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Canterlot's donut making, coffee slinging nox pony. Player is part of the editing and proofreading team Paper Ponies, working on stories here and on SOL that calls the STL area home.

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    Updated give aways list for writers and fans

    Ok, I threatened y'all with this before, but here it is, my give away list. The bloody thing has grown to the point where I had to make a spreadsheet for it.

    It's not quite free, but 75¢ per envelope which will hold more than one item, plus postage. I'll ship any where in the world.
    List is as far as I know sortable by the viewer. Questions can be sent to me here on this thread, by messenger or to edittaur•gmail

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Thanks for adding Patience, She Said to your favorites. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

That's good to hear that you are well. Yeah, I know the feeling of having a lot to do, I have the same problem with my work currently these days.

But otherwise things are going well, considering I wanted to do get more done with my stories. :twilightblush:

I reread my first story, The Secrets of Equestria, in the moment, if I have the time, to eliminate mistakes I made in my earlier writing as an unexperiences newbie. Like endless monologues, wrong quotations. In general editing I see fit. Oh and I cut the very long chapters in two from to max. around 14k words instead of 24k, like it was somtimes the case, making reasonable lengths.

The chapters I sent you solely need the 'Javarod Seal of Approval'. :ajsmug: :eeyup:

I'm still alive... disorganized, overworked and such, but still alive. Need to get to working on those chapters and a few other things, far too many projects around here. What about you, how's things going?

Hey! I hope you are well. I didn't hear anything from you for a long time.

Heh, the story had been on my favorites before, it just got moved today. There's a blog entry explaining what that shelf is for, and your story is in rare company.

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