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Hello! And welcome to the first anon Fanclub! (I think)
Here you can find cool stories about Anon and his time in Equestria!
Anyone can add stories as long they are about Anon or involve him.
I decided to create this group because I noticed that there were no anon groups, and anon is a great character in the fandom.
Now, the rules.

  1. All normal site rules apply for this group
  2. No bullying and threats
  3. No posting mature stories, I want to keep this family-friendly.

If any of you are found breaking these rules, you will first get a warning.
Do it again and...you get banned.
So please follow the rules!

One more thing:

~Wanna meet group members?~ Go Here~

~Wanna have some fun writing?~ Click Here~

Now...Enjoy reading fan fiction's about a tall green dude, with a question mark as a face, or mask in an all pony world!

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