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A fine hello from Germany! And let the art commence.

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Story: The Secrets of Equestria - World building & Overview of the universe of TSoE · 12:33am Apr 2nd, 2018

Good evening!

So, some people asked for "Datasheets", because they wanted an overview of the more interesting details that occurred to this point in the universe of TSoE and because of the amount of information I unloaded on you till now. Of course there will be things known from the show, but there will be a lot of things I added myself and are not known from there.

So without further words, here it comes:


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No problem, sometimes I tend to let loose my funny bone. :trollestia: It is very well-written and I like this fic very much, interesting universe.

thanks for favoriting Flurry in Time! Your comments on each chapter always bring a smile to my face:twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding "Fallen Knight" to your favorites, that means a lot to me, and I hope you keep enjoying the story as more chapters are released. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite on The Amulet of Shades!:twilightsmile:

No it wasn’t you that I deleted my story I a couple of people DEMANDED that I change my story or else they would report my story. So I reported them and took down my story because I don’t have time for children to ask that way. I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t the first time since I started writing on this site that, that has happened. I normally just block and delete their comments, but it has gotten out of control.

  • Viewing 24 - 28 of 28
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