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A brony that loves Heavy Metal, Africa, Rock, and Animals. Not to mention Ponies too. Fluttershy is best pony! \m/


Running Out of Ideas for Pip · 8:36pm November 4th

Hello to all my fans and readers. I'm sorry if I haven't been really posted anything in Pipsqueak gets all the ladies, but I am kinda running out of ideas. Can someone please give me some ideas on who Pip should be with next?

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Your account brings back some sad but good memories the first ever story i read and favored, A boys tears, I was looking through my favorites when I saw that the very first one I ever read was that one reading that good ol' story again brought back some happy memories so good luck to the future my friend and thank you.:trollestia:

Can I make a chapter suggestion for 'Spike and The Mane iac 3'?

2341038 i find it funny, an editor needing an editor

2341004 You're welcome. it's the least I can do to say thanks for bring my editor:yay:

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