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Throughout her time at Crystal Prep, Twilight Sparkle had been ignored or scorned by her jealous and well-to-do classmates. She could only rely on her pet dog Spike for companionship.

The Friendship Games, once a way to bring the two schools together, devolved into a cutthroat competition for glory. A competition Principal Abacus Cinch sought to win, even if it meant blackmailing her top student.

Seeking to distract herself from her loneliness, Sparkle sought to study the magic of Canterlot High School. Her experiments, however, wreaked havoc on the games, and brought her the scorn of Sunset Shimmer, who saw the human Twilight as a dangerous nuisance.

In a last-ditch effort at victory, Cinch and the Shadowbolts pushed Twilight into unleashing the magical energies she had collected.

But in their attempt to abuse a force they did not understand, the Shadowbolts unwittingly caused tragedy. But through this tragedy, will the Shadowbolts and others come to understand the value of a single human being? And will Sunset overcome her grief and try to prevent another one?

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First Story. Inspired by but hopefully different than My Little Dashie. New York City, 1988. Dennis Sadnik seems to have it all: wife, three kids, and nice house in Queens. But his life has changed, and not for the better, and steps into the street to vent. But his life takes an unusual turn when he encounters a young brown filly on the street. Unable to fund its owner or give it away, he is inspired to move with his family to his wife's family's farmhouse in Upstate New York. He finds the change to be beneficial. 11 years later, he find himself all alone. His wife dead, his kids off to college or abroad, all alone with his pony Crystal , and decides to turn his mostly empty farmhouse into a bed and breakfast for tourists.

In the summer of 99', two college girls come to his house, wanting to enjoy the town of Saratoga Springs, they say. They act strangely, he observes. But he'll soon learn there is more to these girls, and his own little pony than meet the eye.

Chapters (15)
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