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My little Sirens - CaioCoia

Starswirl must be the best magician of all Equestria, but not even the worst villain is capable to do what his 3 daughters did: They made him cry and freakout everyday. That's his life as father of Adagio, Aria and Sonata.

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The meeting part 3. Why wouldn't I do this?

Being the representation of the unicorn faction is not anypony would want to be part of, it's a tiring job of constantly 3 parts, one of them is leading the futures agreement and laws the new nation should have after so many decades avoiding each other faction, but after so many fights, and many monsters, and many losses... We finally got together with one common objective, survive the dark era...

Thank Faust that after the windigos defeat, our factions knew that together we could do more to our nation than when we were separate... As a pillar, I remember the difficulty of working together with earth ponies and pegasus, and even in moments as a team, we suffered the stigma of the factions...

But sometimes I can see a pattern which always leads to one thing... It was a feeling in my gut and even in my beard, but I had a feeling that we could finally work together as one nation. Named Equestria.

I remember how much Faust had to sacrifice to make sure to protect all the nations, even when my mother and father had to argue with the other factions. It was something I always remembered as a kid... was it too much to ask that we could live together in peace without making fights against each other for years?

Thankfully, this major stigma was over, and finally, we as comrades can focus on the survival of one new era... The era of light, the new generation... The era I will be proud to see my fillies grow up and become sorcerers just like me.

I can't help but imagine: Which kind of sorcerers would they be?

Just imagining at the age of 3 years, they have a focused mind to try to learn just like Celestia and Luna fills my heart with pride and joy, I know that one day they would become the greatest advisors of this nation when Celestia and Luna would need them most.

Oh Faust... thank you for blessing me with my children...

I sighed happily, after finishing signing the new treatment over the factions. Which made not just commander Hurricane happy with the possibility of them becoming the new military cooperation over the nation. This will make not just the pegasis to have a military place, but it will make a good fusion between our military forces. Another problem was solved without interference.

"By Faust Starswirl, can't you freeze Princess Platinum more often? Because without her we finally finished signing one treat without taking 5 hours of the day. And this is just the first one, and it just took 1 hour." Commander Hurricane laughed as the other pegasus over the room nodded their heads in agreement.

"Tempting, Commander Hurricane, but I cannot do that too much, or she will start to get suspicious of that and she will try to prevent all my moves. So I cannot promise that...But I will keep that in mind." I grinned at him, as all the unicorns over the faction laughed and nodded in agreement.

The second part of being the representative is... had to deal with the nobles like Princess Platinum, part of me curses the day that her father went to fight a hydra and had to sacrifice himself to protect the rest of the unicorns, from the report I received, his body has disappeared and we couldn't find him... Sometimes ponies make some legends that her father disappeared and went to another plane to train himself and save the unicorns when we would be in extreme danger... A rumor that even I desire to be true... Since his daughter would the doom of our nation... Sometimes I just wish her father would appear here and just put this brat filly on grounding during 3 decades...

But this is something I cannot help but sigh in displeasure...

"Alright, let's see the other treaty..." I said looking to everypony over the room, all the founders, from the earth pony faction to the unicorn faction behind me, all of them have expectations that today this meeting will end quickly since one of the representatives is finally shut... "Oh, this is interesting... Listen up everypony. The earth pony faction proposes the change of our currency to a new one, one simple golden coin as our principal currency. The materials will be provided by the earth ponies. The energy and transportation of materials will be offered by the pegasus, and the unicorns will use their magic to mold and create the new currency named... Bits... Okay, I like this name, simple and has an interesting concept. All in favor."

"Aye." Everypony including me said in unison, proving this would be one of the best changes in our nation.

"Is there anypony against?" I asked while everypony looked at the statue of the yellow mare who seemed to be losing the yellow and finally is recovering her white mane and fur... But still, the mare who was frozen in time couldn't say anything. "Alright, motion approved. This is the last treat we will be doing on this meeting, since we don't have anything more to discuss, I declare a motion to end this meeting."

