• Published 1st Aug 2019
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Spike always dreamed about being a professional player of the most famous MMORPG of the world: To the Glory, and now he and his friends is finally inside of the championship with the only objective, defeat the champion named Aria Blaze.

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Click, click, click.
Tap, tap, tap.

A pair of purple hands fluttered across the keyboard and mouse. The rhythm of the rapping sounds produced a lively symphony. The monitor flashed with bright lights as an opponent fell to the ground in a spray of blood.

“Ha, ha. I got you, Shadowblaze.” The voice of the teenager describes his realization after such victory against one of the users who was actually used with the rivalry.

“Okay, you won this time. So what? It’s 150 to 119 to me.” The opponent who died reappeared after the reset of the player vs player area. They were a dark clothed thief with the grace of a dancer of the shadows, and her beauty from her lavender skin and purple hair made her stand out among others. “And shouldn’t you be sleeping right now? Tomorrow will be the start of the TotheGlory championship, and here we are, doing PVP.”

“Yeah, I know. But I can’t sleep! The possibility of fighting Aria Blaze makes me feel like I’m just Level 1 and she is a level who knows. One hit and I would die easily. I’m trying to improve my skills and strategies while I’m still awake, hoping for the best, not just for me but for my team as well. I don’t know why they decided to choose me as their leader.” The teenager who was talking on his phone looked at his own character, a lancer with purple Asian clothing and green armor covering it.

“Pff. Come on dude, you’re a good leader. Remember sometimes when we went through the ice castle of doom? I have to say it was a lucky shot when you gave me some directions to beat the boss because it took me weeks to defeat it. I know what you are capable of doing, Dragon’sSpikes.” Shadowblaze scoffed like it wasn’t a big deal for the boy near her. She had raised his hopes and knew he had much potential in the game.

“Do you really think so?” The user Dragon’sSpikes couldn’t help but feel relieved about her assurance. He smiled at her while she gave him a kiss on his check, making the teenager on the computer monitor jump in surprise. “Woah, what the heck?”

“Let’s just say this is a good luck kiss and a promise I will take you down in the first round.” Shadowblaze laughed while Dragon’sSpikes narrowed his eyes.

“I just don’t know why you didn’t want to be on my team. I’m sure if we stick together we could defeat anyone,” Dragon’sSpikes lamented as Shadowblaze punched his gut, causing his HP to drop by 100.
“I told you, I already have a team. They’d be a bunch of weenies if I chose another team rather than them. Although, I really want to meet you and see you in person.” Shadowblaze smiled while she checked her items.

“Yeah, can you believe it? We’ve been on an online relationship for a year and we’ve never met outside of the game,” Dragon’sSpikes said while he checked his status and strategies for tomorrow. He was excited by the idea of being able to finally meet his girlfriend for the first time in person.

“I don’t know why you make it a big deal, twerp. I already told you, my avatar isn’t too different from what I look like in the real world. But don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll give you a surprise …“

Shadowblaze smiled mysteriously at the player next to her, but suddenly a scowl appeared on her face. She sighed before explaining. “Oh, shoot. My sister is making noise around here. I have to make her shut up and go to bed again. Looking at the time, I think I should go as well. See you later, Dragon.”

After looking at the screen where he received the last private message over the chat, the boy yawned, looking at the clock. It was 5 minutes before midnight, and the championship would start at 6 a.m. Luckily, he was used to training for 4 to 5 hours every day from his determination to raising his level.

“Well, I hope these strategies I did today will be enough to surprise the champions. Watch out Aria Blaze, because the team Emperor Dragons will take your team out of this competition!” He jumped onto his bed, hoping his team and himself were good enough to make it to the finals and waiting for sleep to come.