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Spike always dreamed about being a professional player of the most famous MMORPG of the world: To the Glory, and now he and his friends is finally inside of the championship with the only objective, defeat the champion named Aria Blaze.

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Chapter 2

The huge news spread like fire... Never in a billion years, they could imagine Aria Blaze would be in a relationship, especially with someone who was playing against her team... one rival inside the championship.

Every contestant took their cellphones and shared their info inside their social media, that would be explosive in the videogame news. Specially when talking about the queen of to the glory Aria Blaze.

That would have been fake news if wasn't by the fact they are looking with their own eyes.

“Chryssi.” The grey jacket with black hair captain of his team Sombra, called her in a serious tone while she looked at him as she was one step ahead of him.

“I’m taking analysis on his account, from the name accounts she said I can see the usual team she was on her fake account, and I'm already taking info on their team captain. I’m marking him as the threatening number 2 in our list of potential rivals.” Chryssi moved her dark green hair from her face while she checked her tablet from the new information.

“Perfect, great work Chryssi.” Sombra complimented his second in command, like she was having the same thoughts as him while he was looking at the team who was talking with the queen herself... He narrowed his eyes as he grinned to the little boy who was freaking out while his girlfriend Aria Blaze was laughing her ass off. “It’s been a long time since I didn’t have such excitement of wanting to defeat someone so badly in my life.”

“Captain?” The subaltern looked at her captain confused while could understand the feeling of such a surprise rival appear, it was a fact now they became their prey, not just by their team, but to all the teams who was participating at the championship.

From such a kiss the Emperor Dragons sealed their fates as being someone to being defeated before challenging Aria's team...

It wasn’t just them, but now everyone who was there, couldn’t keep their predator eyes off from the Emperor Dragons, now they know who they were because the best player over there said so, and now they want to destroy them even more than before.

“Err..why are everyone looking at us like that? It’s giving me chills.” Sunset Shimmer said while she saw glimpses of their eyes while their faces covered in dark, looking with such killing intent from them.

“Make it stop. It’s like playing Five Nights at Freedy again.” Fluttershy said while using Twilight Sparkle as a shield to protect their eyes from them. But her soft voice has an uniqueness as many people behind Aria’s team recognized who she was.

“That voice...Oh my gosh, are you Fluttershee from VM channel?" One boy with a dark blue and yellow straps hair asked while he looked deeply at the girl who was behind the girl with glasses...

Fluttershy nodded her head in confirmation...

"MY GOD, FLUTTERSHEE IS HERE. Can you give me an autograph? I loved the way you used your role as thief over to the glory, but the video of Five nights at freedy is what makes me sleep happy at night." The boy without noticing forgot he was pushing Aria, the most incredible player over the place, receiving a bloodshot murder intent from her, but he didn't notice because he was looking at would be his idol... And that quote was a little ember, in comparison on the giant bomb who would appear in 3,2,1...

"FLUTTERSHEE? HERE?" The crowd screamed in disbelief and a turmoil was made inside of the line. Many contests were screaming calling her attention, as lovely group of fans Fluttershee has.

Who was Fluttershee? Just one of the top 5 Gametube over the city, she is known for her role on playing scare games and many fun games as well. It would be a lie if she doesn’t have a die-hard fandom who worships her voice, but she usually don’t show her face, but an image of a yellow pegasus with pink hair who moves around the video making animated reactions and she has a bunny assistant which someway is a better gamer than her, making even funnier videos.

"SILENCE" That was a shout coming from the captains over their teams, making all the contests stop their tracks and act like a group of animals...

Many captains looked sternly to their teammates and scolded them because unprofessional in not just showing malice over the other players, but now knowing Fluttershy was among that players, the reason to be scolded is even worse. A famous gametube not enjoying the championship because the other contestants were being not just crazy fanatic but even being cold to her and her team? And in the time of that, many teams needs a sponsor, being a company or even the gametubers who give their marks and even their fans to cheer for the teams who are playing the game.

Sponsors is a valuable thing over the to the glory. Their sponsor would deal with the problems the teams usually has when it comes to Game Championships. Like paying the food, the place to stay, the accessories of the computers like keyboard and mouse, and having a good image over the public as well. And the most important... fame, if you want to be a great team, you will need fame to make everyone loves you, or you will be forget after losing once or twice.

“What a shame guys, WHAT A SHAME.” The captain of Scarlet fire Spiders, a boy with orange Mohawk and golden eyes with a red jacket and pants with a black shirt and an orange bandanna around his arm told his outrage feelings against his team. “Making such intimidation to the most innocent player on the internet.”

“Well captain you too were…” One of the team mates was trying to tell he was the one to blame too, but the captain look at him and raised his fist and approached near to his face.

“Say one more word, and you will see what will happen.” The captain cracked his fingers just closing his fist, making the teammate gulp on his place in fear.

