• Published 9th Dec 2020
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My little Sirens - CaioCoia

Starswirl must be the best magician of all Equestria, but not even the worst villain is capable to do what his 3 daughters did: They made him cry and freakout everyday. That's his life as father of Adagio, Aria and Sonata.

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After countless battles by generations and pastimes of history, I Starswirl never relied on and believed in the power of friendship. I know thousands of spells and countless tricks I learned during all my life. But to believe in that dark gray stallion who came in my direction looking for help not just on me but also to another ponies I didn’t even meet to take care of three simple monsters who control the other ponies by singing?

I think that was a stupid idea, coming from nopony less than a helpless scholar stallion named Stygian who wanted to create a team of heroes in Equestria named the pillars of harmony, using his prominent idea about trying to held forces with 6 powerful ponies. Explaining with my Sorcery with the other virtues like healing, hope, strength, bravery, and beauty, we could create a powerful force with his strategy to ambush those three monsters who were terrifying his village.

His logic seems it doesn’t have flaws; however, my pride won't let anypony take my decisions from me. So I decided to try on his plan if… just if I cannot deal with these monsters 5 minutes by myself.

His shocked face and hesitation to accept my counter offer demonstrated how poorly this stallion is on negotiations or charisma, making me look down at him for the rest of my life or just until prove to myself he can be better than me. This is what I had determined myself from now on. And If I cannot deal with those 3, I will promise to myself I will not let my pride take over me anymore, and I’m too old to deal with things alone. That’s a promise I cannot forget.

After passing a week, it was time to meet the other pillars as Stygian told me to appear.

I met everypony in the room, and while some were interested in the confrontation, others wanted to make a better way not to have any victims or casualties in the battle. It was that moment I suggested to deal with the monsters by myself the first minutes, and while I sounded arrogant, actually, I was trying to prove to myself I still can do that missions without any help. Even my students knew I could do everything by myself.

While the pillars reacted grimly, I made up my mind, and I was stubborn as a mule too. I learned by my experience with the founders of Equestria as Commander Hurricane and Chancellor Pudding strategies to defeat armies and with my former assistant Clover the Clever and her friends to share her experience dealing with Windigos. I managed to defeat many monsters during my time alive, and I’m not young. When it comes to the time when more time passes, more experience you get, and I’m living proof; I can do that.

I used all the information I received from Stygian and went directly to the village while the pillars were following me. While we interacted some moments, I focused on dealing with the battle with those who captured the village.

It took 2 days walking until we found the village and from the 3 big blurs showing in the distance.
In my mind, I chronometer the time to 5 minutes, and I galloped in the direction of the town. I still remember their arrogant faces. After trying to lure me, their faces became ugly when I showed I was prepared for them. So it started the battle, I have to say they have the guts to use some physical attacks, but usually, monsters like them were always the same. Find a pattern, and they use your best attack.

I decided to freeze one in time while I could deal with 2 alone. One was already down, so I need to make a surprise trap against the others. I knew I could deal with them by myself. I couldn’t expect it if they could create magic immunity after two minutes they were affected by the spell. I could have a deal with the other two. I did a powerful spell making the two monsters fighting themselves.

At the moment I let my guard down, a blue giant tail hit me. Launching me in the direction of a building. My body wasn’t the same for decades, and having pain usually makes you lose your concentration while using spells. I shouldn’t let them attack me; it just made them take time to recover themselves. I finally could see their true forms, it was a giant combination between a fish and a pony, but her body was almost 6 times bigger than mine. Three of them with distinctive colors, one as blue, the other as pink and purple, and yellow and orange.

The same blue monster motioned her voice, singing a sonnet while it brought a lot of ponies in my direction. They were in control of these monsters. I decided to use my spell to freeze them in time, but that took me a lot of magic. I discovered the minutes I had almost ended, and the monsters were ready to come in my direction. I had time to just one more spell. And I know I can use it to save the whole of Equestria and the village. I will send them to another dimension.

I used my horn to sparkle runes around the floor, and I could see the countdown of my minutes in just 11 seconds. I can make the spell in 9. I grinned while I used my concentration to that attack; the banishment would be my victory… But then one of them launched a pony with their tail in my direction. I couldn’t banish a pony with those monsters… They… just read me… Me, the strongest sorcerer of Equestria, Starswirl the bearded, was fooled by 3 monsters who look like teenagers, using an innocent pony to cancel my magic.

I changed the magic to teleport the pony who was launched to me and me.

I Starswirl was too old to deal with Equestria's threat by myself for that time.

I saw the ponies' surprise looks who saw my face with not good news, but their surprise was because I could deal with them without much damage either. I had everything in control. But it seems I need to find a new way to deal with my life now. Maybe retire my life for doing such risks by myself. Maybe have 1 or 3 fools to take care of my legacy.

I saw the monsters away again; who could know that monsters would be my daughters from that day?