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It’s been two years since Sora entered Equestria and helped his new friends save the day from the legion of doom and Young Xehanort.

But now, a new threat from Sora’s world has entered Equestria, with Unversed.

It is up to Sora to return to Equestria, with his friends, and set things right.

Chapters (38)

After sacrificing himself to save Kairi, Sora wakes up in Equestria where he much help his new friends defeat Grogar and his group of villains, and an old enemy, before returning to his world.

Chapters (27)

Cold Wind has escaped from prison, Fluttershy and her friends must do the best they can to protect Lightning Twister while they’re at the Crystal Empire.

Chapters (12)

King Sombra has returned, no thanks to Star Swirl

But can Fluttershy keep her son safe from the evil likes of Sombra while also trying to stop him?

Chapters (7)

Cozy Glow has returned to the School of Friendship, and this time, she gets jealous of Fluttershy’s son, Lightning Twister

Lightning Twister OC is still owned by GunsNRoses365

Chapters (5)

When a young alicorn colt gets adopted by Shining Armor and Cadence and becomes friends with John Constantine who saved his life from a demon. Will this be the life that he was suppose to have?

And when Fluttershy finds a young scared colt in the Everfree forest all alone, can she be the mother he always wanted?

Some upcoming chapters were edited by Daisy Williams, I’ll tell you when the next chapters come

And some OC’s in this story were made by GunsNRoses365 which I have permission from before he left FIMFiction, I’ll tell you when they appear

Chapters (35)
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