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Literary Abominations


This is where people like to list their favorite mules horses, right? Guess I'd better hop on the bandwagon.

Main Six
1.) Pinkie Pie
2.) Rainbow Dash
3.) Fluttershy
4.) Twilight Sparkle
5.) Rarity
6.) Applejack (aka Dirt Pony)

Background Ponies
1.) Octavia
2.) Bon-Bon
3.) Carrot Top
4.) Ditzy Doo
5.) Lyra

Best Side Character: Cheerilee
Best Princess: Luna (Any that say otherwise will be subject to a sternly-worded comment on their user page.)
Best CMC: Sweetie Belle
Best Villain: Discord (Fucking DUH, amirite?)
Least Best Character: Shining Armor
Favorite Pairing/OTP: Big Mac x Cheerilee

The Obligatory "To-Do" List:
(x) Create obligatory "to-do" list.
(x) Reach 25 Followers.
() Reach 50 Followers.
() Reach 100 Followers.
() Reach 500 Followers.
() Reach 1,000 Followers. (Yeah, right.)
() Make a group with 100 members.
() Make a group with 250 members.
() Make a group with 500 members.
() Publish 10 stories.
(x) Get 100 views on a story.
(x) Get 500 views on a story.
() Get 1,000 views on a story.
() Get 5,000 views on a story.
(x) Get 50 likes on a story.
(x) Get 100 likes on a story.
() Get 500 likes on a story.
(x) Get 100 comments on a story.
() Get 500 comments on a story.
() Get 1,000 comments on a story.
() Have a story become featured.
() Have a story reach the Popular Stories box.
() Get followed by Smiles.
() Get followed by CartsBeforeHorses.
() Get followed by Umachan.
() Write something worth reading.
() Grow a sense of humor.
(x) Read from right to left.
() Contemplate the infinite mysteries of the universe.
(xxx) Eat this donut.

FimFiction Accomplishments (For Whatever That's Worth):
Shadowflash's Story of the Weak - Beneath the Mask - Week of July 27th, 2013

Groups I've Created and/or Contribute Towards:
A for Effort
The Mane-iac's Henchmen
The Twilicorn Group
Rage Reviews!

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Could the Mane-iac's Henchmen Group please get a banner? :raritydespair:

you know what you should do... Shameless my self-promote the Mane-iac group:trollestia:

Wow. That many already, huh? :rainbowderp:

Guess my backlog will be just a tad bigger than I had anticipated. :twilightblush:


Sounds fun. I also put it into the reviews folder for A for Effort, so now you're obligated to read it.


...After the other 500 unreviewed stories.

I know. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for recommending your story to me, by the way. I've added it to my read later list and will get to it as soon as I clear out some of my backlog. Any romance story starring Luna is one well worth checking out.

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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