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Coffee addicted Nox pony, proofreader and sometimes writer.

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Bit of busking here. Anyone who's seen this shelf knows I've worked on quite a few stories here, along with reviewing... well, recommending stories that I like and occasionally writing. How active I am depends on how much I need to work, so contributions are always appreciated so I can do more.

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    Punting Google

    And hopefully some or all of the authors I work with will be willing to follow me. The whole story is over here but the short version is Google is being really blatant about how much they track you, and it's making me a bit uncomfortable. Yes, I'll still keep using their services as long as authors I work with use it, but I rather hope they'll try it out at least. I gotta admit that Zoho Writer's Zia feature might make me unneeded,

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Can't say that I will, I haven't done reviews (more like recommendations) for months, and I'm not sure whether I'm going to resume or not, I think I might have a blog about that. If I do, yours'll definitely be there, it's one of the rare short stories to make the grade.

You're reviewing my story? Oh thank you! Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you have on it!

Fair enough.
Fluttershy's Iron Will is better, tho

Yeah, it could use some work, but since it's part of the universe that I'm already reading in, I figured I should read it.

You've tracked the Apiecalypse story, eh?
...It's kinda the story my fiction writing abilities (such as they are) first cut their teeth...

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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