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You ended up in a land of ponies.

And for some reason, they have the urge to murder you.

How will you get out of this one?

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This story is a sequel to Never Break A Promise to Your Mom

Featured May 23-24, 2022.

Cozy Glow, after her stint in villainy, decides to devote her life to defeating villains. She says it is for the good of Equestria and friendship. It is certainly not because she wants her mom to lower her punishment and extra credit.

What a silly, silly idea.

Though not being grounding is certainly a side benefit.

This is my take on a kinda-reformed Cozy Glow.

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(Featured December 8-10, 2021)

Three weeks after becoming Princess Twilight's pupil, Starlight discovers her mentor is undergoing a horrible existential crisis.

Princess Twilight learned of the existence of her human self, and how she was so unliked and unpopular at her school, even her principal blackmailed her. Princess Twilight fears the only reason she never had to endure these torments is not that ponies actually like her, but because she was the "beloved" student of a princess, and later princess herself, on top of her other family connections.

Starlight sits her mentor down and tells her the (true) story of her troubled past. In it, Starlight will impart on the Princess of Friendship some harsh truths about reality:

That sometimes, the bad guys can win.

That sometimes, life is unfair and ponies with connections can get ahead of you.

That sometimes, you aren't rewarded for your hard work.

That sometimes, there are ponies who don't become better people even if you show them the magic of friendship.

That sometimes, there aren't any happy endings.

But there is also such a thing as a new beginning.

This is a slight AU story in regards to Starlight's backstory and her friendship with Sunburst.

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This story is a sequel to Working Girl Sunny

When they decided to start Anon-A-Miss, Apple Bloom and her friends believed they were delivering retribution to a nasty school bully. Sunset had been a cruel monster, and so she deserved some cruelty to be thrown at her.

But to their horror, their actions will have greater consequences than they could've ever imagined.

How will they cope with what they have done?

How will Sunset's friends cope with their guilt over having abandoned Sunset when she needed them the most?

This story is the fourth of the Sunset's Step series, my take on Sunset's redemption.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle, You're Being Ridiculous!

Featured December 2-3, 2021.

(Now with a trope page)

After being betrayed by everypony around her, Twilight Sparkle plans to become a warlord in the desert wastelands!

Will she rise above her disgrace to become the most powerful and evil warlord ever?

Spoiler alert: no. But it will be fun to watch her try.

An AU of A Canterlot Wedding, where Chrysalis didn't banish Twilight to the caves.

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Featured from November 22, 2020-November 25, 2020.

(Now with a tropes page!)

After Chrysalis' defeat, Celestia discovers Twilight's plans to exile herself after her "shameful actions" at the wedding rehearsal.

Celestia decides to sit her student down and tell her how she's worried over nothing.

Once she can stop laughing, of course.

In case you haven't guessed it, this is a Canterlot Wedding Accusation Fic.

With a TWIST!

And now....with an audio play by StraightToThePointStudio!

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship

Featured October 8, 2020

At recess, Timmy learns from his best alien friend, Mark Chang, that a rogue element of the Yugopatamian army wants to destroy the planet.

That wouldn't be an issue...were Cosmo and Wanda's wands not undergoing a tune up.

But thankfully, Timmy Turner has another ace up his sleeve: something pink, bubbly, and very, very annoying.

Normally, someone would balk at being sent to fight a hostile alien race. But Pinkie isn't scared. She loves making new friends.

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To make up for the Anon-A-Miss incident, Canterlot High's student body plan a surprise party for Sunset's 16th birthday.

While going over the guest list, the Rainbooms ask a question they never thought to ask: where is Sunset's family? They soon wonder why Sunset has never talked about them. From what little they can gleam from Sunset's bitter remarks, they determine that she estranged from her widowed mother in Equestria. They and Princess Twilight decide that helping Sunset and her mom reconcile would be the best present ever.

But in their well-meaning attempt to help Sunset heal from the scars of her past, the Rainbooms have unwittingly opened an old wound instead.

