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Update on Bloodline and the sequel to The Darkness · 6:18pm Jul 21st, 2013


I originally wanted to take a little break and not continue Bloodline right away. But due to the great resonance (in comparison to The Darkness at the very beginning) I decided to make a second chapter!

I gave it a few minutes ago to my editor. I hope to release it on the 2nd August (Friday)

Which leads me to the second point in this blog post. This is the very same day I want to release the sequel to The Darkness called Death's Bargain!

So stay curious my friends!

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Yo can you just clarify to me if Bloodline will have a sequel?

I mean that final line

"Open your eyes Light Chaser"

That's sounds like cliffhanger to me.

Welcome... to The World. :coolphoto:

1019666 Well, uh, you wrote longer than I did at least... And yeah, I'd like to hear that story idea! :pinkiehappy:


Okay, I keep my mouth that when it comes to my "fancy tech"
Good for you that you are finally able to get a high-end rig, since you're dreaming of one like forever.

I already quit... kind of. Death's Bargain is already finished and I only did another short epilogue for Bloodline because someone asked and I thought it would be a nice idea. (Will appear later this day)

Since there is not really much feedback, I will reduce the time I'm working at any stories. I still have ideas sometimes and I still write them down at least. If there comes ever something awesome into my mind, I might write again. So I'm open for ideas, there is one idea stuck in my head. If you want to I can tell you the details via PN.

1019104 Well, I can tell you this. The city I live in is higher than Denver, the mile high city... But that's just in elevation.

I'm looking at building a new gaming rig, the most powerful piece if technology I've ever touched. (don't you say nothin' 'bout yer fancy tech) I'm 1.9 months away. It's pretty exciting.

Are- are you really thinking about quitting? :fluttershysad:

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