"I second this motion." Commander Hurricane who seemed so happy and excited to get the first meeting to finish early couldn't help but smile wide and grin like crazy.

"Then I declare this motion approved." Chancellor Pudinghead said aloud, which made all the ponies look at him excited. "This meeting is officially concluded since all the 3 representatives of the nations declared a mutual agreement, everypony dismissed."

"YAY." Everypony cheered aloud as I finally finished what would go home and have a go back to their mundane events, which would be impossible if Princess Platinum would still be moving and talking. And since she couldn't do that, we finally got a good meeting, without interference from her.

As the moment everypony was starting to go away. I finally got a bit of time to spend with some of my old coworkers...

"Well, well, well. It seems the old stallion has new tricks on the sleeve." Flash Magnus said as I approached him with a prideful face. "You made a great show Swirls, I wouldn't be surprised if you actually laugh the entire night because what you did is evil beyond reason... You made everypony almost died without letting them laugh."

I caressed my beard as I nodded to him, ignoring his sarcasm but I can sense good intentions behind it as well, he seemed overjoyed after watching the show I've made Princess Platinum display.

I looked at the pillars, who knew 3 years ago they would be strangers for me, but after passing through such troubles, I can tell that they are good acquaintances, despite their flaws, still a good group of ponies.

Rockhoof came by my side and slapped my back with the strength which almost made my body fall to the floor, but I remained in my position as I looked at the bulk stallion laughing cheerfully.

"The look on her face, oh Faust, Starswirl, you indeed showed a new way to mess with Princess Platinum. I thought you were avoiding on trying to be at the party like you usually do, but this time you set me up and I fall like a bird ready to be hunted." The bulk and strong Rockhoof as the pony who always invited me at the parties they celebrate, I couldn't give a reason of why I should always be part of their parties, since I have so many projects, studies, and reasons... I hated the actual social interaction I would be with all the ponies who wanted to drink the entire night... "Now that you made your show, there is no escape now."

"Yes, yes. I already know that... But that would lead to my next question Rockhoof. When you are planning to make the party?" In three years, I couldn't attend the party since there wasn't a reason why I should celebrate with the pillars... However... Now that I annunciated my retirement... some changes will happen over this decision...

Firstly: The reason why I always became who I was... I became a sorcerer to protect queen Faust and follow the examples of my parents, by killing the monsters and protecting the unicorns at all cost... However, with this new assignment, the military force will protect everypony Equally, making my life as a royal defensor easier to deal...

Second: By acting as royal advisor and master of the 2 princesses Celestia and Luna, I can stay over this country for a long time, making a good reason of staying with my daughters without worrying about the monsters who could attack us during every circumstance.

And third: I could bring some hide some aliments from the party and give to my daughters on the same night... It would be a win,win and win...

"Now that you told me about it, I need to get the supplies as the food and drinks, especially for you old stallion... Thinking about the time, maybe next month? We could celebrate your time as retirement on the same day of we being together for 4 years?" At the cheerful stallion who just said the question surprising and receiving a smile and approval from everypony, my face turned into a frown. "What's the matter?"

"Out of the question," I said as I narrowed my eyes. "From all the days of the year, next month I could not celebrate in any occasion."

"What? Why?" Not just Rockhoof, but Somnambula and the other pillars asked surprised by the change of my tone.

"Because I will be out of this nation next month. I have an important meeting on the hipogrifing kingdom next month, and I will not stay here until the end of 2 months." I said as my voice turned stoic and solemn, as the ponies around me gave a strange glance trying to understand what I said... "Couldn't we just make a party of my retirement next week? If I help you to find the supplies, wouldn't that make it quicker and enjoyable for everypony?"

"Wow... I must be dreaming, Star Swirl wants to make the party earlier than planned." Flash Magnus who was looking at the situation strangely said before receiving a kick from Mage Meadowbrook. "Ouch... I apologize Swirls."

I caressed my beard as I scoffed.

