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A group about Rarity's evil alter-ego from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW comic story arc.

Special thanks to DANMAKUMAN for allowing use of the banner image.

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I think I had a Crush on Nightmare Rarity.

I remember reading a story where rarity Is possessed by the nightmare and has sex with rainbow dash, anyone knows where that story might be?

Basically like Nightmare Moon with a bit of Rarity thrown in. Don't know how else to explain it.

since I am new here, is there any way of getting good refferences to who her dark alter Ego is? what is her character like?

357222 Similar to how you found about Nightmare Rarity. I found out through The L-Train's remix of that same song when I just browsing for some metal.

Here's the video

357218 Thank you kindly! Also, on the actual thread, can you maybe reply with some comments on ideas it gives you?

357216 It is very beautiful. I love your taste in music

357214. I found that beautiful song on youtube.

357209 I just listened to it and it was beautiful where did you find it?:raritystarry:

Started a thread relating to a song by GatoPaint called Endless Mist of Nightmares. Here's the link.

357205 thanks:twilightsmile: I tried to find one that would best support this group. do you think it would be a good banner for future nightmare rarity groups?

349478 That's a good picture!

Comment posted by Chaos51268 deleted Apr 17th, 2014

I am slightly saddened that no one has written a nightmare rarity x I'm putting my foot down and decided to put her in my story. i highly encourage anyone who's reading to write some nightmare rarity x human stories that as of now are nonexistent. Go nightmare rarity!

For the convenience of all bronies, I think they should add a tag for Nightmare Rarity and maybe a tag for the Nightmare Forces in general. Everypony seems to like the comics, so why not create tags for some of the characters from the comics?


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