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Taking a Break From FIMfiction · 7:33pm Yesterday

Hello, my fellow bronies,

Many of you have anticipated the sequel to Fairly Odd Friendship, me continuing to work on Vanishing Act, and a host of other projects have promised you. But...I'm afraid I can't devote time to any of them in the near future.

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In the next few months.

This might seems a redundant question and hope this doesn't seem pushy but can I ask when you plan to do a sequel to your fairly odd parents story, I love your story and you have an interesting perspective both the events of Equestria girls sunset shimmer and Timmy turner and I would like to see more their adventure and I am curious of you plan on continuing it from your epilougue stating you might plan on doing a sequel during 2021 last year fall.

Thanks for taking the time to read Achievement Unlocked: Alicorn Princess and for adding it to your favorites.

Red, you have a minute to talk?

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