"Why should I be offended? It's my retirement. I too have fewer responsibilities, and after working and studying without resting for 40 years of my life... I need something to celebrate..." At the moment I said that all the pillars looked at me strangely and with their mouths dropped. I looked at them bored. "Yes. I have 48 years old... NO I'M NOT THAT OLD. AND YES. I KNOW MY MANE IS WHITE AND BEARD TOO... BUT THAT'S MY CHARM."

After every time I gave one of the responses, they became even tenser and they dropped their mouths even lower as they hit the floor.

I sighed into displeasure, usually, ponies like that are what makes me not want to get out of my tower. But since they are going to be in shock like that for some time, I decided to leave... I gave them a shrugged and turned my back to them. Pillars, what great heroes they were... The only thing great they did was helping me to seal my children, out of that, they are always making my day difficult...

Talking about difficult... I turned my head to see the frozen mare with white fur... And as a signal, I have good intentions in my heart... I decided to use my magic and focus on Princess Platinum... better she gets frozen in time above her bed, that way when she gets out from the sorcery she will think everything was just a dream of 3 days... Leaving a good time for us to make her believe she was getting crazy... Well, a stallion could dream.

I could see a glance over the door after leaving the pillars behind, it was for the best if I go home.

But at the moment I was outside the door, I was surprised by nopony less than Chancellor Puddinghead waiting for me...

"Chancellor what a surprise," I said as I raised my eyebrow, my curiosity picked me as I could see the phuxia stallion smile at me happily.

"Starswirl, I applaud the show you demonstrated to not just me, but to everypony was so hilarious, that I couldn't help to admire your tenacity, as the earth pony representative. I thank you for your collaboration into the evilest and cruelest royal prank ever made." Chancellor Puddinghead smiled as even the guards behind him started to saluting to me as a great honor for their soldiers meeting the one who made the brat of a royal loses her face.

"Well, that was the little I could do for someone who made the pudding I was needing to... Which makes me say that we are even..." I nodded to Chancellor again, but this time his smile became a frown.

"Oh no Starswirl, the pudding, even if it is my special recipe creation, I have to admit you paid more than we agreed to... So I will own you a favor... Whatever you need me to do it. I will not say a no. You have my word." This time the Chancellor himself put into a high ground, which even surprised me, and thinking about it... I'm just glad about the offer I received.

"Actually, I'm thankful to know that, because I want to use this favor already... In 35 days... I will need a cake, but I want the best cake you could ever create... With a size from my hooves to my forelegs." I decided to use this as an opportunity to use the favor already.

"A cake? what a surprise, in 35 days? Why the date is so important?" Puddinghead couldn't help but ask, and I don't blame him, since I never would ask a cake for him and suddenly I asked about it.

"Next month will be one of the most important days of my life, and I will not be attending Equestria, I will depart to another kingdom, so I will need a cake for the day I will be out." I decided to saw half-truths and lies, but knowing Puddinghead, he would just forget about it and focus on what is important to him.

"Understood, since is that what you want. I will make a new recipe of cake just for you." The Chancellor of the earth ponies nodded to me, which I raised my hat and decided to leave him with his thoughts.

I'm just glad that the preparations for the cake were already made... Now, which is time to focus on my main problem...

What should I give my little girls as a present for their birthday?

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Why do I have a strange feeling that future son of Princess Platinum would have a name Sombra? :rainbowhuh:

Nah don't worry about it, he isn't.

"By Faust Starswirl, can't you freeze Princess Platinum more often? Because without her we finally finished signing one treat without taking 5 hours of the day. And this is just the first one, and it just took 1 hour." Commander Hurricane laughed as the other pegasus over the room nodded their heads in agreement.

Lol that was still hilarious

So it looks like the meeting went through pretty smoothly without princess Platinum causing the trouble and it looks like the pillars are planning for his retirement party which that was nice of them to do that for him I mean he deserve a lot after what he went through and apparently Chancellor pudding head even agrees to make a cake for Star Swirl and that is a good question what kind of birthday gift would you give to the girls and this is back in the old days so that's going to be hard I guess we'll find out next time

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