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Welcome, one and all, to the group where we praise Sunset Shimmer in all her badass-ness.

Sure, Sunset Shimmer is a strong character in general. But, what of the tales where she fights to the bitter end? Where she puts countless enemies to the sword and comes out victorious?

This is where these stories belong.

- Only stories that show Sunset in fighting form belong here.
- 'Fighting Form' includes; Guns, Weapons, Fists, Magic, Crossover Powers
- Stories that include at least one or two fight scenes with Sunset Shimmer as the protagonist are allowed too.
- Stories that focus on her in her 'Demon Form' count too, as long as it has her fighting.
- General Rules of Fimfiction apply here
- Trolling or Bullying will not be tolerated
- Please, place the stories in the correct folder accordingly

Other than that, let's all get along and praise the glory of Sunset Shimmer kicking ass and taking names!

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At first, I didn't like Sunset Shimmer. Then the second EQG film came around and showed the world how you redeem a character on the moral AND meta level! Shimmer for life!

Hey, just read your comment. Thanks for the compliment. As for your question; yes. As long as it has the Demon form of her being badass, that's fine.

Hello. I just found your group, nice idea. :twilightsmile: I added a couple of stories, and have a question. I added a story where the bad ass fight is as Demon Sunset, but the story centers around normal Sunset. Was it ok to add it in Demon Sunset folder?

415111 I just made them to celebrate the three of them accomplishing feats of action epic ness. I meant no harm or foul.

Was it really necessary to make three in a row? Now you're just making it look like you wanted to spam the new groups area.

I mean, next, someone will make nine more versions of Badass ______________ and then make opposites of them just for giggles.

415076 Hi. Welcome aboard.

I didn't even know such a group existed and was confused at first who added my story to this group.
Well, never mind... it's an interesting concept and it fits perfectly. That being said:
"Hi" :twilightsmile:

Its good to be here I think I'm the 18th member XD

415049 No problem. Happy to help.

415048 OK, Thanks I think that actually helps with a story that I am trying to formulate I look forward to seeing if it will work for this group. Again thank you for the help.

415047 A) Sorted the folder out.
B) Yes. As long as it revolves around her defeating her enemies with her own power. Crossover or otherwise.

Also do the stories have to start with Sunset kicking butt or can they build up to the fight so that they don't get boring. I for one don't really like stories that just jump right into the fighting without knowing what caused the fight or why the characters are warring with each other.

Ok so what do you do if your story has Sunset going from Equstria and Canter high school and back. Basically where Sunset is going back and forth between the two worlds? :applejackconfused:

  • Viewing 1 - 15 of 15
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