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A fine hello from Germany! And let the art commence.


Sunset Shimmer did many things in her life she wasn't proud of. Things that made her feel ashamed of her past and herself. She helped fight off the Sirens, "The Dazzlings", as they were known during the Battle of the Bands. Perhaps the former Unicorn could finally find happiness... right?

Anon-a-Miss happened. An unknown user of MyStable started posting secrets about every student at CHS. Sunset received the blame. Punished for a crime she didn't commit.

Nobody believed her, not even the Rainbooms. The group of friends she thought of as exactly that... her best friends. Her family. Princess Twilight couldn't be reached, either.

Was she destined to be alone? The Magic of Friendship nothing more than a mere lie?

It hurt; the pain of betrayal ran deep.

But, no matter how dark it is, there will always be a new dawn on the horizon.

This beautiful piece of art, also known as my story cover, was made by ChanceyB. You will find this picture on Deviantart.

Javarod is responsible for prereading, proofreading, editing, contributing, and especially everything that's wrong.

Chapters (20)
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This story looks promising, let's see what will happen now (and i hope that Sunset will be ok:applejackunsure:)
Ps. I hope that you will not forget about "The Secrets of Equestria" (i enjoy both of your stories :raritystarry:)

Obviously not. I just liked to write this story as well, because I always wanted to give an own "Anon-a-Miss" a try. And as a change of pace so to say.

Secrets of Equestria is humongous in its world building in every sense and I always have to think, check and note when I write what and how. To prevent "plot holes" from occurring. But it won't be abandoned, don't worry. :twilightsmile:

I saw this story in the new story's section and I decided to check it out. I've read a couple of Anon-A-Miss fics on this site but I haven't seen one with Discord getting involved. Sunset is getting unjustly punished for a crime she didn't commit and after what I read this pisses me off! :twilightangry2:

Like I've told many others I hated that piece of shit comic that wasn't even a Holiday Special. It makes me glad it is not part of the canon verse. I hated the writer who wrote that god awful story to the comic as he is a fucking idiot and I hoped he got fired because in my opinion a class room full of 5th graders could writer better than that ass clown.

Anyway Sunset is now off to see her ex-friends and...sorry I don't know what else to put because reading this first chapter just got me mad and I wanted to punch both Trixie and Diamond Tiara in the throat. Also Principle Celestia and Vice Principle Luna are useless her as they did nothing!
I can only imaging how Twilight and Princess Celestia will feel once they learn of this.

Please make sure Sunset gets saved and punish everyone at Canterlot High! Seriously the students are morons for getting mad at her when it's their own damn fault for giving secrets to those three little shits the Crusaders. No one put a gun to their heads. Hope to see the next chapter soon.

Good Luck Anachronon.

Thanks! Well, if you read chapter 2 you will find out more. No spoilers! :ajsmug:

Might want to do a little proof-reading but good story so far.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I know. :twilightblush: English isn't really my mothertongue. So I write when it comes to grammar after my gut feeling how it, well, "sounds right". My proofreader has at the moment a lot of things to do, because he proofreads for a few writers at a time. I didn't post him these chapters for that reason. I really don't know how long we would take and I don't want to drive him crazy.

The second reason is obviously that I don't know how long I would have to wait myself before he finishes reading over them.

idiom which pretty much says: 'Don't shot the messenger'.

Wait a minute, I thought the saying was: 'don't shoot the messenger'.

I usually say this whenever new Anon-a-Miss stories come out, For those who want to see it, don't worry about it. In due time, people. In due time. Soon, we see the realization and consequences of the CMC, the students and staff of CHS and the five bimbos who f:yay:ked up.

Duh! Thanks for pointing it out. Forgot an "O". :twilightsheepish:

Couldn't help but notice the "gore" tag, but no "tragedy" tag. As an avid avoider of tragedies (seriously, chronic depression and engrossing tales with bad endings do NOT mix), what kind of ride are we in for if we pick this thing up? Feel free to PM the answer if you don't want to post spoilers publicly! Like the premise, but don't want to get invested if shit turns sideways, ya know?

Like this so far but you keep using Human-turned-Unicorn to describe Sunset, it should be Unicorn-turned-Human.

Oh shit! I'm sorry Rainbooms but you and the rest of those idiots have seriously fucked up and are about to face a mothers wrath. And I can imaging it being this bloody if Celestia turns into Day Breaker.

