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i understand i like the aspect of lavender heart so i saw aspects of harmony and checked it out i love both stories then again i love these stories on this site:raritywink:

Thanks for faving Aspects Of Harmony which is from the POV of one of the friends of the main Character who ends up as the anthro Princess Twilight in Lavender Heart. My character ends up as the anthro Applejack. There are other stories for other characters in the series as well as plenty openings in the collab for canon and OC characters.

One of the stories deals with a person ending up as the anthro version of Rainbow Dash. A Crash Course of Harmony. Lavender Heart's the core story from Twilight's pov.

Thanks for adding "Together Again" to your favorites. :twilightsmile:

2362191 well i'm a big fan of Equestria Girls and Sonic so stumblig upon a crossover between these i just have to add them to favorites :twilightblush: :raritywink:

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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my favorite character: is RD but thats my opinion
favorite group: Elements of Insanity
i never thought id get 6 followers on my profile thanks so much