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After Equestria and Earth make contact, Colonel Anon E. Mous meets with the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses to share military secrets, only to learn their entire defense strategy hinges on having six ponies remain best friends.

Colonel Anon decides to teach ponies the greatest magic of all: busting a cap in someone's ass.

Rated T for some violence and blood.

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This story is a sequel to DIE HUMAN!

Princess Luna very calmly approached Anon. Anon very calmly and tactfully ran for the hills.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship

Despite triumphing over his most recent foes, Timmy feels no joy from his victory, still hurt from the betrayal and cruelty he endured at the hands of the Dazzlings, a trauma so severe he is plagued by horrible nightmares and outright sleepwishing that are endangering those around him.

Fearing not only her charge but the damage he could inflict, Sunset and his godparents decide to bring him to Equestria, with Sunset willing to reunite with her estranged mentor to get Timmy the help he needs.

Unfortunately for him, sinister forces with a grudge against Timmy learn of his trauma and seek to exploit it for their wicked ends. When backed into a corner, Timmy faces two choices: face his fears or lose those he cares about.

Shoutout to DragonRex1 for the cover art. Feel free to add tropes of this story to the TV Tropes page.

I own nothing from either Nickeledon or Hasbro. All rights reserved.

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You ended up in a land of ponies.

And for some reason, they have the urge to murder you.

How will you get out of this one?

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This story is a sequel to Never Break A Promise to Your Mom

Featured May 23-24, 2022.

Cozy Glow, after her stint in villainy, decides to devote her life to defeating villains. She says it is for the good of Equestria and friendship. It is certainly not because she wants her mom to lower her punishment and extra credit.

What a silly, silly idea.

Though not being grounding is certainly a side benefit.

This is my take on a kinda-reformed Cozy Glow.

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(Featured December 8-10, 2021)

Three weeks after becoming Princess Twilight's pupil, Starlight discovers her mentor is undergoing a horrible existential crisis.

Princess Twilight learned of the existence of her human self, and how she was so unliked and unpopular at her school, even her principal blackmailed her. Princess Twilight fears the only reason she never had to endure these torments is not that ponies actually like her, but because she was the "beloved" student of a princess, and later princess herself, on top of her other family connections.

Starlight sits her mentor down and tells her the (true) story of her troubled past. In it, Starlight will impart on the Princess of Friendship some harsh truths about reality:

That sometimes, the bad guys can win.

That sometimes, life is unfair and ponies with connections can get ahead of you.

That sometimes, you aren't rewarded for your hard work.

That sometimes, there are ponies who don't become better people even if you show them the magic of friendship.

That sometimes, there aren't any happy endings.

But there is also such a thing as a new beginning.

This is a slight AU story in regards to Starlight's backstory and her friendship with Sunburst.

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This story is a sequel to Working Girl Sunny

When they decided to start Anon-A-Miss, Apple Bloom and her friends believed they were delivering retribution to a nasty school bully. Sunset had been a cruel monster, and so she deserved some cruelty to be thrown at her.

But to their horror, their actions will have greater consequences than they could've ever imagined.

How will they cope with what they have done?

How will Sunset's friends cope with their guilt over having abandoned Sunset when she needed them the most?

This story is the fourth of the Sunset's Step series, my take on Sunset's redemption.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle, You're Being Ridiculous!

Featured December 2-3, 2021.

(Now with a trope page)

After being betrayed by everypony around her, Twilight Sparkle plans to become a warlord in the desert wastelands!

Will she rise above her disgrace to become the most powerful and evil warlord ever?

Spoiler alert: no. But it will be fun to watch her try.

An AU of A Canterlot Wedding, where Chrysalis didn't banish Twilight to the caves.

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Featured from November 22, 2020-November 25, 2020.

(Now with a tropes page!)

After Chrysalis' defeat, Celestia discovers Twilight's plans to exile herself after her "shameful actions" at the wedding rehearsal.

Celestia decides to sit her student down and tell her how she's worried over nothing.

Once she can stop laughing, of course.

In case you haven't guessed it, this is a Canterlot Wedding Accusation Fic.

With a TWIST!

And now....with an audio play by StraightToThePointStudio!

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