As for Sunset's so called friends, god just why did they have to be so stupid?! Rainbow was the worst and I hope Sunset is saved from harming herself. Plus the truth was shoved in their faces but because of their pettiness and stupid pride they refused to listen! I know when Twilight finds out she is going to be pissed off as well.

They are also lucky Discord isn't into Chaotic destruction otherwise he would make it rain hellfire and brimstone in that world for real! I know that Celestia will take her back to Equestria and will not want her back there ever again and when Twilight ask's why she will see through her and Discords memory's.

Whatever punishment you have for all the assholes at Canterlot High, The Rainbooms and the Crusaders, make them suffer. Hell you could have it were Luna mentions the Tantibus for a punishment for them and it will help her to talk it over with her sister, and her two students. Also how do I insert meme images in this? Sorry have no idea.

Another things I would like to suggest is have Discord tell both Celestia and Twilight it wouldn't be a good idea to meet with the other Main Six in Equestria because it could cause her more pain or even relapse into being evil again. Especially if Sunset finds out about the Canterlot Wedding and how everyone abandoned Twilight. If you have read FirebirdsS Nest by Blazeblast4 then you will know what I mean, if not I suggest you check that story out as it is awesome.

This is getting good and I hope to see more soon.

Good Luck Anachronon.

:facehoof: Yeah, sorry. I switched it in my head. ^^

Thanks! We will have to see how that all turns out. :raritywink:

8293581 One thing I never see in these Anon-a-miss fics is Sunset getting sick of everyone by all of this and just turning evil again, that'd be nice to see.


Gore might mean attempted suicide.

i looked at the title page picture and it's so heart breaking seeing poor Sunset cryinga s she hugged by Celestia, she looks so muhc lieka lost foal finally reunited with her mom.

One thing that bugs me about most Anon-A-Miss stories that drastically increase the drama of the event is how they tend to demonize Sunset's friends. Were they in the wrong? Yes, but so was Sunset before she was hit by the magic of friendship. In fact, I'd argue that she was much worse. The problem with most of these narratives is they assume that Sunset is worthy of being forgiven, yet don't apply that to her friends who are significantly hurt themselves by secrets being spilled. They were misled, and yet in these stories they are held deeply accountable and the narratives either portray them as terrible human beings, or rake them over hot coals to earn Sunset's grace to even associate with them anymore.

Well, very engaging story thus far and the inclusion of Discord really allows for intriguing interactions and story elements.

I agree with this so much. This has always been something that bothered me with Anon-a-miss fics that has Sunset ultimately abandon her friends and choose not to accept an apology. It's like I don't care what they did Sunset literally turned into a demon and tried to kill them and she didn't have to bend over backwards to earn their forgiveness yet apparently an apology is never good enough for Sunset (or some readers).

This story could go in so many different directions so hopefully it surprises me.

I'm think that Anon-a-miss author fucked up big time by placing this story chronologically after Rainbow Rock. It's would work much-much better if happened after first movie.

Can't be helped, if you set it before Rainbow Rocks the story has to change since there wouldn't be any Magic Journal.

you know I'm making another folder in the Anon-a-Miss Group because of this story

because of Celestia, I have a feeling she won't be happy

Yeah, a revenge fic would be nice.
Sunset's "friends" don't deserve any form of forgiveness.

That is a lot of exposition in the first half of the chapter. It felt more like someone giving a play-by-play recap rather than someone reminiscing.

I would recommend getting an editor. There are lots of grammatical mistakes and awkward phrasing that sometimes make the story hard to read. Try reading things out loud to hear how they sound.

Damn! Well, I feared that might be the case. :twilightsheepish: I didn't send my proofreader anything until now, because he informed me that he had a lot on his plate nowadays with other stories. But I will ask him if he could check them out.

Thanks for the feedback. :pinkiehappy:

You mean the part from Sunset Shimmer, right? Hmm... I will look into it, but you are right. For a mere "recollection of memories" it's lacking the dialouge part a little bit. :moustache:

Yes Sunset did terrible things in the past and worked hard to earn the forgiveness she got. She is a dfferent person now they the girls had plenty of examples of her doing good. The ultimate proof Battle of the Bands. ANd the fact it took TWILIGHT to show it was Sunset doign the evil before shows she is much more subtle then Anon-A-Miss. Anon screams "I'M SUNSET SHIMMER!" Susnet is smarter then that.

