• Published 9th Dec 2020
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My little Sirens - CaioCoia

Starswirl must be the best magician of all Equestria, but not even the worst villain is capable to do what his 3 daughters did: They made him cry and freakout everyday. That's his life as father of Adagio, Aria and Sonata.

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Interlude 1 - It happened.

An experiment is always unknown, nopony can expect which results will always be, and while leaves rooms to make mistakes, it's what the mistakes show us the right direction, and that's the way of the mages, nopony is perfect, because perfection doesn't leave room to knowledge and creativity, and that's the wisdom of the mages, wanting to create experiments while preparing their minds to fail.

While the victory celebration of defeating the evil forces may be left the citizens of Equestria with their guards down, I was still vigilant and intrigued with the eggs in front of me. I questioned why the harmony energy didn't destroy the evil forces to non-existence but left them existing... Faust... what is the meaning of this?

I ignored the celebration shouts and happiness cheer coming from the village and the heroes of Equestria... Being called like that stopped to be fun to me. I enjoyed it when I was younger, and I could be called the hero, the master sage, and the supreme mage around Equestria.

But time is not my ally, she was when I was younger, but now I'm getting older every day it passes... Little celebrations are not something I was supposed to enjoy before, and still isn't something I enjoy or I will enjoy in the future... While I could see all the heroes taking their pride, I was annoyed by how possible threatens might happen in the future while we are not taking action now...

"Hello..." Then a voice of somepony who didn't even deserve to receive my respect called me. "The other ponies want to celebrate with the hero who fought bravely with the monsters before the team comes back with the final attack to save everypony."

Stingion... I raised my eyebrow while I shook my head in disappointment.

"It's too much for me. It's pointless for me to be here now that we defeated the evil forces... I'm going to my tower." At the moment, I said that I could see the weak stallion staring at me in shock, while I glowed my horn and teleport away from him... Not leaving a second to him to call my name. I teleport away with the 3 eggs, while I was glad everypony was distracted enough not even to see me leaving, which made my trip back to my tower quietly and pleasant.

The only time I enjoy to be alone most is when I study at my tower or when I go on a trip by myself and alone, that makes me think about theories of my future magics, studies and possibilities and reviews of what I could have changed when something goes wrong... This time, I have something in mind...

"These 3 creatures showed how I was too old to be capable of defeating my enemies alone... maybe it was time to retire myself from the missions, and focus on the research and... ugh... diplomacy between tribes." I alone talked to myself while I looked at the stars above me... "They seemed okay; Luna is finally learning how to move the stars... It seems the training I gave to her is showing results... but she still needs a lot of training."

I shook my head while I teleport many times, shorting my trip until I finally got to the tower...

Now that I was finally at my tower, I finally can focus on my mission, these 3 eggs, while not being hatched yet, I saw the potential monsters they would be if they hatch again. So I decided the only way to avoid happening most harmlessly was sealing them inside the monster's book. It was the best way to imprison them while they cannot feel the time relapse effects to be still stuck in time while being inside the book.

"Just sick ponies would seal somepony inside of something while they still feel the presence of the others and the time passing by... Nopony would continue being sane after being sealed without interacting with something after a few months." I mumbled while I used my magic to bring a book hide from my shelter, a book with a dark cyan color with some rocks crusted with a magic symbol on it.

I can be many things, I'm proud of my wisdom, I'm arrogant with my magic, I'm an unfriendly pony, and many remorseful things the other ponies may say about me. Still, one thing I will never be or even allow the other says... I'm not a sick pony who makes torture or kills harmless things. And if I make a promise, I will accomplish it... The others may question why I am arrogant, but never questioned what I did to accomplish everything I did...

I have prepared the chalk circle with magic crystals on a board, and I have created the 10 stars signs around the center, and in the corner, I have created 6 circles... With each one representing the harmony over Equestria.

"For strength, I bring the power of the rocks around Equestria, representing the solid future Equestria will have even after my depart." I placed a solid rock over one circle, which was shining in orange color.

"For healing, I bring a clock; the time around the world can be many things, but can heal what was damaged inside the ponies' hearts." I placed a clock inside the circle, which changed the coloration to yellow.

"For hope, I bring sugar which even the biter tribulations around Equestria would affect the other ponies hearts, and the hope will always give a sweet taste of the best of the future." I placed the sugar inside of the circle, which turned in a pink color around it.