When Sunset finds herself in a difficult person, the task of helping her may end up being in the hands of the least likely person. Someone who's friend was severely damaged by Sunset's misdeeds. Someone who must grapple with the meaning of forgiveness, loyalty, and compassion.

What Happened to Sunset's Family is the fifth story of Sunset's Steps, the fanfic series detailing Sunset's growth from a forlorn loner to the heroic defender of Canterlot High.

The story is set roughly two weeks before the Friendship Games.

Here are the other stories in chronological order.

Live By The Sword...-Completed.

Working Girl Sunny-Ongoing.

The Downfall of Sunset Shimmer: An Anon-A-Miss Story-Completed.

What Happened to Sunset's Family?-Ongoing

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This story is a sequel to Live By The Sword...

For the residents of Canterlot, January 15 marks the beginning of a week of celebration. On this day, 237 years ago, the United Provinces declared itself independent from the Trottingham Empire. On this day, a nation devoted to the principles of liberty, equality, and tolerance was established.

The youth of Canterlot welcome their liberation... from the shackles of public education during Freedom Week. The week preceding it is a period of anticipation and excitement.

For Sunset Shimmer, however, the search for tolerance remains elusive. Two months after it was revealed that she had a girl sent to juvie, Sunset remains blacklisted from most of her peers, minus her friends and her boyfriend. With her second round of community service over, she finds herself in a new predicament: free time and no one to share it with.

Applejack, the ever-loyal friend, helps Sunset get a job at a sushi restaurant to pass the time. But in this job, she'll not only learn about responsibility and how hard it is to earn an honest buck, but other lessons from her co-workers: how even in a land of freedom, others must work twice as hard to have half the thing she has. She'll learn how even in a land of liberty, others must fight tooth and nail for even the most basic decency.

She'll be forced to discuss the age old question: what is freedom.

Working Girl Sunny is the third story of Sunset's Steps, the saga of Sunset's reform and growth into the brave hero we know and love. Reading the last two stories is helpful to understanding the background of this one.

Here are the stories in chronological order:

Look In The Mirror To Find the Truth-Completed.

Live By The Sword...-Completed.

Working Girl Sunny-Ongoing.

The Downfall of Sunset Shimmer: An Anon-A-Miss Story-Ongoing.

What Happened to Sunset's Family?-Ongoing.

This is going to be a far lighter story than the previous one. But be advised, there will be an exploration of things like corruption, racism, and controversial political questions. If it is not you're cup of tea, don't read.

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Now with a TVTropes page courtesy of CMR Rosa who helped write the tropes, while his friends created the TVTropes page.

After the Battle of the Bands, things have been going good for the Rainbooms. Sunset Shimmer herself has finally gained the acceptance of her classmates. But she feels like she is missing something in her life.

Their peace, however, becomes short-lived. During a basketball game with Dimmsdale High, they witness some buck-toothed boy utilizing powerful magic.

Fearing the boy has gotten his hands on some dangerous Equestrian artifact, one of the Rainbooms steps up to babysit the boy and keep on an eye on him until Princess Twilight can come up with a solution.

However, the kid's secrets go much deeper then that. And, to their misfortune, the Rainbooms aren't the only ones interested in the power he holds...

Timmy Turner has the struggles not typical of 10 year old boy. On top of dealing with bullies, evil babysitters, and evil teachers, he must also keep his fairy godparents a secret.

When Vicky goes away for three weeks, Timmy sees this as a time he can relax. Much to his consternation, however, his parents hire a temporary babysitter. While she and her friends seem nice enough, Timmy will learn there is more to them then meets the eye.

And as other forces close in on his fairies, the Dimmsdale Elementary School student must decide who is friend and who is foe.

Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship is an Equestria Girls/Fairly Oddparents fusion fic.

Set between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. Also set around season 5 of FOP (with some changes to canon). This is after Channel Chasers and before Poof.

All rights are reserved to Viacom and Hasbro.

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