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Garble’s nickname · 8:57pm May 10th

Since Garble and his mates will be appearing in the next chapter, does anyone know the nickname Smolder often calls him? I forget things easily, especially since I also got a web series on my YouTube channel

Also, should Lightning Twister have a nickname by Smolder as well? If so, what should it be?

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I’m still writing it, should be able to have it out by the end of May or before

Hi OliverSparkle. What's news for the next chapter of the KINGDOM HEARTS: Dark Order. I want to see what's going on between Garble, Smolder and Lighting.

Ok, I'll looking forward to the next chapter.

I’m working on it now as we speak while reanimating my next video on my YouTube channel

In the next chapter, we’ll be focusing on Silverstream

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