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Coffee addicted Nox pony, proofreader and sometimes writer.

How to reach me

So, while I'm not exactly a chatty fellow, I tend to think I'm rather boring actually, I do have accounts scattered across the 'net that might interest y'all. So, ifn't y'all want to shout at me for any reason or no reason at all...

XMPP: Taur10@404.city
Discord: Javarod#7099
Work Stuff (is self employed pony)

MLP commission posts and re-posts

Support the Third Herd

Bit of busking here. Anyone who's seen this shelf knows I've worked on quite a few stories here, along with reviewing... well, recommending stories that I like and occasionally writing. How active I am depends on how much I need to work, so contributions are always appreciated so I can do more.

Blog Posts

  • 12 weeks
    New art (commissioned by me), dialogue help requested

    So, the ever awesome Moth (mochi_nation on Twitter and Mstdn.social) drew this commission for me of me server her Highness at my store.

    Problem for me is that I have no idea what they should be talking about, so y'all got any ideas?
    No guarantees I'll use your idea, but if I do, I guarantee you'll get credit for it.

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Ooh, Lavender Scales added to "To Review" That sounds exciting :pinkiegasp:
If you haven't already read it, I hope you enjoy it :twilightsmile:

And thanks for adding Forbidden Melodies to your favorites!

Thanks for the fave. :)

Thanks for tracking Electro Swing. It is an elusive beast for me to follow sometimes, but hopefully it's worth your time.. :twilightsmile:

I hope you enjoy Rising Nightmares!

  • Viewing 43 - 47 of 47
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