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If you think to be the best magician unicorn over Equestria was a challenge, you don't know anything about parenthood then. Starswirl always thought dealing with other ponies was easy, but he never thought how much difficult was to take care of one filly, imagine 3. That's his life with his 3 daughters.

Starswirl have to deal with past, present and future of his daughters, and even if they tried to conquerer Canterlot High in another dimension, they were still his daughters and they were still be grounded for not doing their homeworks.


A collection of random chapters about being a father to 3 sirens, making all the comedy, drama and random problems it could happen with our favorite sirens and the most powerful mage over Equestria.
So don't mind about past, present order, because it will be totally random, so keep reading for fun and enjoy the comedy and slice of life of the most difficult part of life called parenthood.

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Officially Featured in 12/09/2020

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This type,of srory ussually doesn’t interest me, but it seems a bit interesting.

Thank you, I was inspired by the first season of 3 more things, even Tatsurou said I could do something interesting like that. XD

I wanted to make a cute and interesting plot of sirens being kids in front of a parental Star Swirl, and I understand if that's not your type of fiction.

Drops by to read, first thing I notice: Status on Hiatus :derpytongue2:

This is actually a pretty interesting start here so Star Swirl try to do by himself without the pillars which I still remember he was very arrogant and very hard to reason with so he tried to use his banishment spells on the sirens but they outsmarted him so he has to resort to ask the others to help him so I wonder how he ever thought he adopted three daughters and how will this work I guess we'll find out next time keep going with the story this is actually really interesting take on

You will never know when I will publish the next chapter BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Actually many of my stories is on Hiatus because I don't know which one will be published first so I make all of them in hiatus, just to surprise everyone who likes my fictions.

You quote make me wonder of which path I should take from this fiction. I want to create a fiction about slice of life of daily usual days of the little sirens while being wholesome in all the chapters.
While in the other hand I can create chapters about the path Starswirll will take after taking care of the 3 sirens. Still thanks for enjoying it.

And I think that's adorable way to show a soft side of Star Swirl

Thank you for enjoying it. I was inspired by a fiction of a friend of mine, he made look so cute in the first season I really wanted to treat the same way and create a good fiction like that. XD

Well, while that is understandable to0 a degree, it will drive of many many possible readers too:eeyup:

Thats cool and I think it's a pretty neat idea

I forgot to mention I like your art cover it's so adorable

I’m interested and can’t wait to see Starswirl as the worst father of Equestria

That cover art, of little Sonata with her puppy dog eyes, was enough to draw me in.

Now I'm hooked.

Thanks for enjoying this fiction, it's an honor to take attention of one great author like you to enjoy this fiction XD

And don't worry, there will be a chapter of thos cover art, XD

Well nobody is ready to be a father until the day the kids are born, and from that moment the person would change in a way nobody could understand, sometimes even if a person is a jerk woth everyone he can be a great father... That's my thought of some great characters... I based him on Uncle of Jackie Chan, and Vegeta... You can expect many funny momments. XD

Thanks. I found it at the google while I was really looking for that kind of image. I was trying to find the name of the artist but I couldn't.


I am flattered you consider me a great author.

Dude I became your fan when you published one chapter per day during almost 2 weeks. Dude that was insane, and still your fictions are amazing.

Well then that happen lol so apparently Star Swirl was trying to figure out how to banish or put them in the freezing point so they will not attack Equestria so he used the elements of harmony to see if the magic can work on these eggs but for him life can be very unexpected I don't know if the spell worked or failed but somehow the siren hatched but instead of being a threads they became stars swirls daughters oh boy lol I wonder how he would take care of three sirens and I wonder if the other pillars will make their appearance including stygian I guess we'll find out next time

Yeah, you almost got it right, but the elements of harmony didn't exist yet, so he used the power of the pillars of harmony itself, but the only thing he couldn't expect, was the fact the eggs has the same powers at their previous form, which can be immune to any magic after passing time, so he had to make a last resource, hoping to destroy the eggs... It looks like it didn't work lol

Faust must be laughing at him until now.

Yeah kinda reminds me of Despicable Me when gru is using the 3 girls for his original plan now he became the best dad ever lol

You sir have made a guy lose his strength due to your story cover.
Why is Sonata doing cute things that can melt a mans heart, heck I think this would make the doom slayer stop dead in his tracks.

Never an easy task to get young children to take a bath, even more so if they are young siren fillies and your name is Starswirl the bearded. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I really enjoyed this chapter and look forward to what craziness that Starswirl will have to endure in the next chapter.

it will be many crazyness, XD. That is for sure. XD

Create a spell to save the future of Equestria by sending the Elements of Harmony from the legendary heroes? Ha! That’s so easy it makes me laugh.

