmer. XD

Yea only for those too to have a secret crush on him.

Its Aria, isn't it? It will be super happy if it is.

I called it last chapter, and I am happy.

Ok this story has great potential, all I recommend is, make the speech of the characters a bit more to their personality. From my standpoint I can see five characters who talk the same, only does Aria have her own speech pattern.

Thanks for the advice, while this fiction is still in production, there is a lot of things I must do and change on the next chapter. And I think that's a valid point to add on the next chapter as well

When’s the next chapter coming?

Probably on the next year, since I'm focused on college and I alredy have many fictions to keep updated

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