“Okay, sorry captain it was our fault.” The teammate with the other members said in fear while making the captain seriously correct them.

“Damn right it was, now after the game, we need to approach her calmly and say apologize, or else.” He sternly said to his team, making everyone around him nod.

Spike, Aria, and their teams looked at Fluttershy in surprise, while she sheepishly blushed a bit while she said like a whisper.

“Thank you, everypony.” That voice made everyone cheer quietly on their hearts, it was indeed their idol who was at the same place as them. Now the tweets about Aria having a relationship with a contestant was being in par with the news of Fluttershee first appearance to their fans, making many hashtags with people giving hearts and cheers over her team.

After everyone got in their positions, everything was normal, the players composed themselves to be cautious about Spike’s team, but not too hard to make Fluttershy uncomfortable. After being 5 minutes Fluttershy was feeling well while she was talking with Sunset, making all her fans sighed in relief and happiness.

Some of the players even managed to go slowly and calmly to Fluttershy to ask for some autographs, doing their best to not make her jump scared of her fans, not even in her dreams Fluttershy thought she would be treated so well after her videos she does with her friends. Isa Belle, Bow Sett, Yu ri and Mellon Van! It was a side project she did with a friends she had over the animation school... But being treated so well and loved... That must be the reason of why Bow Set was so proud of herself over her videos, even being mean some times... Fluttershy doesn't felt any hostility from the players who asked her an autograph.

“Wow, I didn’t know Fluttershy was so famous.” Twilight said in surprise while Sunset Shimmer just shrugged.

“Well I should have known when I called her to do a gameplay with me and I was defeated so easily at the game. But it seems they like her from all the games she played, do they know what class she uses in to the glory?” Sunset shimmer asked the captain, receiving a smile and shaking his head making known they don’t have that information.

Captain Sombra who was looking far notice the flow over the fans who was approaching while their captains remained in the line for register.

"Firstly was Aria, and now a gametuber... This team is indeed something we wasn't expect. Chryssi did you find the info of the team Emperor Dragons?" Captain who was watching the even on the sidelines suddenly when he turned his head, he found Chyrsallis wasn't there, but instead was an elder man who was on his forties while he was drinking a can of soda. "Discord? Where is Chryssi? "

The man who was wearing his grey jacket opened his eyes which one has a yellow iris while the other had the red one, smiled like someone who just made a prank.

"Oh the green girl? Well she had to go to make her make up. While I was passing over here, I thought it was a good opportunity for we had that talk..."

The captain who knew none of his team was there to hear the conversation, sighed...

"Do you really want to retire Discord? Because our team became one of the biggest because of your experience on online gaming and your title of thief killer... Many of your fans would give up from cheering at us once you give up to continue in being in our team."

The gray haired man smiled tiredly while he took off his pocket a yo-yo while he played in front of the captain...

"Well Sombra, I taught you everything I know about leadership of this team, it was time for me to retire as my title of captain and my time of enjoying the little things like... Fishing, twister, paying taxes, who knows... Hahaha." The weird man laughed over the absurd of being retired even if was of online gaming, until he sighed serious. "But talking seriously... I don't mind in playing this game anymore for hobbies, but for me this game is getting boring..."

The captain looked at his teammate in sympathy, knowing the story of his title, the thief killer was something his team was proud of... He once remember when he entered on the guild because he wanted to make a legend about himself, and knowing the elder personally, he still doesn't know why Discord his former captain wanted to kill all the thieves he fought over the game to the glory.

Chrysalis the second of command approached the team line where she was being near the captain.

"Captain, sorry for keeping you waiting... what did I miss?"

"Surprisingly the Emperor Dragons has a gametuber on his team which I wanted to you to know their info." The captain who was looking at his team mate pointed at the girl with pink hair while all her team was smiling waiting for their time to register.

"Really? Who?" Chrysalis decided to take her tablet to keep info of her future rivals.

"Fluttershee from the VM gaming channel." Captain Sombra answered quickly while Discord was drinking another gulp of his soda can with his eyes closed until...

"You mean Shadow Dancer?" At the moment Chrysalis said that, Discord smashed the can over his had, but the weirdest part the can still had liquid, which after being smashed the liquid exploded in all directions, surprising his team mate and captain.

Discord slowly opened his eyes, and this time both of them felt something shrive their spine.

"What did you say?" Discord said in a serious tone, which made Chrysalis gulp in her place, and pointed to the other girl.

"Her username on to the glory is Shadow Dancer, I watched her channel but never thought she would appear here." One thing Chrysalis learned when she was inside of the guild was... Never anger the mad thief killer...

Discord remained in silence, and then looked at the girl who was smiling. He decided to walk while making his team afraid of what he was going to do.

All the contestants then saw Discord who walked path directly of the Emperor Dragon, while Fluttershy was smiling, suddenly she felt chills on her spine.

