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Welcome to The Mane-iac's Henchmen, the first group dedicated to Maretropolis's most diabolical super-villainess.

Armed with hair like a jungle and the mind of a madmare, this supreme mistress of evil will stop at nothing to destroy the Power Ponies HQ and all of Maretropolis with her deadly inventions!

Just wait until those Power Ponies see what I have in store for them next time! MUA-HAHAHAHAHA!

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Mane-iac needs more love. She is such a cool character with a lot of potential.


It's so nice to meet someone else who bathes in a vat of chemicals...

I had nothing better to do. I just hope I don't get beaten into a metaphorical pulp because of this.

Joker:(listens to the Mane-iac's laughter)" and they say I'm crazy"

Where did you get that awesome boss battle theme? It's like it came from megaman x?

Damn, looks like you beat me to it. Bravo good sir :fluttercry:

Oh well, here's hoping I can be one of the first to write a fanfic about her (Once I've got a better idea of her character of course) :twilightsmile:

man dat gurl fly as hell. get dat hoe to blowdry my ass hair if ya feel me. she gon learn today. get on to blowin this long dik.

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