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This story is a sequel to A Fate Worse Than Tartarus

Featured March 17, 2020

Cozy Glow, the silly filly, once again tried to take over Equestria. This time with the help of her "friends" Tirek and Chrysalis.

She, along with her fellow villains, learn that nothing is more dangerous than the wrath of a fed-up mother.

This is my alternate take on the penultimate episode of MLP. All rights reserved to Hasbro.

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Featured January 26, 2020

Set between MLP Season 1 and season 2

Hank Hill is a traditional man, with traditional ideas on what guys and girls should enjoy.

To say he is mortified by Bobby playing with unicorn dolls is an understatement.

Taking Dale's advice, Hank drags Bobby to a survivalist camp to toughen him up. After a strange accident, he finds himself stuck in an equine world and stuck in an equine body, to his utter consternation.

Thankfully, he manages to find shelter and work among the Apple family. Who, to his joy, represent the values of hard work, self-reliance, and traditional roles.

Or do they? Hank may learn from Sweet Apple Acres' manager that there is more to being a man than just holding up a traditional idea. And that courage takes many forms.

The Apples on the Hill is a King of the Hill/MLP Crossover. All rights reserved to Hasbro, Fox News, and Mike Judge.

Warning: Rated Teen for excessive desires to kick asses.

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Featured January 27, 2019

After Equestria and Earth make contact, an American military officer arrives to discuss military strategies with the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses.

To say he is less then impressed with their plans is an understatement.

Set between Season 2 and Season 3.

This is a separate story from Are Humans Evil? and its sequel.

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A new student with very odd clothing shows at up CHS. Naturally, Sunset torments the guy to put him in his place.

The new student, however, doesn't take kindly to Sunset's abuse and curses her with he calls "the Evil Eye" for her bad attitude. Sunset laughs this off. After all, humans don't have magic.

Right? Right?

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This story is a sequel to Look In The Mirror To Find the Truth

Featured August 18, 2019

After her six week suspension, Sunset returns to Canterlot High School. Applejack's forgiveness and friendship have given her a new lease on life and a new mission: to try and make it up to the students of CHS.

But to say that her return to CHS isn't well-received is an understatement. Everywhere she walks, Sunset is treated with hostility, scorn, and quite a bit of torment.

Even Applejack's friends are somewhat divided by her return. While Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are convinced that Sunset has changed by Applejack, Rainbow Dash chooses to avoid Sunset entirely. She even starts hanging out with the members of CHS' track team rather then her own friends. The very team that harassed Sunset during her community service.

However, one mysterious student holds an especially severe grudge against Sunset. With his/her attacks on Sunset being sadistic, cruel, and threatening to her physical and mental well-being.

Will Sunset escape her predicament? Could her salvation lie with the least likely person?

This story is a sequel to Look In The Mirror To Find The Truth, and the second part of my Sunset's Steps series.

WARNING: This story features blackmail, offensive language, sexual assault, fights, and heavy drama.

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This story is a sequel to Are Humans Evil?

When Princess Twilight Sparkle first appeared on the lawn of Jacob and Mary Klein, many people knew that things would never be the same for both Equestria and Earth.

Still magic, technology, and cultural exchange will transform the two worlds in ways no one could've expected, bringing new wonders and new terrors along the way.

The future is scary, but also very hopeful.

One thing's for sure: humans and Equestrians will be in for the ride of their lives.

There isn't going to be an overarching story arc. Just various vignettes exploring how both Equestria and Earth would influence each other.

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Angel Bunny is... quite the outlier among Fluttershy's critters.

Almost all the creatures that Fluttershy interacts with become as sweet and lovable as she is. Yet Angel Bunny, despite being Fluttershy's most beloved pet, couldn't be anymore different in temperament and disposition from the Element of Kindness.

Well, once upon a time, Angel Bunny had been as timid and cuddly as Fluttershy.

However, one bad day and an encounter with a certain trickster taught the young rabbit that sometimes violence IS what is doctor ordered.

An MLP/Looney Tunes Crossover.

All rights reserved to Hasbro and Looney Tunes.

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Featured from 8/9/2019 to 8/10/2019.

After the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer's reign over the school had come to a shattering end.

Everyone at school no longer feared the cruel girl, and some chose to torment her at every opportunity.

Even the Rainbooms, despite the orders given to them by the Princess of Friendship, were reluctant to befriend the former bully.

While delivering her goods one early morning, Applejack encounters Sunset doing her community service. Despite her own anger toward the former Queen Bee, Applejack can't help but notice the complete shift in Sunset's demenaor: her pride and arrogance have been replaced by sorrow and shame.

Driven by her own curiosity, her promise to the Princess of Friendship, and a small desire to extend an olive branch, Applejack approaches Sunset during her community service, asking her why she's acting so broken up. Sunset tells her that she went through the most painful thing imaginable: being forced to see oneself with objective clarity.

Will Applejack befriend Sunset, or will her anger toward Sunset overwhelm her compassion?

This fanfic is my own take about how the Elements of Harmony work, and why they managed to change Sunset so quickly. This is partly inspired by Fallowsthorn's Time.

This is the beginning of a series I call Sunset's Steps. I wanted to explore Sunset's redemption a bit, and use the series to see how she got to where she was by Rainbow Rocks.

Rated T for language and depictions of bullying.

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Featured on August 7, 2019

Cozy Glow, for her treason against the crown, thought she would be sent to Tartarus. To her misfortune, the Royal Guard aren't letting her off that easily. There is something out there that scares her even more than Equestria's worst prison.

Her mom waiting for her back home.

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Jacob Klein, a science teacher from Connecticut, never expected to witness the arrival of extraterrestrial intelligence in his lifetime, let alone see it trying to eat his wife's flowers. Nor did he expect the being in question to be something out of his twin daughters' cartoons, preaching about friendship and eager to learn about human science.

After choosing to go to the government, Jacob went from being an Average Joe to an international celebrity. Within days, his picture appeared in papers around the world, he met numerous politicians, and numerous news stations have asked him for interviews.

As a teacher, Klein enjoys the company of a creature who loves science.

He doesn't enjoy his newfound fame, however. He is a somewhat cynical man who dreads becoming a pawn to the powers that be, and fears the changes both to his own world and his life.

However, when his new pony friend discovers a dark chapter in human history, Klein must become humanity's defender, arguing that humanity and ponykind aren't doomed to kill each other.

A difficult task, especially since his own family's history is marred by that dark chapter.

This fic is a slight AU. The Equestria Girls world doesn't exist.

Rated teen for slight language and discussions of World War II.

Featured on August 1, 2019

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