"Hello young one." The deep and creepy voice made her eyes shrink and turn her head in surprise.

"Meep." Fluttershy jumped on her place while seeing the creepy and serious face in front of her.

The reaction of the public was immediately negative over the elder.

"JERK, HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LEAVE HER ALONE" The screams of the other contestants made Discord's eyes twitch, while he snarled to all the other contests.

"SILENCE." His scream while being creepy was authoritative. Spike looking at that decided to pull Fluttershy behind him and make a meat shield against that insane man. Discord turning his head looked at the boy, but focused his gaze on the girl behind him. "Little one, I heard your nickname is Shadow Dancer... is that correct?"

"Yes sir." The little terrified girl making the other contestants even angrier of the guy who was making her afraid.

The elder guy's eye twitched while he glared at her, but then sighed in disappointment...

"You youngsters don't know how much dangerous is named themselves as this nickname... Doesn't even know the meaning of this 2 words... Where did you learn these words?" Discord this time was disappointed to see the little girl who was afraid of him, having such powerful name over her account...

Fluttershy was stuttering but then she said.

"My uncle gave to me..." At this comment, made the elder look at her surprised.

"Interesting, so if was your uncle, he may have know the name and the meaning of it. So I apologize for my rudeness, but I'm really curious who is your uncle?" Discord this time was sincere over his apology, if was someone who was elder as him, he must have played that game... A game who Discord played as teenager and was one of the happiest times for him...

"Nirvana Flame." Discord who was curious suddenly stopped in shock, his eyes opened wide, while he looked at the little girl who whispered...

Suddenly a force of youth made him jump straight to Fluttershy, scaring everyone around her and the other contestants, but when they were going to beat Discord, their stopped their tracks, when they found out, Discord was hugging Fluttershy and smiling like he was a mad man.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Nirvana Flame's niece, oh goodness, the grand kahuna, the big brother, the leader, and the saint, the indestructible and unbeatable thief and shadow dancer has a niece. And she is here, in front of my eyes. HAHAHAHAHA." Discord blabbing this words making all the people around him look at him confuse. "Oh my goodness, when he find outs about that, he will laughs his pants off... So how is he, little girl?"

Fluttershy who was afraid of him now looked at him confuse, but with sympathy she answered.

"He is well, he and my aunt are expecting a kid in 5 months, and I don't know why I'm telling you that... sir."

"So he and the little Yao Yao is having a kid? He really took too long to make that. Hahaha." Discord who was grinning like such delight he was laughing which made Fluttershy comfortable, it seems he knows his aunt, so he must be someone related of his uncle and aunt? Maybe.

His laugh stopped, after he took off one of his sleeves to her... To her surprise she saw an emblem...

"This is the emblem of United Ass Kickers, Nirvana Flame made a bet to me for who could make more PK over 24 hours against 2 guilds, and that crazy boy killed more than 2 thousand people, that boy was crazy, crazy killer was his nickname... Hahaha. I'm so happy to find someone related to him, because I lost his contact for so long ago... I'm so happy..." Fluttershy could see the delight and the happiness of the elder man who was talking like it was a story once her uncle told her, and old online game which he and her aunt met and got married, he and his friends who made a guild and them becoming the legendary guild who roamed the entire online world. But then the eyes of the older man looked deeply at her. "Now I know who you are... I have highly expectations of you. If you want to be a shadow dancer and be a thief like your uncle is... I want you to surpass my expectation... Because all the thieves who I fought, wouldn't be near a step or even kiss the feet of your uncle who was by me the king of the thieves of all times... I hope you follow his steps and be what you meant to be."

With that said Discord turned his backs and walked to his team, while all the other contestants were looking at him angrily and confuse, because they thought they would hurt their idol, but they couldn't hear much about what he said... But Aria listened everything carefully, making sure to remember everything which was said on that time.

When he got back to his team mates, he then turned to Sombra.

"I expect you to be the best captain you can be, if you don't make me proud, I will ripoff your title and take back to me..." At that moment both Captain and Vice looked at him strangely.

"But Discord, you said you were retiring..." Captain Sombra was curious about what made him change his mind, but was interrupted at the moment Discord shout.

"SCREW THE RETIREMENT. I finally found what made this game entertaining and exciting as the first day I played again... An old friend and rival came back for a new generation..." Discord smiled like remembering the face and the fights of someone who was his friend, and the leader of the guild he was... "I will tell you this... You can take all the team... But leave that thief with me... She is mine."

Discord smiled as the thief killer was back to attack...

Author's Note:

Oh look at that, guess which fiction is back, and what is that? Fluttershy has a deep back ground? Who is Shadow Dancer? Why Discord was so happy of knowing she is using that nick name?

I hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter. Comment what you thought about this fiction. XD

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