The biggest issue with the comic is the timing. Anon-A-Miss makes more sense BEFORE Battle of the Bands not after.

Solar Flare is a much better name then Day Breaker

Angry Twilight somewhat survivable. An angry Celestia kiss you butt good by.

I disagree there is nothing menacing about the name Solar Flare sounds like something you'd name an OC.

And then there was the aforementioned internet. An abyss of insanity like no other, so that even such a dashing being like himself was sometimes horrified.

And we're proud of it!

Oh I can't wait to see what Princess Celestia will do when she goes through the mirror, will she use a spell to keep her in her pony form when she goes through so she can rescue her daughter while also exposing the REAL Anon-A-Miss, AKA the CMC, I hope that she does and I hope they get a good beating or sent to 'juvie' for this massive Cyber Bullying that they did.

omg...what i just saw was scary as f*ck. :pinkiesick: :raritycry: :raritydespair:

please tell me your revealing Anon-A-Miss next chapter or 2, cos i'm having trouble stomaching this! :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

Using Physical harm and saying hurtful things to Sunset.... Oh, girls what have you done! You broke her completely.

When the truth comes out you're going to be so sorry and I'm afraid she won't forgive you ever or maybe. Only time can tell....

Besides that, I like the idea of bringing Discord in an Anon-a-miss story. Especially when he's helping somepony else and that is very rare. Looking forward to your next chapter.

This is going to go down in history!!!

The problem I have with the anon-a-mis story is the human 5 turning on Sunset goes against the themes of the core show and the implications of their disbelief when Sunset proclaims her innocence. One of the key concepts and precepts of the elements of harmony is a virtue I like: loyalty. Loyalty inplies a trust that the other person has your best interests at heart and that they wouldn't turn on you. That's why the story shouldn't be about Sunset being abandoned, it should be a story about possible doubt but ultimately believing in the person and that they HAVE changed. When you're in deep and no one believes your innocence, that's when you find out who your friends truly are.

The other big problem I have is more a logic one: what would Sunset's motive be? That should be their first question and if they allow themselves to believe that this is something Sunset COULD do, then their entire friendship is predicated on a lie. They don't believe she has changed.

As for stories where Sunset wouldn't forgive them, eh, I can see some of not wanting to forgive them but I think she ultimately shouldn't "rake them over the coals" as you put it if she wants to remain friends with them. Then again, it's also my personal bias that they WOULDN'T be my friends anymore because they failed a big trust test in my mind and won't have my back necessarily the next time things go bad. Then again, again, I have trust issues. So I'm probably not the person with the best opinion on this.

like Day Breaker is any more. a Solar Flare is a very dangerous event if you are cklsoe to the sun. hell it effect us here on earth so a far more suitable name.

OK but if we assume that Day Breaker is Nightmare Moon's opposite and that her goal would be never ending Day then the name makes a lot more sense then Solar Flare.

Anon-A-Miss was stupid. I'm sorry. Just putting that out there. I get that Sunset was an easy target, but...

Freaking come on, mate? Is it too much to at least believe that a girl who used to control Canterlot High from the shadows is smarter than to use such a stupid plan?

This song goes well with the story! XD

Daughtry - Traitor


According to the wiki, the original comic Anon-A-Miss story actually has them believe her after the confrontation about it. Here, the confrontation didn't go Sunset's way. In short, the drama was increased by changing some of the variables. The original story was unfair and the timing wrong (set after Rainbow Rocks, when it really should have come before), but it wasn't the horror that many people assume it was based on how often it comes up in fanfics since its release.

Unfortunately, we aren't talking about the original, but instead many of the different and harsher takes on Anon-A-Miss, such as this story is spinning up to be. I just wanted to put it out there that such stories seem to take pleasure in either depicting Sunset's (former) friends as terrible people, or making them suffer for daring to doubt Sunset. Were it anyone else but Sunset, it would make more sense, but Sunset is a reformed villain. What Sunset's friends did is unfair and they deserve to make it up to Sunset, but to write them off when what they did was no worse than what Sunset did at her worst, seems to miss the point of forgiveness and redemption and attempting to make up for one's mistakes. That is the point of Sunset Shimmer as a character, after all.

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