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This story is a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Friendship is Magic

It's been a long while since Ganondorf was defeated for the final time by Link, the Hero of Twilight. Now, something far more evil and sinister, or just as sinister as Ganondorf threatens the land of Equestria. A sinister Spirit named Majora has returned and only Link, Colin, and their friends can stop them. Twilight, and all her friends will be there for her, and the Elements of Harmony will help Link defeat Majora just as they had helped him defeat Ganondorf, and bring peace to both Hyrule and Equestria once more.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 21 )

I like this already.

A question before I read: will Wolf Link be present at some point, or was the cover art the most fitting you could find?

8934546 He will be in this, I promise.


AKA The Dancing Idiots. (I got that from one of my big brothers).

uh oh, Majora's back and that's potentially WORSE than Ganondorf

You should add the the prequel to the story so it shows up with out having to search for it.

Me thinks that the power of the Fierce Deity Mask will be needed once more.

"Same here, Rainbow Dash." said Discord. He conjured himself in a samurai armor with nunchuks in his hands, flailing them around like he was a master of the martial arts. "Any Moblin, Diamond Dog, Bokoblin, or Lizalfos tries to sneak up on me, they will face the fury of my Kung Fu!" he made a few kung-fu kicks going: "Hiya! How about some of this up your face?"

How on earth does Discord know about the Chinese martial art

I know different universe and all BUT.... Tahnok Va and maybe regular Tahnok would be useful, (Tahnok Va because they have a fire staff and Tahnok because they can set just about anything on fire)

Time to reclaim the masks so he can trade them for the Fierce Deity.

Link immediately puked out his sword and shield, ready for a fight.

I seriously cant get this image out of my head its so fucking hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

loveing this story keep up the good work :raritywink:

This was interesting, I was expecting Goht to be the cause but I was wrong.
Maybe before the final battle Majora could resurrect Goht and the others?

Why would Majora bring back failed threats?

Because it'd be interesting. Besides they don't know that they failed Majora before now do they

“No, if it was fishy, we would all be underwater.” Said Pinkie Pie.

Wind Waker... Pinkie can see the other timelines!

"It we take more than his magic to ho us, Starlight." Said Twilight.

to ho us
Excuse me, WHAT THE FUCK?

Is that criticizing my writing? Or does that mean they are scared?

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