Hey stranger things happens Star Swirl

Well then lol that happen so Star Swirl trying to get those three kids to take a bath they are pretty stubborn for sirens but that usually happens so Star Swirl went out to buy ornaments for Adagio so she can take a bath but when he got home they were arguing which is a better water but then little does he know the bathroom was full of water and not only that releasing a terrifying monster and of course star swirls wasn't too happy about it but he calm down and tell them he's not angry at them disappointed but not angry they're just kids curiosity gets the best of them but of course they still get in trouble so anyway the story was pretty funny and cute I wonder what kind of mishap with these family will do guess we'll find out next time

But one more thing is Princess Celestia and Luna or any of the pillars make their appearances in the story?

They will. Oh they will. Hahahahaha

“So, we're not in trouble?” The little blue little fishy asked, her sisters seated nearby displaying puppy dog eyes.

Aria is like ( really Sonata you and your big mouth ) either way they were going to get in trouble anyway lol


Made a small grammatical error here.

But still: this is a beautiful story.

Happy Holidays.

Thanks dude, well maybe later someone will edit this chapter later. But thanks to enjoy it. XD

The most adorable distraction.

"Sonata my dear, an old dog cannot learn new tricks, but never underestimate the wisdom and the old tricks the old dog still has." I could see Sonata in awe from my lesson to her. Then I chuckled and went over the table. "Your sisters are grounded with a spell to make them unable to taste deserts during a week. While I knew you were the bait, at least you helped me to make the table. So for the desert tonight we will not have cookies. We will have pudding."

I'm assuming when he was a kid he gets in trouble as well and he knows the tricks and what a way for a punishment not tasting any dessert lol 😆

Well this was a cute chapter lol so Star Swirl is preparing for dinner and Sonata wants to help him to set up dinner but somehow he saw the other two Adagio and Aria try to get the cookie jar and they knew they were going to get in trouble but Sonata However knew she was gonna get in trouble as well but Stars Swirl show Mercy on her give her a cookie while the other two got hit by a spell that make them not taste any desserts which that's a pretty decent punishment but Sonata such a innocent little one lol and I wonder what kind of Misadventures Star Swirl and the three sirens kids will be in guess we'll find out next time

Well like I said on his inner quote and lesson. Starswirl actually didn't have a found childhood. It was a total chaos and discovery trying to protect someone who cared for him, and while the pony was unable to keep awake, he had to grow up by himself. He learned many spells to fight against monsters, and thieves animals who tries to take their food.

The Era of Faust was known to be an era of monsters were everywhere and friendship didn't actually existed.

Oh I sort of miss that Star Swirl had to defend Equestria even from his young age dang that's pretty cool and all but also kind of sad that he never got the chance to have a childhood and I guess he's trying to give these three kids the sirens a childhood years that he never had despite that never his plan but again life can be very unpredictable 😊

I always tried to find a good example of why Celestia tried so much to make her student accept friendship while Starswirl couldn't? Then I think, if someone grew up and had to deal mostly of the things alone and since from young learned to just trust yourself. Of course he would never grow up friends...

But friends and family are two different things... And Faust must be laughing at him after showing how much difference is having a friend and have a family.

Even if Starswirll denies, he cannot lie he wasn't actually enjoying it.

Yeah it's also good to have friends and family around you

Oh god..

If Sonata attacks pudding like she does tacos...

They'll run out of pudding pretty soon.

Well there is a thing about starswirlp era puding which is much better than the G4 universe... He has am embassador who knows to make the perfect pudding.

So not just Sonata, but everyone would die for the pudding.

Comment posted by Yoshifan30 deleted Feb 12th, 2021

So it looks like Valentine's Day or known as in Equestria Hearts and Hooves Day and it looks like they're going to visit star swirls grandparents and of course those kids are pretty excited to see them even though you said they're in the grave which is that's pretty odd and kind of sad and it looks like we got the chance to see Lauren Faust oc pony nice

Well you missed some points... It was Star Swirl parents, which means the dazzlings grandparents... And while many will think about their graves which means something sad...

Why the dazzlings is so happy to go to there? What happened to them... And how much trouble the little sirens will make while going to visit their grandparents? Many questions... please prepare for the next chapter of part 2 of...

Hearts and hooves of grand(parents)

ok, did they not pass on or can Stary visit the other side?

It was a magic door inside of the gravestone, so more like a secret place for them to be, they are still on the graveyard, but not in the view of the mortals...

Can you tell us a bit more about this spell?

Alright, I added more details about what the magic did, and what happened. I hope that fixed the problem, and if that doesn't fix it... Here is a video explaning almost how it works.

Wow that's pretty interesting and sweet so star swirls and the sirens are visiting his parents grave which I thought that's pretty sad and then they use a magic spell to bring them to life for only a while which that's a pretty strong dark magic he has yes pretty good but it's also sweet to see these kids excited to see them kind of reminds me of that movie Coco when he saw his dead relatives this was a pretty nice story I want to what's going to happen next guess we'll have to find out next time

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