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Sunset Step's TvTropes Page! · 11:15pm April 11th

Hello, my fellow bronies.

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Out of curiosity, how did the Sunset Steps timeline work exactly? In particular The Downfall of Sunset Shimmer still takes place on Christmas like the canon Anon a Miss story and is treated as Sunset's first Christmas after the Fall Formal incident not to mention being outright stated in the fanfic to be after Rainbow Rocks. Yet, Working Girl Sunny occurs on January 15 which is after Christmas and is also before Rainbow Rocks so one Christmas did pass after Fall Formal and before the Anon a Miss story in your series. So that is confusing.

Thank you so much for adding Since When Did Your Dog Become a Haytuber? to your favorites! :twilightsmile:


Keep up the excellent work.

  • Viewing 321 - 325 of 325
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