"For beauty, I bring the flower, representation the beauty of the nature around Equestria, which will never fade away." I placed a flower inside of another circle, which made it into a white color.

"For bravery, I bring temper, which many forms and styles can represent bravery, but the ponies must challenge themselves to bring courage inside of their hearts to try new experiences." I placed ingredients like salt, pepper, and other tempers, making the circle into a cyan color.

"As for the sorcery, I give my name as notorious mage over Equestria, Starswirll the sage, I give my blood, my mane, my soul. To seal the monster inside this circle, begone to the helm of eternal dreams and be happier to live a life you will never wake up."

I entered the circle, which I concentrated my magic to activate the circle, while the circle I was in changing the color of all the stars to purple color. And the magic energy around the circle focused on the 3 eggs, which remained still.

The power created an emblem over the shells, while I could see the dust of the eggs fading away, going in the direction of the dark cyan book which I was using my magic... Everything was going fine... Until I saw something which made me speechless...

"The eggs... they are recovering the dust? They are absorbing the harmony magic. My magic..." My eyes got wide open when I saw something that scared me; these eggs were not even hatched yet, but they can adapt even to this form? Oh no...

I observed them not just trying to absorb the power from the harmony magic but from the book itself. They will possibly weak the seal over the book and free all the monsters inside of the book...

"I must stop the link and destroy the link between the book and them, and I must use all my magic and seal them differently," I said while I bite my own tongue and spit out blood from my mouth to make a countermeasure of the first magic, and create a combination of 5 different magics.

I knew the risks and the price of using blood magic as a catalyst for the other magics. I gave up 2 years of my lifespan to make evil magic combine with harmony magic and make something it was probably nopony in Equestria would even know about it. Just me and Faust herself know this magic.

"You may have fooled this old sage once, but to think I would help you to absorb the evil magic over the seal... You are too naive and inexperienced. Nostradamus La Harmonia." I spoke an ancient language, and my eyes turned white. Did they want to take the evil energy? Then take the harmony magic the double if they want... Let them root their glutton until they destroy themselves.

I usually don't like the idea of killing my enemies, even if they are in the harmless form, but if they want to kill themselves trying to eat more than they can eat? Well, keep going then, you foolish fool.

I used so much magic that I could see the sealing emblem over the eggs shinning even stronger than before, and the eggs were shaking like they realized their mistake, but it was too late. I used even more magic, and I noticed something different, the eggs shells changed their color and became white as snow. At the same time, the seal was colorful, like never before. And then I felt something strange... The power emanating from the eggs...

"Oh... sard." Those were my last words before an explosive energy burst exploded inside my tower... And then everything went black.


"daddy... wake up... daddy... You promised us you would take us to see the land of dragons..." A pitch voice called me while I slowly opened my eyes.

I was at my bed while by my side were 3 little "fillies" or a combination of a water creature like a seadragon with a pony... I named them sirens because I couldn't find research about them and I have to do the studies by myself...

The first one was yellow with purple eyes. I named her Adagio Dazzle. While I could see her siblings by her side, one was a purple and pink mix and had purple eyes as well named Aria Blaze... And the last one was a mix of cyan and blue filly who was poking my face to wake me up, Sonata Dusk.

"Ugh... it's already sunrise?" I asked while I got out of bed while I looked at my mirror... It has been 3 years... And I can still hear her laughing... Faust, you evil mare...

That's my life as a father...

Author's Note:

You may ask... why I named this chapter as Interlude?

Because I decided with path I decided to go with this fiction... When is a normal slice of life chapter. It will be named a single chapter with a random number on it, because the order will always be random, some things will happen before the chapters I will release, and the order will always be random.

But when is related to the past memory of Star Swirl, the name Interlude will appear over the title and the number giving an order of the related facts...

No... I'm not thinking in creating arcs or even villains for this fiction, because I wanted to most wholesome as possible with a father trying to deal with 3 problematic fillies, and some strange partners and stupid politicians around Equestria...

Why Star Swirl says Faust is a sard mare? Sard in the ancient times of Equestria is a cussing word, and you can guess this Easter egg. And Faust... you know who she is, and yes... she will appears on this fiction, but she is like the mother of trollestia and momlestia so you can guess how hard the punchlines will be, and how much Starswirll is angry. XD