• Published 9th Dec 2020
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My little Sirens - CaioCoia

Starswirl must be the best magician of all Equestria, but not even the worst villain is capable to do what his 3 daughters did: They made him cry and freakout everyday. That's his life as father of Adagio, Aria and Sonata.

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Desert thieves

In a world of ancient era, the ponies always should be ready for any kind of unexpected events, protect your mind, protect your heart, protect your soul, and protect everything you cares. The lessons of the ancient era always should be followed for the future generations because you never know what would happen in the future. And ponies who doesn't learn history has tendency to repeat it again.

One thing I always learned in my teenies days was... Monsters always lurks around Equestria, and you always should protect the others during all the time. I remember the harsh times of I became restless trying to protect my teacher who became unconscious after a terrible battle. It was 10 days of agonizing paranoia about if monsters would appear to eat the pony kind and all the energy I used to stay vigilant and concentrated to kept my magic ready.

And a veteran never forgets his preparations... I always stay alert if a monster would be approaching my tower, if someone got freed from the seal book... or if 3 little thieves were trying to eat desert before dinner.

I was cutting the vegetables and keeping the cauldron ready for the soup, when I heard the sound of sneak tiny hoof steps... I was keeping my concentration on the cut, so I ignored the sound... Then I felt something tapping my foreleg...

Was Sonata who was smiling at me, I know she wasn't alone at the kitchen, but don't know why I could see only her near me.

"Hi daddy, what'you doing?" She asked me sweetly, I would suspect her she was planning something, but she always talks sweet like that, so it was difficult to read if she really is trying to plan something.

"I'm almost getting dinner ready." I ignored the feeling of her being a suspect, until I saw something which made my eyebrow rise, I saw two little different forelegs trying to climb up the counter. Then I saw Sonata jumping on me.

"Do you need some help on something? I can give you the utensils, and make the table." Sonata's sweat showed me she was indeed nervous... Something was up, well... I will let it go... for now...

"Alright, got to the fridge and take some milk, and you can help me with adding these ingredients on the cauldron." I could see the relief and glee on her eyes, making sure she was indeed trying something... But at least she is helping me to make the dinner.

"Okay daddy." I could see Sonata run fast as she could, and the moment I could see her away, I looked at the counter, where Adagio and Aria were capturing the cookie jar and jumping quickly from the counter without looking at me.

Little thieves... I shook my head, while I felt the milk jar near me, and Sonata smiling sweetly.

I used my magic to grab Sonata who was giggling and holding the milk jar, for her to add at the cauldron where I was adding the vegetables.
Sonata did her best to be careful to not hurt herself, and I was using my magic to not make her even near too much from the cauldron, it would be totally irresponsible if an adult would let a kid near the fire without strict supervision.

But seeing her enjoying made me smile a little.

After that, I decided to talk to her.

"So... you were a distraction?" I knew Sonata was the bait at the first moment she tried to took of my attention. And Sonata knowing she was caught still smiled. "You were the one who wanted to be the bait?"

"Yep, it was fun. Aria and Adagio said they would save some cookies for me at the end of the day, but cooking with you is really fun, so I offered myself to be the distraction." Sonata is the only pony or creature in the entire Equestria I met who wants to be the bait because it was fun to be the bait. Usually many ponies hated to be the bait for obvious reasons... and none of them is because it was fun.

"So you knew their plan of taking the cookie jar?" I raised my eyebrows while she nodded at me happily. "You know, you and your sisters are going to be grounded right?"

The moment I said that, Sonata inclined her head like she knew it would end like this.

"Yeah, I know..." While knowing the consequences of their actions, they still did. Well, knowing the risks and consequences is always a good way to show you can improve and grow up everyday. They are indeed my daughters.

So I decided to smile, and then I used my magic to took of my hat.

Sonata looked what I was doing, so I used my magic to take from inside, a little tiny of a hoof a cookie jar. And using my magic, I make it grow up like it was a full size of cookie jar. Making Sonata's mouth drop.

I took the lid and from inside I took of a cookie.

"Here..." I gave to Sonata who gasped in happiness. "This will be the only cookie you will have from the entire week. No cookies for you during a whole week."

"Awww... But how you managed to have a cookie jar inside of your hat?" I heard Sonata pouting while at the same time I heard a scream of two fillies from above and a puff. I chuckled while Sonata's eye went wide open.

"Sonata my dear, an old dog cannot learn new tricks, but never underestimate the wisdom and the old tricks the old dog still has." I could see Sonata in awe from my lesson to her. Then I chuckled and went over the table. "Your sisters are grounded with a spell to make them unable to taste deserts during a week. While I knew you were the bait, at least you helped me to make the table. So for the desert tonight we will not have cookies. We will have pudding."

"Pud...PUDDING?" Sonata eyes went wide open and her mouth grinned like a crazy kid who loved to hear this news. "YAY."

"Yeah, I have a friend who make some for me, so I was going to share with you girls, but it seems your sisters are going to be unable to eat it. ARIA, ADAGIO, DINNER'S READY. GET DOWN TO EAT." I screamed while I could hear a groaning like I heard almost every time they are in trouble.


"Pudding, pudding, pudding." I could hear Sonata singing happily the desert she and I will have after eating dinner, so at least it's a good lesson and a good reward for me and Sonata.

Well Faust... Thank you for today.